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Husband, Father, Public Servant, CrossFitter, Weightlifter

Summer 2016 vs. Summer 2018. I have been doing CrossFit religiously for over 5 years now. I thought I was a pretty fit guy two years ago. I had my best finish in the CrossFit Open and even took 1st place in a competition at Myrtle Beach. The difference between then and now is what I am eating. For the longest time I thought I could be Rich Froning and eat whatever I wanted to (like pizza on the last day of the CrossFit Games) as long as I was doing work in the gym. Reality finally set in. I knew how I was supposed to eat, I just wasnt doing it. Although, I did have all of my co workers believing I only ate plain meats and raw vegetables. Truthfully, I would get home from work and eat 2-3 full bowls of sugary cereal and milk. Over the last 9 months or so I have been more strict on what I eat by preparing meals for the week, reducing empty carbs, and only drinking water. (Seriously, I can't remember the last time I had a sweet tea). I also recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to wheat, gluten, rye, bran and egg whites so I have eliminated aged those food from my diet. I'm now at my goal weight of 185 and body fat is somewhere between 12%-15%. And NO! I am NOT counting calories! I am simply not eating bad foods and subbing healthy foods. If anything I am now struggling to get enough calories in a day. If you eat clean, you dont have to think about calories. I'm not #paleo , I'm not #keto , I'm not #whole30 , I'm not #vegan , I'm not #vegetarian , etc. I eat a healthy combination of all foods from each diet. As my wife @coffeekiloscolitis said, you have to find out what works for you and not just go along with what has worked for someone else. The End.
Happy Birthday to this beautiful, strong and overall amazing wife and mother!! Love you so much 😘
Post #spartanrace night on the town in Asheville with the lovely @brandychandler4 What a great weekend with an amazing wife 😍 I was amazed that I was able to walk 😁
Awesome run today at the #spartanashevillesuper . It was extremely muddy thanks to the neverending NC rain. Still missed a few obstacles, #monkeybars #olympuswall #spearthrow but overall I think it was a great run. Start to finish was 3:39. Time to start planning for the #beast . Anybody want to go to Spartanburg in November? Thanks to my loving wife @brandychandler4 for cooking with me and supporting me in this! 😁 #spartan #spartanrace #spartanasheville #ocr #obstaclecorseracing
Had a great personal training session this morning with my mini 😁 #toddler #parenting #workout #pushups #burpees
Twinning at the beach 😀 @brandychandler4
Today is a bittersweet day. Today I received the lab results from my @everly_well #foodsensitivity test. The 3rd most reactive of all 96 tested foods is egg whites. Eggs have been a staple of my diet and how I got a large amount of my daily protein. Now for at least 30 days, I need to eliminate eggs from my diet. Hopefully I can find another good protein source that is as budget friendly as eggs. Any suggestions are appreciated. #everlywell #foodsensitivitytest #eggs #eggwhites #protein #cheapprotein #proteinsource #diet #30dayevaluation #30dayreset
And not a single weight was lifted that day. Yet I feel more swole than ever. Honoring a fallen brother, Robert Cottle. #crossfit #herowod #rj #swat #lapd #police #officer #gonebutnotforgotten #run #ropeclimb #pushups #spartan #spartanracetraining
Nothing like going on a run down your own road and getting attacked by 2 poodles. #running #shouldhavebeencarrying #poodlesaremean #shouldisue
Rowing so hard it makes my daughter tired #rowing #concept2 #comptrain #midline #crossfit #training
Hanging with my little man in the kiddie pool in this blistering weather #fatherhood #fatherandson #sohappy #kiddiepool
Celebrated Father's day a day early with the family. My amazing wife @brandychandler4 got me a new #fitbitionic I was super surprised! I then got a great picture with my two little munchkins smiling. I Love my #family and am so happy to be a dad 😁
When your 4 year old puts her color cards in the washing machine and you run a load with your uniform in it...... .
Pre-Thunderstorm Sky #nofilter #weather #sky #godspainting
The babies just hanging out while Daddy is working. 🤗
This course brought me back to my college days. Trigonometry, airborne equations, momentum, kinetic energy, time-distance and Newton's 3 Laws. I'm now ready to fully investigate crashes. #physics #crashes #math #science #police
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