Yuko Shimizu

Hi I’m a Japanese illustrator based in New York. And, no, I have nothing to do with Hello Kitty.

Cover reveal! The 4th volume of popular #silkpunk fantasy by #JYYang #tensorateseries Art directed and designed by @cfltzr thank you! ❤️. Publisher: @tordotcompub It’s super fun to research all the Himalayan art (and for this one, Chinese art and #西太后 ) and nerd out! I love Himalayan art and their use of patterns and colors, but seldom have chance to sneak them into my work. But this series is PERFECT.
The Birthday of the Infanta is not as well known as other fairytales by #OscarWilde It is a story of a fictional infants, but the best way to go about creating this was actually to learn from real infantas. I wrote down the clues in the story to guess when and who this was based on. (I usually don’t write inside books, but, hey, this was a research!) Once I nailed down a few real infantas, I started looking for their portraits. Then along the way I found other infantas who were interesting and close to the characters in the story. Thought it was fun to share a research process like this one. I posted some images of the newly published book from @escapepodcomics on my story today. You can purchase the book from them, and also directly from the publisher @beehivebooks . The book design by @ouimaelle .
Bundle up! It’s going to be a cold weekend in the Northeast USA (and maybe where you are as well.) This image is a part of a large ink drawing I did a while back. I believe it was about 5ft wide (about 150cm). Have a good weekend!
Happy Hanukkah! That time when I worked with (now sadly gone) Jewish Living Magazine for a story about modern Jewish matchmaking. Festive enough to share for the holiday season?
It’s here, it’s here! And, ready to ship! My blood, sweat and tears... (ok, may be no blood. ) Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde is finally here from @beehivebooks stunningly designed by @ouimaelle preface by one and only Michael Cunningham! You can order now and still get the book by Christmas (at least definitely domestic orders). go to @beehivebooks profile, or log onto beehivebooks.net/shop/ Hard bound, slipcase with emboss foil-block and die-cut, 10 interior full color illustrations plus drop cap drawings in each chapter, illustrated elements throughout. We are all so proud of this book! Hope you order your copy. If you have preordered, BIG THANK YOU. Your book will be arriving soon. 🙏 🎄 Also from the same series: @comicsdestroyer and @therealthatpolishguy
Fun and useful digital coloring tip for aspiring and young illustrators: RGB is color of light (remember your science class?), and thus there are almost unlimited options. CMYK, on the other hand, is typical printing method, using just cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to print all the colors. Thus there are a lot of limitations. Photoshop shows you if you used unprintable colors or not (usually, florescent colors, bright greens, etc) by showing ! mark on your color picker. (Click on ! takes to you to closest printable color.) My working files are in RGB, but I set the Proof Setup to CMYK so my monitor shows printable colors only. (we send final print ready files in CMYK). . More & more illustration projects are for web use now. So, I often intentionally sneak in RGB only colors to take advantage of RGB color range. This is for a story about server farm in Sweden using its energy to heat up a city. Client: @nautilusmag Compare the first image (RGB) and the second (CMYK) and see how different they look. They are in exact same color, just in different mode. Though the image was also printed, the main use was for web. Knowing the strength and weakness of CMYK and RGB really helps you to color, and do fun stuff like this here and there. #yukoillustrationtips #yukophotoshoptips
Yay! Look what I got in mail! #barbarella issue 12 variant cover. #barbarella2018 is written my my friend and long-term collaborator Mike Carey! Published by @dynamitecomics Find it at comic book stores near you!
I realized I haven’t posted all the Art of Travel packaging art for @skii , so here is the Thailand edition. Available at airport duty free shops in Thailand. Art directed by @magdalenagacek_
The original drawings (foreground and background) of #thetaleofshikanoko (written by @lian_hearn book design by @alexmerto ) are sold and heading for a new home. Yes, my originals are often much bigger than the final print versions. The actual book looks tiny right next to it, but, no, it’s the drawing that’s big. The book is the normal book size. 📚 📖 📚 📖 #fsgoriginals #alexmerto #lianhearn
Thank you @spectrumfantasticart 25! The annual has arrived, and I have multiple images accepted this year, including two medal-runner-ups. Thankful 🥰🥰🥰
The other side of @gratefuldead 7” single collection! (I posted the front side image two days ago.) It was such a fun project to reimagine Grateful Dead classics! Dead.net shop is taking pre-orders, starts shipping at the end of this month. They’ve been collaborating with different artist every month. Pre-order your copy at dead.net 💀💀💀🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵 #gratefuldead @rhino_records #herecomessunshine
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