I really like foooood (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 🇺🇸 USA coser 📩 yashafluff@gmail.com

I put up almost all my cosplays for sale (including this!) in my Storenvy! If you want to avoid the Storenvy fees, feel free to DM me instead of purchasing through the store! I'll be updating wigs too soon ✨I'm moving in officially next Monday so please lighten my load by buying new all da things! Please check it out :D (link in bio) 💕 . . . . . . #darlinginthefranxx #darlinginthefranxxcosplay #darling #zerotwo #zerotwocosplay #02 #swimsuit #cosplay
Heading to Otakon! 💕 . . . Just kidding~ ahh I'm actually so sad I'm missing Otakon.... It's my first time missing it in ... 6 YEARS w-whoa... Unfortunately I meant it when I said AX was my last con for a while... I'm actually doing my initial move into my apartment for school right now and my weak arms are suffering 💦 hope everyone at Otakon has fun tho~!!! I'll live vicariously through your guys stories 👌 . . . . . #fategrandorder #fate #fgo #shutendoji #shutendouji #shuten #cosplay #craftessence #megane #oni
New kpop group Oni Squad with @toshikigirl as our producer~! Haha, jkjk I have no talent in that aspect BUT if you were to give me a position in a kpop group what would it be and why? I'm super obsessed with Produce 48 right now so I'm genuinely curious what my visual is 👀👀👀 ** @toshikigirl Oni Squad is a Kickstarter project so definitely go check it out and make this squad a reality!!! ** Photog | @lostdumplings. . . . #toshikigirl #jfashion
I'm almost done shooting everything for my Houseki photobook! 🌕💎 Also~ I finally reopened my shop with a bunch of cos I'm selling as well as prints! Please check it out~ 👀💕 p.s. hallo person who I reserved moon phos for pls dm me I lost your message in the mess 💦 . . . . . . #housekinokuni #landofthelustrous #宝石の国 #hnk #phos #phosphophyllite #フォス #moonphos #cosplay
Going to see some of my favorite people this weekend ❤️ also finally going to shoot one of my favorite gems too! Prays that the weather will be on my side 😭🙏 . . . . . #housekinokuni #landofthelustrous #宝石の国 #hnk #cinnabar #shinsha #シンシャ #gems #cosplay #housekinokunicosplay
"How are you feeling, darling~ 💕" is what I feel like my expression was saying here but in reality "the concrete is lighting this pleather on fire" is probably closer to what I was thinking 😂😂😂 Ahh~ I know I've mentioned how grateful I am to @kitsurie for making the 02 props and @lostdumplings for suffering in the sweltering 100+ degree heat with me to shoot this BUT I want to give a shout out to @yumecos too! I had forgotten my gold band in America and even while she was making me Momo's hero suit as a surprise bday gift, she still found time to make my band and take in the bodysuit to fit me better! She also houses me every time and deals with me trying to hog her bed every visit 👀💦 (it'ssosoft) I seriously miss my fam in Canada but hopefully I can visit again soon ❤️❤️❤️ Props @kitsurie Photog @lostdumplings . . . . . . #darlinginthefranxx #darling #darlinginthefranxxcosplay #zerotwo #zerotwocosplay #02 #002 #cosplay
Can't believe we shot this out in 100+ degree weather...where the outside of the suit is pleather with velvet on the inside 💦💦💦 you know when you step into a puddle and all the water gets in your shoe so you're sloshing around? Welp, that was mE it was deaTHHH (hope I hid it well at least) BUT props to @lostdumplings for being crazy with me and @kitsurie for making my props ❤️ It was suffering but the end result was worth it! Thank you for your hard work! . . . . . . . . #darlinginthefranxx #darling #02 #zerotwo #cosplay #zerotwocosplay
I am pretty confident when it comes to doing female makeup but I get really insecure when it comes to crossplay 😢😢😢 I feel like I have improved from when I started but I'm not satisfied until I can get to the point where I feel completely deserving to be around all my bishi friends 💦💦💦 I want to make girl's hearts doki too so I'll keep working hard to improve! ❤️ . . . . . #haikyuu #karasuno #kageyamatobio #kageyama #cosplay #crossplay
I'm not home yet but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to my meet ups! I was my second time doing a more official meet up at a con and I kinda expected like 5-10 people to show up but you guys blew that out of the water 😭❤️ that being said, a huge shout out to the amazing friends who helped me with print sales when I forgot to offer it 90% of the time LOL. I really hope you all had fun hanging out with me~ see you guys in a couple of years at cons again! Wig from @epiccosplaywigs . . . . . . #onmyoji #aoandan #yys #阴阳师 #cosplay
AX IM IN YOU 👀👀👀 I will be doing a meet and greet Friday, 7/6 at 3:30 pm at the @toshikigirl booth! I have a ton of extra prints I brought that will be up for grabs as well!!! I will also be doing a meet on Saturday 7/7 around 4:00 pm for con goers without any badges! For that I'll most likely have the meet up inside of the JW Marriott by the tables in the back of the lobby. That way we can avoid the triple digit heat! Please keep checking my story or any updates/changes! . Also, I cannot express well enough in words how grateful I am to @kitsurie for making me the 02 armor! She stayed up multiple nights to finish along with the help of @__hikarin @riiduh and @lostdumplings. Seriously idk what I did to deserve you guys I love you all so much 😭❤️ I MISS U ALL TOO!!! Prays I can visit again soon . . . . . . . #darlinginthefranxx #darling #02 #zerotwo #002 #cosplay
Just want to say I'm so, SO grateful for my cosfam. They threw me a surprise birthday party and then surprised me with this cosplay so I could be with my fgo husband. @yumecos then made me Momo's full hero suit, @kitsurie made me the full Zero Two props from Franxx (which @__hikarin and @riiduh helped paint)and @lostdumplings took off to help shoot it all. As absolutely amazing all the cosplay gifts are, the best times of this week so far is just staying up late and chatting about life and singing to 90's songs and kpop. I know I call them the cosfam but tbh, cosplay is just how we all met but it's definitely not the reason we all stay together. This week isn't over yet and there's even more plans with everyone! Hope you all look forward to it as much as I do ❤️
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ❤️❤️❤️ I am currently obsessed with the mobile game Onmyoji and am so happy I got to cosplay this in Canada with my first SSR pull @wil01d2 Otengu! I hope this Vampira skin releases soon in the global version! Should I bring this cosplay to AX? Anyone else play too 👀??? . . . . . #onmyoji #yys #vampira #vampire #cosplay #阴阳师 #kyuuketsuhime
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