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Reposted from @daniioconnortattoos - Also, I'm doing a tattoo giveaway! 298 more followers and I'll be selecting a winner out of those who participate accordingly! I appreciate and value all of my clientele and look forward to working with you all. #2000followers #daniioconnortattoos - #regrann
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Reposted from @code.dfl - GIVEAWAY! So. I’ve been feeling so lucky to have all you amazing clients and wanted to do a giveaway. So. I will draw the winner April 1st! SCREENSHOT AND REPOST this photo. With the hashtag #codedflpeony follow and tag @code.dfl. And tag a friend. ON YOUR PAGE. STORYS DONT COUNT. PLEASE spell the hashtag correct. And if you are private. Make sure it’s open so I can see it come April 1st. The winner will get a hand sized peony full colour or black and grey on their arm or leg. No knees. Guys! I can make these gnarly colours if you want! Thanks so much! Stoked! - #regrann
So excited about this cute little acorn thanks to the incredible @ashbyink !! 😍
Today is a bittersweet day. Today marks 5 years with my now, amazing husband 💕 And it also marks the first morning without my furbaby.💔 I'm still in so much anguish but I also want to be happy 😔 Thank you so much @thatlinecook for adopting and loving my Two Face like you have over the last 5 years. You were present for the better half of her life with us which means you were also her whole world too❤ Thank you for always being here for me, especially on the hardest, worst day of my life😭😭😭 I know she knows our love for her is endless❤❤❤ Sorry this milestone is clouded with grief😔 · #anniversary #love #5years #hubby #grief #loss #furbaby #day1 #memories #cuddles #snuggles #tortiesofinstagram
Part of my world ended today.😭😭😭 You were so loved and spoiled and I'm miss you so much already, baby girl💕 I don't know how I'm going to get through this without you, you were always there for everything. Two Face; my love, my everything. You've taken a piece of my heart with you today and I cannot wait until I can make my heart whole when I can hold you again💕
Cheers to the end of day 3 with the most incredible adventure partner🍻💕
What do you call a parrot that flew away? A polygon! 🐦
Day 2 was a success👌
Every day is an adventure✨ · 📷 : @thatlinecook 😘
Great first day of our anniversary getaway ✨
Happy wife, happy life 😉
This snuggle bug has been keeping me company these last few days while I've been trying to sleep off this sickness❤😷🐱
I'm not Santa, you're Santa 🎅
He didn't get me anything for Christmas because he is the gift 🎁🎄❤
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