country boyyyy i love youuuuu <3

• hottest legacies character says hi for @antariiksa | ac magnxtics
• the power that she radiates is unbelievable ac me | cc angelicorigin
• i must protecc this family with everything in me for marti, kendal, and gionna | ac/ib my.aedits
• yes it’s true i’m her whore in any alternative universe ac møørzy | cc angelicorigin - #legacies
• plz rearrange my insides i deserve it ac angelicoven | cc angelicorigin - #legacies
• LOVE OF MY ENTIRE LIFEEE for laura | ac okaychyler
• i’d just like to say thank you to our lord and savior floriana lima for kaid and angel | ac ninastxck
• she’s so pretty uwu for ev | cc angelicorigin - #maggiesawyer
• choni? mhmm sounds like it lacks flavor and screentime ac rennrfelt | cc angelicorigin
• WHEN PENELOPE PICKED UP THAT SHOVEL BITCH I WASNT READY ac nvctuary | cc angelicorigin - #legacies
• beat his ass like she should! ac rennrfelt cc angelicorigin - #theflash
• some of y’all never cried because sanvers broke up and it really fucking shows ac svaturn (sc) | cc angelicorigin - #supergirl
• if you ever wondered what soulmates look like when looking at each other it’s right here for ev | ac svaturn - #legacies
• everyone take notes magy ain’t date no broke bitches! ac kuteaudios | cc angelicorigin - #maggiesawyer
• starting 2019 with this powerful concept for ash and kaid | ac vin.mp4 - #legacies
• the power she possesses for kay and caitlin | cc angelicorigin - #whatstillremains
• their endgame is going to snap so hard ac misseditz | cc angelicorigin
• i love her a lot ac brunnhilde | cc kangune
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