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Your best workout buddy. 💪👟💋 #WHStrong Link in bio👇

A chilly #TacoTuesday calls for taco SOUP! This one is vegan, gluten-free, and totally delicious 😋🌮 Link in bio for the recipe. 📷: @ambitiouskitchen
The best way to spread Christmas cheer... is challenging your friends to an #Elf workout this year 🎅🎶 Tag your best Buddy below! 🎨: @fujii_apple
Spice Girls singer Mel B is currently on the mend after suffering two broken ribs and a severed hand. Link in bio for more on what happened—plus, see how her besties cheered her up in the hospital (because friendship never ends 💕🎶). 📷: @officialmelb
It's officially that time of year where *alllll* we want to wear is stretchy pants 🤗🤗 Yogi extraordinaire @kathrynbudig is taking over our IG Stories today to show how she rocks her sparkly set for more than just yoga (though she WILL show you an upper-body-strengthening flow, too!). Check it out and prepare to ditch your uncomfy pants forever ✨ 📷: @andrewcebulka
We’re legit asking Santa for everything on this list. Anyone else? Screenshot and share your must-haves on your Insta Stories!
We really, really wanted #EmmaBunton to taste test '90s snacks, and as it turns out, Baby Spice has some ~feelings~. Link in bio to watch her try everything from Lunchables to Capri Sun—plus, she finally settles the age-old Pop Tart vs. toaster strudel debate! #FoodFight
BIG mood. 📷: @bakedtomeasure
When literally everything is feeling festive this time of year 🎄😜 We've got 15 intense #battleropes moves at the link in bio—holiday lights optional! 📷: @ramonarosales
#JenniferAniston is turning 50 (yes, really!) in two months, and says she feels "fantastic!" Part of the reason? She's *literally* kicking butt in the gym, boxing like a badass with her trainer @leyon. Click the link in bio for more on Jen's workout routine! 📷: @gettyimages
With the Apple Watch’s latest update to watchOS 5.1.2, users will have access to an irregular-heartbeat alert and an app that can take on-demand ECG (electrocardiogram) readings. WH health director @tracylmiddleton got a sneak peek at the functions ahead of their public rollout today and says they’re “seriously game-changing” if you’re concerned about your heart health. Click the link in bio for everything you need to know!
"Did you know this week is cancer screen week? I know now. Now, AFTER I suffered— AFTER living and dealing with cervical cancer. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I stand here today, a strong healthy woman, because I was lucky enough that my cancer was caught early. But you know what? My cancer could have been avoided if I kept up with my regular paps. 👨🏽‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬 I hear so many women tell me they haven’t gone in so many years: 'I don’t want to'; 'I don’t need to, I’m married'; 'I’ve been with the same guy for so long.' My advice to women: YOU STILL NEED TO GET CHECKED! Do it! Be strong! Be in charge! Get checked! Keep up with your health! There’s no need to live with the thought that you could have prevented something so terrible. 📚 Learn more at CancerScreenWeek.org to see what screenings may be right for you #CancerScreenWeek ” —@jane_d_martinez . Heads up: All women should get regular wellness checks and Pap tests—and don't be afraid to talk to your ob-gyn about cervical cancer. Link in bio for the need-to-know info and symptoms.
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