Zion Williamson

"I keep it 💯 like I'm running a fever, I might take a break but I won't ever need it." Class of 2018. Only page #SN4L #Jamfam 🍓

It was dope meeting a Disney ⭐️, thanks for supporting the Blue Devils🔵🔵 @peytonlist
🔥”This the flow that got the block hot, 💩 got super hot”🔥
😈Roll like O-Dawg and Kane, on some brother ish😈
📸F L A S H I N G L I G H T S📸
🔵”We in a whole different mode."🔵 #LetsGoDuke
🔵”Me and my broski are twins, but we don’t look alike”🔵💯🔥
🔵”You out of shape, my mind run a mile a minute. The sky's the limit, I'm so high, I'm divin' in it.”🔵
🔵I N T H E 6️⃣ W I T H M Y W O E S🔵
🔵F E E D T H E B E A S T🔵
🔵D U K E B B A L L X R O C K E T🚀🚀C H A R L I E🔵#4s ⬆️
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