Lingo Mufasa 🦁

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Put up or shut up which one you gone do? @bvbyfvcesavage we releasing in October but which day? 🤔
Team always doing the most 🏆@quavohuncho @mrtooofficial
B U B B L E G U M Out now @vevo @quavohuncho
Been the best group 🏆 @migos
Can’t wait until y’all hear the tape shit going so bonkers. We might drop another before we drop the tape so be ready Freddy 👀 @bvbyfvcesavage 👶🏾 WE UP NEXT 🦁
10.12.18 Be ready Quavo Huncho Album @quavohuncho
Only stick with the gang don’t need to switch up
Mufasa walked out the jungle with scars
Trappin like the narcos
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