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Yesterday was heartwarming and historic for #ThomasPanek and #Gus when they became the first blind man and running guide dog to complete the @united Half marathon in #NewYorkCity . 🙏🐕💞 - Panek, who is the President and CEO of @guidingeyes , triumphantly ran the half marathon, with special accommodations courtesy of @nyrr , to raise money for other visually-impaired athletes wanting service dogs that can both guide them and run with them.- - WAN applauds Panek, Gus, and canine co-runner members Waffle and Westley, Guiding Eyes, and everyone involved with making these remarkable feats possible for humans and dogs alike!- - Sunday’s race may be over, but Guiding Eyes’ plight to provide world-class running guide dogs for blind runners continues.- - People are encouraged to donate to the #GuidingEyesfortheBlind services that bring guide dogs to people in need, (LINK IN BIO) 💛🐕👆 - - Read More 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
Sad news as two bear #cubs that were recently rescued in Northern #California are now thought to be victims of a poaching. 💔 - The California Department Of Fish And Wildlife posted the update on its Facebook page while requesting information on the two small #cubs that they found, after being alerted by a concerned citizen on March 9th near the area of Long Gulch on Highway 96 in #Yreka , California. - - The 5-week-old male cubs, now named Blaze and Yreka, were then transferred to , where they will remain until they weigh approximately 100 pounds each and can be released home into the wild.- - CDFW is requesting that anyone with information contact Warden Dan Beck via the statewide tip hotline, CalTIP, at 📞(888) 334-2258. Tips can also be sent via text to CALTIP, followed by a space and the message to tip411 (847411). CalTIP (Californians Turn In Poachers and Polluters) is a confidential secret witness program that encourages the public to provide CDFW with factual information leading to the arrest and conviction of poachers and polluters.- - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
The amazing people at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme @socp.official along with their vets and orangutan caretakers are having to care for a very young infant who arrived just the other morning with a badly broken arm. Likely a result of the #PalmOil Industry. 💔- - The female infant, named 'Brenda', is only around 3 to 4 months old and still has no teeth. She was confiscated from a villager in Blang Pidie, on the west coast of aceh by SOCP Operational Manager, Asril Abdullah, and Quarantine and Reintroduction Supervisor, drh Citrakasih Nente, together with staff of BKSDA Aceh. It was obvious as soon as they first met her that her arm was badly broken and unsurprisingly this was confirmed yesterday with an X-Ray, the humerus in her left arm being snapped completely in two.- - They are also having to care for a poor adult female orangutan 'Hope', whose photos are doing the rounds on social media after she was brought to the quarantine centre by @orangutaninformationcentre and @bksdaaceh full of holes and air rifle pellets. 💔- - The team are now battling for both of these poor #orangutans , sadly as like so many others, the victims of conflicts with people and human brutality. #PalmOil - - They both had surgery this weekend, by which time we "hope" they'll both be stabilized after their ordeals. May God Bless them both! 🙏💞🙌 _______________ None of this essential work would be possible without considerable support from many people around the world. Help us continue the SOCP's much needed welfare and conservation work, and help orangutans like 'Hope' and 'Brenda' directly! Please visit : 👉 Thank you! 💛 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
Today, a group of prominent marine mammal biologists from across the globe, including Dr. Naomi Rose of the Animal Welfare Institute (@awionline ), sent a second letter requesting that #Russia release more than 80 remaining #beluga whales and 10 #orcas held in the #whalejail in Russia’s Far East, and to stop capturing orcas and belugas in the Sea of Okhotsk for sale to marine parks in Russia and abroad.💔 - Following months of public outrage and appeals from celebrities, Russian President #VladimirPutin ordered an evaluation of all options, including releasing the animals, yet there has been no significant change in their circumstances to date. 🐋🚫- - #SetThemFree 🙏🐋🙌 - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Bucket decided he would just stay laying down to play then he finally made the effort and got up.🐂🐕❤ - Don't forget Bucket's birthday is the 27th. If you would like to send a card or gift/donation to him it can be mailed to P.O. Box 47 Brodnax VA 23920. So far he has gotten 1 card. They will be waiting to open everything with him on his big day.❤ - Via @littlebucketsfarmsanctuary - - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
One of our favorites!💞🐨 A kind man giving a thirsty #Koala some much needed water during a heat wave. 😍- - 🎥 Michele Whall Facebook ° @estherveganlin @jklamlam - 🌍👉@WorldAnimalNews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Here is Red and Django playing wrestle 🐵💛 #vervetforest #notpets #animalrescue - Via @vervet_forest - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Happy Saturday! Life is simple when you’re a #dog 😂🐕💛 - Via @wildpassengers - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Today on #WorldSleepDay , Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary took a moment to appreciate the peace and tranquility of the orphaned #rhinos sleeping. 🦏 💤 - - Sleep is a very important part of an orphaned rhinos health and well being. Rhinos, much like many wild animals, do not sleep through the night like us humans do. Rhinos take many naps throughout the day and night. It forms part of their natural biorhythm, which includes eating and drinking. - - Please sit back, take a deep breath, relax and appreciate the peacefulness of these rhinos snoozing away 🦏💛@spiritwildlifefund @councilofcontributors @kp24 @babyrhinorescueorg @investec @konicaminoltasa - Via @careforwild - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
A new report reveals that #animalwelfare  is sadly not a priority for some of the world’s largest food and restaurant companies. - The shocking information reveals that #farm  animal welfare isn’t even on the agenda for some of these well-known and trusted companies, in contrast to other leading household brands which are working hard to improve animal welfare in their supply chains. - The seventh Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), backed by @world_animal_protection and @compassionusa , is the leading global measure on farm animal welfare. It ranks 150 global food companies on farm animal welfare standards in tiers 1 to 6, with tier 1 being the best, and tier 6 being the worst. 💔🐄 - To See The List of Companies & Grocery Store Chains & How They Rank, READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
A three-year-old male #leopard is recuperating after it was rescued earlier this week from what @wildlifesos is calling “one of the cruelest human-created threats to #wildlife , the jaw trap.” - Barbaric devices used to catch or immobilize animals, jaw traps are controversial #hunting devices which indiscriminately cause severe injuries and death to any sentient being that crosses its path. As previously reported by #WAN , even children and companion animals such as #dogs have fallen victim to these inhumane contraptions. - The heinous practice of #trapping should be eradicated before any more innocent animals, or people, are hurt or killed. 💔 - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Susie is living proof that you should never give up! She was not prepared to let the person who hit her in a car take away her ability to walk. Just look at her now! 🐕🙏💛 ⁣- - At just a year and a half, Susie has been through so much pain. She deserves someone to love and protect her for the rest of her life. That's all she wants after the odds she's fought against. Could that be you? Please email making sure to mention your country of residence. - - Via @soidogfoundation - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Scientists announced today that only 10 #vaquita porpoises likely remain in the wild and that the animal’s #extinction is virtually assured without bold and immediate action.💔 - - Today’s announcement from the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita also calls on the President of #Mexico , @lopezobrador to end all #gillnet fishing and adopt a “zero tolerance” policy of enforcement in the vaquita’s small remaining habitat. - “With an estimated population of ten, we have arrived at the end of the line for vaquitas, with only two options remaining,” Zak Smith, a senior attorney with the @nrdc_org ’s Marine Mammal Protection Project told WAN. “The Mexican government can choose to save vaquitas by removing deadly gillnets from their habitat or accept responsibility for the species’ extinction.” 💔🐬 #SaveVaquitas - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Thank you to these amazing heroes for rescuing this drowning #dog from a canal 🙏🐕💛 - Via @estherveganlin @alex_and_malak - - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
A newly introduced bill called the #CaptivePrimateSafetyAct  (CPSA), that’s supported by Animal Welfare Institute (@awionline ), addresses the cruel and dangerous problem of pet primate ownership in the #UnitedStates . Sponsored by Reps. @repblumenauer (D-OR) and @repbrianfitz (R-PA), this bill would amend the #LaceyAct to prohibit interstate commerce in nonhuman primates (including #apes , #monkeys , #lemurs , and #lorises ) for the exotic #pettrade .🙏🐵 - “The suffering pet primates endure is alarming,” said Cathy Liss, President of AWI in a statement. “They are often forcibly removed from their mothers soon after birth, spend their lives isolated in small cages and endure unnecessary, painful procedures such as tooth extraction. The Captive Primate Safety Act is urgently needed to prevent these animals from entering the inhumane interstate pet trade.” - Conservative estimates suggest that there are at least 15,000 primates kept as pets in the United States. 💔🦍🐵🚫 #EndThePetTrade - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
A federal court recently struck down #Iowa ’s #AgGaglaw , which criminalized undercover investigations at #factoryfarms , #slaughterhouses , and #puppymills . The law was a transparent effort to suppress free speech about the often horrific conditions that animals endure in industrial animal agriculture.💔🐖 - - As per @animallegaldefensefund , the Iowa Legislature is now considering legislation that would attempt to circumvent the federal court decision. Introduced last week and is racing through Iowa Senate and House committees, #HF649 and Senate #SB1227 would criminalize undercover investigations by journalists and advocates. This is a misguided move that would again violate the Constitution and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
BREAKING! The 22nd horse has just died after suffering an injury at @santaanitapark today! 💔🐎🚫 - - #Horses continue to die while people are making a profit from this billion dollar industry. - According to @OneGreenPlanet , over 10,000 thoroughbreds from the U.S. are sent to slaughter, usually in #Mexico , when they are no longer “of use” to the #horseracing industry. - - You can help by not supporting horse racing or betting on horses! Please Share. 🙏🐎 #HorseRacingIsCruel #ShutDownSantaAnitaPark - - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
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