I really like foooood (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 🇺🇸 USA coser 📩 yashafluff@gmail.com

I definitely didn't sleep and i'm still in class but leaving for Anime Impulse soon! I have a musoskeletal practical when I get back soo I'm 100% bringing my reflex hammer, bp cuff and stethoscope to the con, gonna test dermatomes, myotomes and mmm time to lay someone on a table for some joint play 😂💦💦💦 AHEM BUT ANYWAY I'm super excited to see everyone @animeimpulse My official meet up times are Sat at 1 and Sun at 2 in the VIP area but I will also most likely hang around my table during the other times! I am also doing a Q & A with @sakura.gun at 4 on Saturday and around 12:30 Sunday! SEE EVERYONE SOOON!! Comment if you're going and what day! 👀👀👀 P.S. this is a new printo 📸 @natthirajuice . . #fategrandorder #shutendouji #shuten #cosplay #fate #kimono #oni
I have accepted that I will be in a constant state of exhAUSTION. I wanted to sleep earlier yesterday but I didn't get out of class until 8pm and I just had so much studying and assignments to complete that I ended up getting only 3 hours of sleep again 😭💦 *BUT, I will try my best to rest well before seeing you all this weekend! I posted my cos-schedule for the weekend on my story~ -- OH AND on the bright side, along with book preoders, I have 9 new prints to offer for @animeimpulse 🎉✨ I had to kinda just guesstimate how much to make so very limited stock! ❤️ . . . #fategrandorder #nero #neroclaudius #saber #sabernero #idol #nyc
YOU GUYS I FINALLY FINISHED MAKING MY 02 PHOTOBOOK 😭💕🎉!!! I really wanted to be able to have it by Anime Impulse but it was my first time making a book and I truly underestimated the amount of time it would take me to edit, design and format everything ;; I lost so much sleep making it but it was a labor of love that was totally worth it! It'll take about a week to print and probably a week to get to me BUT I'll offer preordering at @animeimpulse and include a free postcard with it ❤️ I'll offer domestic and international orders after books arrive! It'll be a limited amount cause I'm a poor child and can only invest so much 💦 More details in the future! Keep an eye out 🎉 Photo by @meowstars #darlinginthefranxx #zerotwo #02 #002 #darling #franxx #ending
Ahh~ I'm back at school now and legit will be in class until 5:30 everyday and 8:30 pm on Tuesdays //yikes. 🙃🙃🙃 Magfest was extremely chill as usual, but I missed seeing so many people cause I was in the game room most of the time ;;; BUT I am really happy for the people I did see and I wanna shout out to all the Shugo Chara! fans who recognized my cos. It's mega throwback BUT I ADORE MAHOU SHOUJO SHOWSSS~ Maybe more magical girls in the future? Y/Y? . P.S. still working hard on the 02 photobook and new merch for Anime Impulse! #shugochara #utau #utauhoshina #lunaticcharm #magicalgirl #mahoushoujo #cosplay
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! 🎉🎉🎉 SO many things happened this past year. My grandmother passed away, I got my ass into graduate school and I moved out on my own to the middle of freaking nowhere. All the big events this year have really helped me grow mentally and mayBEEE just MAYBEE I am kinda semi-adulting now 😂💦 Anyway, I really wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU to all of you guys for following me this past year. 💕 It bewilders me that anyone wants to be a part of my uninteresting life, but also makes me feel so overwhelmed with joy that I have a community where I can share all my shitty, tragic moments as well as my stupid, happy moments without judgment. YOU GUYS ARE TOO KIND TO ME 😭❤️ As a way to show my gratitude, I am currently working on a *02 photobook* that will be available at Anime Impulse! I have little to no graphic design skills and have never put together a photobook together BUT I will try my best to make it worth it! Thank you so much for following my silly adventures and listening to all my repetitive rants about school. Here to even better adventures next year 🥰 📸 @lostdumplings Props by @kitsurie and all the amazing people who helped paint it ❤️ . . #darlinginthefranxx #zerotwo #darlinginthefranxxcosplay #darling #02 #002 #cosplay
G-guys I'm so touched by everyone's comments on my last post on FB and here 😭❤️ Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and comment on it!!! I spent the last two days sleeping until 3pm and playing with makeup!l. I still have tons to clean but I'm finally gonna head home today~ I also upgraded my Toga wig and makeup last night. I'm sorry it wasn't as up to par last year that I wore it but maybe I'll bring it to Anime Impulse? 💦 OH ALSO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Time has completely escaped me the past few months-- if Google calendar didn't remind me I would've just thought it was any other day 😂💦 P.S. yes that's a steak knife I had no other prop hahahaha #bokunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #bnha #mha #himikotoga #togahimiko #bnhacosplay #cosplay
Cinnabar pic for #mood the past semester. BUT, I FREAKING SURVIVED AND (very last second) THRIVED my first semester of Physical Therapy school 🎉🎉🎉l!!!! I am one semester closer to my shiny doctorate ✨ And just…wOW I honestly feel like I have grown so much mentally in the past couple of months (they felt like fucking YEARS). If you want to hear about my wild ass, rollercoaster journey go to my FB page because IG won't let me post my 1k+ without cutting it off 😂💦💦 ----- All I have to say is I learned that you don’t get to let up in grad school or it’ll bite you in the ass until the very end. I learned you have to have a support system because when you’re at your lowest, it will be the people around you that will notice and pull you up (not physically tho cause I am in the middle of nowhere LOL). I really learned to persevere the past months but most importantly, I learned that even at my lowest point, I wanted to fight for my spot here which just reassures me that I am on the right path! 🥰🥰🥰 Tho holy shit I'mma SLEEP MY ASS OFF THE NEXT 2 WEEKS and catch up on months of anime/manga/food. If any of you guys are going to Magfest and Anime Impulse, see you there!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Photog | @natthirajuice . #housekinokuni #cinnabar #landofthelustrous #housekinokunicosplay #cosplay
Woww~ hihi, long time no chat everyone! I had to fight school burnout by deleting social media from my phone for a bit JUST so I wouldn't have anything else to look at but my schoolwork XDD;;; So I'm sorry for being MIA everyone! Luckily it's almost time for break~ The reason why I am finally able to post today is cause we got a SNOW DAYY!!! I got to play with makeup, made myself some hot chocolate and uh, the rest of my day is going to be desperately trying to catch up on multiple lectures I couldn't focus on. It's the last stretch but BOY IS IT A LONG ONE alsdfjkjkm.. Finals for my cohort start this Friday to the following Friday (21st) BUT literally the OT's and the PA's get out on the 19th AND the 2nd years are already gone on clinical immersion so... in the entire freaking school, it'll just be the 33 of us dragging our asses to exams the last days of next week. For anyone also dealing with finals, or just how difficult work is during the holidays I WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK!!! .... Also, since I missed posting on Thanksgiving, or anyone who actually read this far, tell me ONE thing you're grateful for this year! For me, it's definitely you guys. Thanks for sticking with me even when I barely post and don't have time to keep up to date with any of the new stuffs. I promise I'll try to dish out more content once break starts! <3 Contacts @pinkyparadisedotcom #sweaterweather #motd #ootd #jfashion
REMEMBER at AX when I said my sad goodbyes to everyone because I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford conventions for a long while unless they were local or I was invited? WELL, thankfully that goodbye was short-lived because I have been invited as a guest to @animeimpulse in Ponoma, CA, January 19-20!!! 🎉🎉🎉 AHHhhHHHhhh✨~ I’m so, sO excited to my first ever experience as a guest at a convention! This is such an amazing opportunity to see and hang out with everyone again!!! I am honestly so shook because I LEGIT thought I wouldn’t be able to see you all for YEARS (tbh I haven’t seen my own friends for months💦) but somehow this opportunity fell into my lap 😭❤️ I am SO HYPE to cosplay again and just hang out with a bunch of my own nerdyass people! I have been suppressing my weebiness since the start of school and I’m gonna keep saving up my reserves so I can scream at all of you in Jan so BE PREPARED 💪❤️!!! SO YAH, WHO’S GOING TO ANIME IMPULSEEEE~??? 👀👀👀 Please come to see me and bring me tons of Asian food. KTHX 💕 📸 @lostdumplings 🗡️ @kitsurie #darlinginthefranxx #zerotwo #02 #darling #franxx #cosplay
Hmm I wonder what my favorite drink is 🤔🤔🤔? Ok so I know I've already mentioned I have 1-4 exams every week this semester BUTTT legit in the past two weeks I've had 8 exams and have just overall been dying. My next exam is a week from now, which finally means I CAN SLEEP IN THIS WEEKEND THANK GOD 😭❤️❤️❤️!!! I've been so stressed lately but I honestly reading all your guys comments on my last post made me feel SO MUCH better! ☺️ Social media kinda kept reminding me how life really does move on whether you're along for the ride or not so NGL, I felt pretty crappy seeing all the fun I was missing (and knew I was going to miss for a long while). But, your guy's comments reassured me that I wasn't forgotten even though I barely had anything to give back. SO seriously, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU all so much for being here for me 💕 it really means a lot ❤️ Earrings by @kotobajewellery Use 'yashafluff' for 10% off Contacts @ttd_eye @customer_service_abi . . . #ttdeye #mybloodismadeofcola #imdyingbutafucktonofphotoshopandmakeuosavesme #motd #jfashion
Hello worldddd~ I have been taking advice from Phos and becoming a new me. Lol jk...ok maybe not because these past couple of weeks have WHOOPED my ass just like it had Phos. 😭💦 I failed a lot of things and in some cases was the only one who did poorly in my whole cohort (of 33) If that's not a wake up call (along with professors approaching you for a meeting) then what else is, ya know? So I had to take some time off social media to just FOCUS on school only. I'm still desperately trying to catch up but I already had my mental breakdown so I think I'm ready to move forward.... I feel like all I've done is come here and complain the past couple months 💦 for that I really am sorry! I seriously underestimated the grad life vs undergrad. There's no such thing as cramming here if you want to meet the standard 💦 Hopefully I'll have more than my eternal suffering to share soon . Contacts @momokolens . . #宝石の国 #ダイヤモンド #ダイヤ #LandoftheLustrous #housekinokuni #hnk #phos #phosphophyllite #gems #cosplay
Past week has been REALLY rough. We even had a classmate withdraw from our program due to it's difficulty... This week isn't any easier but gotta get through it! I didn't do so well on the past exams but I'm determined to succeed 💪 Sorry for the lack of updates, but hopefully some amazing news for everyone soon! ❤️ 📸 @lostdumplings #darlinginthefranxx #darlinginthefranxxcosplay #zerotwo #zerotwocosplay #02 #cosplay
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