Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman

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DC FILMVERSE: Origins & Solo Movies Discovering Your Power * @prideofgypsies in @aquamanmovie Arthur Curry holding the Trident of Atlantis now possessing all his powers as the one true heir. * @gal_gadot in @wonderwomanfilm Princess Diana holding the Godkiller Sword only to discover that she is in fact the true Godkiller. * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
BEAUTIFUL Describe @gal_gadot in one word? * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
DC FILMVERSE: Origins & Solo Movies Zeus Connects Us * @zacharylevi in @shazammovie Shazam’s “Z” stands for the power of Zeus * @gal_gadot in @wonderwomanfilm Wonder Woman is the biological daughter of Zeus * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
GREEN LANTERN CORPS My TOP Fan Casting Choices * The GL Duo @james_marsden as Hal Jordan @_trevante_ as John Stewart * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
DC FILMVERSE: Origins & Solo Movies Power of Flight * @zacharylevi in @shazammovie Fighting Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong) Nicely done @ponysmasher * @henrycavill in Man of Steel Fighting General Zod (Michael Shannon) * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
🚨🚨NEW SHAZAM SNEAK PEAK!!!🚨🚨 Directed by @ponysmasher * NEW FULL TRAILER ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 * The 7th film in the DC shared universe will be released worldwide on April 5, 2019 and stars: @asherangel as Billy Batson @zacharylevi as Shazam Mark Strong as Doctor Sivana @jackdgrazer & Adam Brody as Freddy Freeman @theianchen & @rossbutler as Eugene Choi @faitheherman as Darla Dudley @jovanarmandofficial & @cotrona23 as Pedro Pena @smoregrace & @mborth78 as Mary Bromfield @djimon_hounsou as The Wizard @smugorange as Victor Vasquez @martamilans as Rosa Vasquez * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
DC FILMVERSE: Origins & Solo Movies Worlds Within Worlds * @prideofgypsies in @aquamanmovie Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis * @gal_gadot in @wonderwomanfilm Diana, Princess of the Amazons * @zacharylevi /@asherangel in @shazammovie Billy Batson, Mantle Holder of Shazam * @henrycavill in Man of Steel Kal-El, Last Son of Krypton * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
GALPOWER Just look at that glow-up! * When Gal is on screen she is 100% committed to whatever role she has been casted in. She presents such a range of skills that I do not look at her and think she is being 'type-casted' nor would I ever describe her performances as formulaic or 'cookie-cutter'. * She is an exceptionally dedicated actress who delves deep into her character portrayals thus bringing out the best in her performances. There is such conviction in her eyes as well as compassion in her lines, making that role uniquely hers and charismatically believable. * @gal_gadot [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
DIANA OF THEMYSCIRA Princess of the Amazons * Princess: @reallyndacarter Amazon: @susaneisenberg1 Warrior: @rosariodawson Goddess: @gal_gadot * Wonder Woman is an immortal demi-goddess. She is the biological daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Zeus, King of the Greek Gods. Born on the shores of Themyscira, Princess Diana is a Amazon/Olympian hybrid. * Princess Diana was raised to believe that she was molded from mystical clay by her mother and then brought to life by the blessings of the Greek Gods but that was a lie told to her to protect her from the truth (revealed in comics in 2011, revealed in film in 2017). * In either scenario, Princess Diana's abilities sets her apart from her Amazon sisters. * [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
DEAR @AVA... Please Make This Happen! * Looking back at Comic-Con 2015 when these ladies appeared together for the "Women Who Kick-Ass" panel, all I ever envisioned was this! I can see the arena fight scene from "Batman/Superman: Apocalypse" come to life. * Toby Emmerich’s recent comment does not mean DC characters could not cameo or co-star in DC other films. For now, each film is its own contained story (while still part of the shared universe) but there will not be an over-arching connected story happening simultaneously within each film. * With all the talk about one of DC’s coming films, I want to see @gal_gadot 's WONDER WOMAN join @gwendolineuniverse as BIG BARDA (former leader of Darkseid's Female Furies now turned heroic champion) with Kathy Bates as GRANNY GOODNESS (cruel and evil commander of Darkseid’s forces) in NEW GODS. * Credit to the original photographer [Follow @wondervaughn for DC themed content] ***
ANIMATED ADVENTURES Part 5 of 6 @susaneisenberg1 in JL Doom *
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