Zainab H a m e e d K h a n

الله UCLA alum 🎓 p h a r m a c y 💊💉 #FromHameedToKhan

one month of marriage ✔️on our flight back from Hawaii and reminiscing how fast this past month flew by. Thank you for all that you do for me, life is great having you beside me alhumdulillah · 💘 P.S. we’re going from sunshine to snow 😰 Outfit: @theluxurious786 Makeup, hair, setting: @makeupbynadiatikki
Happy New Year from your new Mr. & Mrs. Khan! 💛 • And that’s a wrap for 2018 🙏🏼 the year my best friend asked me to marry him, the year I gained my loving Khan family and the year this man became my husband. The year my baby bro @bilal_hameed3 graduated as an engineer and the year I got to plan my dream wedding with my superwoman mama @shaheen1230_ • Alhumdulillah for 2018 and to everything that Allah has in store for 2019 I KHANT WAIT. Alhumdulillah ya Rab. Allahumma barik lana. #FromHameedToKhan #marriage #nikkah #lovenafees My outfit by the lovely @theluxurious786 Hair, makeup, setting: @peacelovesakina 😘
Throwback to the weekend we had our baat pakki • this picture summarizes us 🙊 Probably 99% of our relationship has been built on long distance but it’s moments like these that are worth it. Looking forward to finally being with this one inshallah 💛 #FromHameedToKhan
p o r t l a n d • I could use a vacation right now!
you & yours vs me & mine ··· this Thanksgiving, I'm grateful to have this one in my life ♥️ p.s. I made you laugh but your smile is Khan-tagious 😜 #FromHameedToKhan · let the countdown begin! @samsonprofilms - alhumdulillah
what more can you ask for when you have these beautiful dolls beside you 💛 I LOVE you all. Can't wait to start the wedding month inshallah 🤩🙌🏼 #FromHameedToKhan
happiest of birthday to my darling mama khan! You have a heart of gold and I can’t wait for the memories we’ll get to share for a lifetime inshallah 💛 love you!
My brother treated me with tickets to my first ever @lakers game 💜💛 Thank you for always spoiling me billuuuu 🙌🏼 #lebronjames
details from my bridal shower 🌷· captured by the amazing @wonthanhphotography and the beautiful decor design by Alba 😍 #FromHameedToKhan
fall(ing) in love 🍃🍂🌿
Portland: Bachelorette Edition 🍁🍃 thank you to my Bride's Babes for making my bachelorette trip so special for me. The best & most priceless gift you can give is the gift of time, and I can't thank you all enough for making it incredible for me💛 (the rest of the girls were def missed) special thank you to my sista sista @falak__ for organizing it with 10 of my closest friends 👯‍♀️ my girls got me to meet @damianlillard woo! #FromHameedToKhan #portland #mrsKhan
my enchanted garden bridal shower ✨ #FromHameedToKhan @wonthanhphotography @beautybyng @adriannapapell
you were written for me & life brought us together | alhumdulillah 💛 welcome to our beginning! Allahumma barik lana #FromHameedToKhan #sneakpeak #countdownbegins @samsonprofilms
when we’re not at the pharmacy, we’re dancing to Arabic music 💃#pharmasisters
I don’t do long posts but this picture deserved some thought 🤷🏻‍♀️ Growing up one of my favorite things to do was go to the beach and watch the sunset. I felt like it was a reset button for me or it would give me that little bit of inspiration to keep pushing thru. I couldn’t help but think about how everything came full circle. There were so many times in life that I tried to control how everything “should” fall into place and it ended up being the worst decision for me. Over time I realized the most beautiful things in life fall into place when you let it go and let it be. After so long I am able to say that I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or the month after but I know that it will all fall into its place when Allah wants it to. There’s things I can’t control but I can control how I think about the unknown possibilities of life. When you least expect it, it’ll always make sense and you’ll be happy it worked out that way than what you planned for yourself. People often ask me how are you always smiling or happy, and I always say my life isn’t perfect I try to find the reasons in life to be content with. But it doesn’t always work that way & it’s fine, if you asked me a month ago I’ll tell you how I worked 11 days straight between rotations & work & had a breakdown because I thought to myself “is this what life is?” But it’s important to have a reset button to realize there’s so much more to be grateful for in good times & difficult ones. I live for the lovely souls in my life that make life a million times better.
Happy birthday to my god-given best friend aka my ride-or-die brother. Thank you for always being beside me through everything in life. We could be arguing one minute and laughing another minute but through it all I can’t imagine having it any other way. You literally have one of the purest souls I’ve ever known, and you make me so incredibly proud of the amazing man you are becoming MashAllah. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you, may Allah grant you the best in this life and the next. I love you to bits ♥️
Khant wait to be his Mrs. Khan ⏳Alhumdulillah #FromHameedToKhan
Happy birthday to my Queen! Mama, all I ever wish to do in life is make you proud. Your happiness and smile lights up my world, and without you I literally would be nothing. Allah’s biggest blessing in my life is making me your daughter. You’ve been my best friend while raising me, teaching me right from wrong. I don’t know how you managed to work and provide us the life you gave us, but you did. I adore you mama and love you with every piece of me. ♥️ May Allah grant you health and happiness & allow Bilal and I to take care of you now 😘 #mashallah
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