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41 years ago, on this day August 16th 1977 we lost the man who had such an impact on people musically, or just in general... he was the king of rock and roll to some, loved by most, family/relative to me and others...we all miss him dearly..comment your favorite song by him or favorite memory that has to do with him
Oh man this was a fun night just chillin with my buddies Dean and Cody!!!#tcb #theking #elvis #elvispresley
Thoughts on me lookin like @bonjovi ????
“Thank you, thank you very much.” ~ Elvis Aaron Presley #elvis #elvispresley #heartbreakhotel #memphis #graceland
Thoughts on this man right here?
I was nominated by @meganhay5 to do the #sidebysidecosplay I nominate who ever wants to do it
“It’s down at the end of Lonely street, it’s heartbreak hotel.”
A Message from my good friend @drakebell thanks buddy! #drakeandjosh
If your having a bad day watch this!!! Taken from @ohmyheckingod
Love yourself
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