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Sonny Gray as officially been traded to the Reds. The Yankees acquired Shed Long and then traded him to the Mariners for OF Josh Stowers. Yankees have finally gotten rid of Gray and sent him to the other league. #joshstowers #bronxbombers #yankees
How many wins for the Bronx Bombers this upcoming season? My prediction: 102-60 #bronxbombers #aaronboone #yankees
Forgot to put this up earlier as well. (Yes I know i’m late). LeMahieu is a 8 ur veteran 2B who signed for 2 yr 24 million. Not a bad signing at all as DJ as won a batting title multiple gold gloves and made the all star team twice. This doesn’t take the Yankees out of Machado as the plan is for LeMahieu to be a super utility guy playing all the infield positions except 1B. Great signing #yankees #bronxbombers
We got Ottavino now we just need Manny Machado. Ottavino receives a contract of 3 yr 27M. Best bullpen in baseball once again and another stacked Pen for the playoffs
Making league minimum ✔️ Still has strength in his swing ✔️ Can be this years Neil Walker ✔️ Low risk with a high reward and doesn’t take us out of Machado sweepstakes great move
Expectations for Tanaka next season?
Expectations for these two bonafide stars? Andujar: .290 25 home runs and 87 RBIS Gleyber: .310 20 home runs and 75 RBIS
Manny Machado comes to the Bronx this week for a meeting. If you are the yankees how much do you offer the man? Sign him Cash 😎
Welcome back J.A. Happ they have agreed to a 2 year deal with an option for a third. Once details are finalized I will post it
10 years ago today the Yankees signed this man and like they say the rest is history. #ccsabathia #bronxbombers #yankees
Predict Sevy’s stats for 2019
Happy 26th birthday Kraken 🦑🦑
Expectations for Judge next season?
What a year for these two studs and Andujar getting robbed of ROTY is a shame. Can’t wait to see what these to do next season 👀
Is this the man that’ll make us closer with Boston? I for sure hope so Yankees need pitching and Mariners are offering up this guy we need him.
Happy 29th Birthday to Giancarlo Stanton
The Big Fella is back for another season on a 1 yr 8 million dollar deal. Possibly being is last season let’s send him out on top.
How much are you willing to pay Happ? If I’m Cash I give Happ a 2 yr deal worth 20 million. Happ was a bright spot in the rotation when he can over from Toronto and went 7-0 with a ERA near 3. We need this man if we want to win this division and win the World Series. #pinstripepride #bronxbombers
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