Zachary Levi

I’m the dude, playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude. 💃 I also make tasty, healthy fitness supplements I’d love for you to purchase and enjoy.👇🙃

Pingin’ from the porch. 💅 #OGNerchChaqueta 🔫 Savage 6.5 Creedmoor, ACOG (not-magnified), at around 125(?) yards.
For those lookin for some hijinks around mid May: this Bud’s for you. 💃 You can get tix thru @officialmegacon now. Or later. But now is cooler. 😏
Current #SOL by @cashcash featuring @abir. It’s like a badass dance song about vulnerability. I mean, c’monnn. 💅 It’s been on repeat for a week. Can’t stop won’t stop.
Decisions, decisions. 🙇‍♂️
A little more 411 on @shazammovie. So if ya don’t knooow, now ya know! #meetshazam #newfootage #bigredcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
Current #SOL by @ldevinemusic. I don’t know what’s it like growing up in the current digital age, but I don’t envy its social pressures at all. It’s hard enough being an “adult” in all of it. 💁
More unpacking surprises: My Shazam onesie! Wrap gift when we finished up @shazammovie last May. Just say the word...if the word is COMFY! 😏 #shajamas 👘⚡️
#sponsored but for realz tho... Massive thank you to @ATT for hosting us this weekend at the Super Bowl. We didn’t get the @rams win we were hoping for, but the @foofighters rocked my face off, yet again, and I had a magical time exploring Atlanta and it’s beltway. I gotta get me one of those. 🙌 #supersaturdaynight
“Check out the #NFL100 #SBLIII commercial right before halftime on Sunday!” is how I might word an advertisement if I was trying to get you to watch the #NFL100 #SBLIII commercial right before halftime on Sunday. But I’m not. 😏 #superbowl #vamosramos 🐏
Hey y’all! I completely forgot to thank some muy importante folks who helped pull this whole look together. First, @warrenalfiebaker for once again killin the lewk, and @mnmachado for her magic hands on the grooming 1s & 2s. 💃 (Lewk = Tuxedo @alfreddunhill , Watch @Montblanc , Cufflinks @chopard ) Lastly, thank you to my entire team of incredible representation at UTA, Untitled, R&C, and MFW. Particularly @briannossokoff for his tenacity in making sure that my time at @maiseltv became the reality it was. Which, as it turns out, fact...marvelous. 🙏
I’m still processing all this. And that’s gonna take a hot minute. But needless to say, this is so damn dreamy. I’m incredibly grateful to have been trusted to come into what was already such an amazing world, and now I get to be a recipient of the incredible love this show has garnered. It’s all just To all those in SAG who voted for us, thank you. Thank you Amy & Dan. Thank you @amazonprimevideo. Thank you @rachelbrosnahan for being such an honest and generous scene partner. And thank all of you who have devoured and delighted in this show. You make the creation worth creating. 🙌 Ima sleep now. It’s well past my bedtime. 🙏 @maiseltv #titsup
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