Been waiting so long to finally be able to get and put these on my vest ! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼#mandalorianmercs #raquordaanclan
All up in your face !!! #mandomonday #mandalorianmercs
Monday we meet again “stares in mandalorian” lol #mandalorianmercs #mandomonday #raquordaanclan 📸: @dreadloc_blerd
Always supporting her daddy !
First official troop as a Merc today #C3 #cosplaycollectiblecon
Officially a MERC!!!! I’m flipping out at work !!!!! So happy to finally be part of @mandalorianmercs and so proud to be part of @raquordaan_clan_nj
First family costumes ! Bank robbers
“Oh hey look at that a new mando!” Accurate re-enactment of when I saw the new images of The Mandalorian lol
Pic one waiting for #fettfriday pic two finally realizing #fettfriday has arrived lol #zetofett #zetofettstills
Mail call !!!! From the awesome @truevillainyapparel ! Shirt design is amazing !! And the hoodie is beyond comfy !
Missing #nycc2028 on this #mandomonday
currently watching Resistance
So my wife is official starting her mando build and she is doing so by changing her name !!! I’m proud to introduce you to Lanna Sarad !!! OYA!!!
Another successful #NYCC with my wife !
Would you look at those handsome devils lol
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