I’m a jealous boy

Well done. Great news. Good on you. That’s wonderful to here. Amazing work. Good for you. Dump him sis. Wow what an achievement. You do you hun. Thats my favourite news. What fantastic words. You are fantastic.
Interests I have acquired since turning 22: 1. Watching cruise ship fight videos on youtube. 2. Watching Tik Tok divorce themed videos. 3. Crying 4. Reading microwave food reviews
What’s up players
Smoking darts, breaking hearts. (Jokes I’m a non smoker 🤟)
A drawing
Very good at tennis and swimming in my youth, could have easily gone pro but now at age 50 I am not as confident. Usually shops at whole foods.
Who dat boy
Yo, we met at whole foods. Fair enuf
So cheerful
Being hot and having hot hair is everything to me. Live. Life. love. yo
What’s good
Nothing new
Follow your dreams
Never settle
Listening to the people next door complaining about my terrible ukulele playing and realising my music career is already over.
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