× Parametric Ghost × "I'll be the devil over your shoulder"

"There's this girl you just wanna die for"🥀
"Swords do sound like the rhymes of the devil"🥀 📸 @imrishabhrawat
"You may run now but someday you'll find yourself tracing your steps backward to me once again"🥀 📷 @imrishabhrawxt
"He can't bear to be just another end ever again"🥀 📷 @imrishabhrxwat
"... and even though the creation of the thousand forests was from just one acorn but does that mean you all were the same for to be considered or judged biasedly, I don't f××king think so"🥀 📷 @imrishabhrxwat
Keep Dreaming🥀 📷 @imrishabhrxwat
Bhai hai @nishchay188
"I'm a product of all which is not and for this may turn out to be true, my beliefs cannot be undermined by those who pray the false"
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