🇷🇴I stan Sebastian Stan🇷🇴❤️

I met Sebastian on 28 april/2018 a Romanian person in love with this Romanian dork

I’ll stop watermarking since is a big problem for some people😊 @imsebastianstan
I can’t wait for some new content of Sebastian. Like yess I’m starving🤤 @imsebastianstan
Not sure if someone is going to see this but I’m kinda back! hello! I’m sorry for my inactivity, I’ve been in a vacation with my family and lately, my mental health hasn't been so good. With that said, I needed all the time for myself and now since I've been a little bit better I'm going to try to post again. @imsebastianstan
He is so cute. @imsebastianstan
I’m not going to post tomorrow cause I am volunteering for a concert!I will post twice today and i will make up in the following days for the inactivity. @imsebastianstan
Sorry for my inactivity guys:( I don't have motivation to do anything. @imsebastianstan
I love this picture so much, he looks so happy. Also, I’ll start watermarking my pics from now on:) @imsebastianstan #sebastianstan
My summer break has been so boring tbh, all I do is watching movies and sleep all day. @imsebastianstan
I’m actually not lazy anymore so here are some filtered pictures! @imsebastianstan
Sebastian with fans yesterday at the @acecomiccon in Seattle! Congrats to everyone who met him/Anthony/Tom H/Tom T. I hope everyone had a good time! @imsebastianstan
I wish he could have a chill event where everyone knows their boundaries and actually be respectful to the celebrities. Credit for the picture: to the owner. Unfiltered pictures! @imsebastianstan
Sebastian Stan at the @acecomiccon yesterday. If you see yourself or your friend in the pictures tell me so I can tag/give credit. Credits to the owner. Also I’m really pissed off because of what happened at the comic con. The one who should “educate” is actually the girl that said that to Sebastian, because even if he is an actor, he has feelings and is a human being that deserve to be treated with respect. @imsebastianstan
Okay so I’ve seen Jurassic World 2 and it was so good. I love it. Also, I love how Chris Pratt played. He is such a good actor. I recommend the movie but it’s better if you watch the first one before you go see the second. @imsebastianstan
He looks so good in leather wow. @imsebastianstan
I’m sorry for today. I couldnt post anything because I had to take care of my cousin and probablh for the next few days I’ll post just once a day because I’m on a vacantion with my family. @imsebastianstan
I’ll probably post some of Sebastian's public appearances in the next few days. @imsebastianstan
His smile lights up my whole world. @imsebastianstan
Sebastian being photographed back in 2014. Good morning! I hope everyone has a good day! @imsebastianstan
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