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What a year for these two studs and Andujar getting robbed of ROTY is a shame. Can’t wait to see what these to do next season 👀
Is this the man that’ll make us closer with Boston? I for sure hope so Yankees need pitching and Mariners are offering up this guy we need him.
Happy 29th Birthday to Giancarlo Stanton
The Big Fella is back for another season on a 1 yr 8 million dollar deal. Possibly being is last season let’s send him out on top.
How much are you willing to pay Happ? If I’m Cash I give Happ a 2 yr deal worth 20 million. Happ was a bright spot in the rotation when he can over from Toronto and went 7-0 with a ERA near 3. We need this man if we want to win this division and win the World Series. #pinstripepride #bronxbombers
David Robertson had a up and down year this past season. Robertson was deployed as a real weapon in the Yankees pen this season and came in to get key outs in key situations. Robertson who is a free agent to be didn’t have his best season this season pitching to a 3.23 ERA. Hopefully Robertson is back in pinstripes and the Yankees can have in that bullpen next season. Agree or disagree with this grade? Leave your thoughts down below
Will Luke Voit still have the starting 1B job over Bird once the next season starts?
Free agent target #1 this offseason is SS Manny Machado. Machado is a all around great player at 3B and this season with the move to SS. Yes, he doesn’t hustle down the line or run a ball out. Robbie Cano did the same exact thing and played over 150 games a season. With Didi being out until June or July we need someone to man SS and when Didi is back Manny can move to 3B. He’s put up fantastic numbers this season driving in 100 and coming up clutch during the Dodgers playoff run currently. Do you see the Yankees signing Machado this offseason?
First up on player grades is Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton was acquired last winter from the Marlins for Castro and prospects. He had a good solid year here as a first season in New York. He carried the team during a pivotal time when Judge went down with the wrist injury. Stanton wasn’t as consistent in the his first time to the playoffs but he’s learned from it I’m sure. Agree with the A- what would your grade be for Stanton?
Player grades start tmrw with team additions the Yankees should look at 👀
How would you say Boone did in his first ever season as a manager? I would say he did a solid job led this team to 100 wins and battled without key players during key times. Yes he made some questionable calls in Game 3 and 4 which obviously he will learn from next year. He’s our manager and if you don’t like him deal with it he’s here for next couple seasons. What I would like to see more of is him making less decisions on analytics and use his gut more. Other than pretty fine first year for Boone 100 wins and he has a team that’ll be contending for a number of years. #aaronboone #bronxbombers #pinstripepride
Shows what kind of player Didi is to play through it. Get right and come back next season stronger than ever.
Pointing and looking forward at you 2019. This team will be reloaded and the rotation will be bolstered with additions.
100 win season what else can you ask for. Time to go fishing for some big time additions. Cash please go get Corbin and Harper let’s get 28 next season. Stanton tasted the playoffs he’s hungry to get back and to help lead this team. Great season and thank you guys for an amazing year through the ups and downs. Not our season and how we pictured ending it but we got a core that’s gonna be around for a long long time. Get some rest see y’all February for ST and I will be posting throughout the offseason. - YNN ❤️ #pinstripepride #bronxbombers #giancarlostanton
Season rides with you on the line Big Fella have faith in you
If you weren’t there during the bad times don’t stand with us when we got it rocking. Let’s get some fuckin runs but if not bounce back tmrw with a do or die game with CC on the mound
Let’s take the series lead tonight #pinstripepride #bronxbombers #chasefor28
Trust in our ace and the Bronx will be a fuckin Zoo tonight #pinstripepride #bronxbombers #luisseverino #chasefor28
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