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The award winning @raicesbrewing is the first and only Latinx owned and operated brewery in Colorado. .. Watch @bese ’s new episode of ‘Within Reach.’ Link in bio! .. #beer #denver #brewery
You rock our world Abuela! ❤️
In one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever made, a 23-year-old challenged the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII—and lost. .. Watch ‘Hidden Figuras: Fred Korematsu’ on @bese. Link in bio. .. #history #fredkorematsu #japaneseamerican
Meet 12-year-old @kalliminor , the young tennis prodigy from Compton, CA preparing to play in the Junior U.S. Open next year. Watch ‘Point x Point: Kalli Minor’ today on BESE. Link in bio. 🎾🎾🎾 .. #tennis #compton #serenawilliams
@makertanya , named 30 Under 30 by Forbes, wants to make it easier for the next generation to navigate personal finance and build wealth. .. Watch ‘Within Reach: Snowball’ today on @bese. Link in bio! .. #entrepreneur #latinx #finance @asksnowball
Love this- + had to repost: —-/— Patti Smith (& Robert Mapplethorpe) // "It's a dark period now because everyone is beguiled by fame... I think that true artists just have to keep doing their work, keep struggling, and keep hold of their vision. Because being a true artist is its own reward. If that's what you are, then you're always that. You could be locked away in a prison with no way at all to communicate what's in there, but you're still an artist. The imagination and the ability to transform is what makes one an artist. So young artists who feel overwhelmed by everything have to almost downscale. They have to go all the way to this kernel and believe in themselves, and that's what Robert gave me. He believed in that kernel I had, you know, with absolute unconditional belief. And if you believe it, you'll have that your whole life, through the worst times." Repost from @__nitch 🙌🏽
NEVER FORGET 🇺🇸 Ejay Weiss - 9/11 Elegies
Tequila: a guide to my grandmother's medicine cabinet. 👵🏽🍸 .. Watch ‘Folkslore: Tequila Toothache’ on @bese . Link in bio. .. #tequila #toothache #folkslore #latinx
"Being trans doesn't make me less of a Texan." .. 'Watch Be You: Cris Cardenas' on @bese. Link in bio!
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