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Meet the 🐣Birdmin🦉 (and a #redbreastednuthatch ) for #meetthemodsmonday : Hi, I’m Brittany, or Bri, or your friendly, neighborhood Birdmin! I’ve been a part of the modmin community since the start of WGM4EF due to my passion for wildlife, quality memes, and my ability to call people out on their BS. I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. I’m a NABC certified passerine and non-passerine bird bander, a pretty good nest-searcher, and overall lover of birds. Right now I’m working for Archbold Biological Station as a research assistant for their Florida Grasshopper Sparrow project (the most critically endangered bird in the state and the US)! Hopefully I’ll be in graduate school by Fall 2019 where I hope to do research regarding Neotropical migrants and climate change. Hobbies include: birding, hiking, working out, video games, binge watching shows, fishing, and arguing on the internet (usually about bird ID) . Likes: cuddling with my dog, Ollie 👍 Dislikes: the “birds are government surveillance drones” meme because it’s old and crusty just like the people who still think it’s funny 🤠
♻️It’s Save the World Sunday!♻️ Today we’re sharing an easy way to reduce plastic use at the grocery store: bring your own bags! You’ve probably heard about bringing reusable tote bags (and maybe are doing so already—keep it up!), but did you know you can also buy reusable produce bags? If you’re tryna smash some fresh guac and don’t want to be juggling avocados and limes, check out some reusable produce bags like this set from Flip and Tumble. There are lots of sizes and styles available online from tons of different companies! These could also be great gifts to help others begin to lead a more sustainable life. Happy shopping and don’t forget to BYOB! ••• PC Flip and Tumble
🦜🕷🐍 We are pleased to highlight our first Mem(e)ber of the Month! Kris Junck became infamous in our facebook group for his endless onslaught of shoebill gifs during the Year / Month of the Toucan. What’s one of your favorite things about the group? “My favorite thing in this group is the people seem to be quite passionate about biology and the ecology of the planet as well as a bunch of amazing memes.” . Why shoebills? “The shoebill thing is just my way of protesting the toucan meme wars that went on in January and to hopefully spread a little awareness to the species.” . What wild things do you do outside the internet? “I tend to bike around the forest trails in town, sometimes I pick up litter, garden a bit, reduce my carbon footprint via trying not to buy plastics and cutting out meat and dairy. Basically just a hippie that loves nature.” . What is your favorite green species, and why? “I just enjoy nature in general. My favorite animal, I guess I could say snakes. No particular species.” (Bonus spoodr photographed by Kris).
Check out our favorite member-created #valentinesmemes ! We asked to see the best original ecological valentines, and we weren’t disappointed! Thanks to all our memebers who submitted and made yesterday the most ~biodiverse~ #valentinesday yet! 🌎❤️♻️ 💕 Axolotl meme: Kai Proverbs 💕 Opossum meme: Ben White💕
This #wildlifeherowednesday we’re highlighting Dr. Ruth Gates, someone whose work studying and conserving corals might wind up changing the world in a dramatic way. ☀️ Her research concerned the range of threats facing coral reefs, and led to the banning of reef-damaging sunscreens in Hawaii. ☑️ The most revolutionary thing Dr. Gates worked on was “assisted evolution” in corals. Captive corals are selectively bred by subjecting them to the hot, acidic conditions that will likely be present across the ocean in the coming decades, fast forwarding the process of adapting to these changes and potentially creating well-prepared backup populations. Sadly, Dr. Gates died last year, leaving us all with more hope for the future of our oceans. 🌊🌎🐡
Happy #DarwinDay , wild green memers! We’re celebrating the 210th birthday of #CharlesDarwin with some ~naturally selected~ memes! Wish him a 🎉Happy Birthday🎂 in the comments, and check our story throughout the day for more highly evolved content! Shoutout to moderator @beingevolved for the OC!
It's #MeettheMods Monday! My name is Austin Hadden and I'm one of the mods! Rhett Barker (a.k.a. the founder of this group) has been one of my best friends for the past 9 years. We became good friends through high school athletics. He then started bringing me on some of his filming trips for his wildlife YouTube Vlog. He helped instill my love for nature. Although my main background is in Recreation (summer camps!), I've started to become interested in environmental education! As I have taught environmental Ed to kids on the east coast of North Carolina for a semester (and definitely see myself getting back into that particular field!) I graduated from Florida State University in 2018 with a bachelor's in Recreation, Tourism and Events. I currently work full time at a summer camp in Hendersonville NC where I focus on weekend retreats, staff hiring, and staff recruitment. (Lol so like nothing ecology related whoops) Hobbies: long walks through Pisgah National Forest, late nights at the Waffle House, alligator wrestling 🐊 (because I'm from Florida), looking 👀 at maps🗺️, and genuine conversations💬 👍Likes: Napoleon Dynamite, Vermin Supreme, my mom, that one react meme 👎Dislikes: Ketchup on fries🍟
🌺🐝 Today we’re kicking off a new feature called Save the World Sunday! Every week, we’ll bring you simple, easy tips about how you can lead a greener life. What’s all the buzz about today? Pollinator hotels! Swipe to see an example from the University of Florida and search “UF pollinator hotels” for more info! These structures can be as simple or as complicated as you like (run a Google image search for some BEAUTIFUL examples), and can be placed in your backyard, work courtyard, or even your apartment balcony! Habitat loss is a problem for creatures big AND small, and the hotels provide a safe bungalow for native pollinators. Grab some supplies and tap into your inner carpenter bee! ••••••••• If you build a pollinator hotel, send us a pic! We’d love to see it! ••••••••• Got any suggestions for Save the World Sunday topics? Let us know in the comments or send us a DM!
#Tagyourself in this 💧 freshwater 💧 #invertebrate alignment chart! Credit to @aceofdisgrace for this rad #bugbois content. 🦂🐜🦗🐞🐝
It’s #FossilFriday , our day to explore the wonders of ancient ecosystems. 🦕💇🏻‍♀️ Creator: @starkey_comics
Here’s one of our very first Wild Green Memes for #ThrowbackThursday ! What’s your favorite VeNoMoUs creature? 🐍🦂🕷 Creator: @izzyga16
It's #WildlifeHeroWednesday ! 💪 🐸🐻🐺🐝🐦🐍🐢🐌🐞🐜🐠🐛🐊🐆🐋🐘 💪 For our first Wednesday, we're highlighting Steve Irwin, a man who devoted his life to spreading the "wildlife gospel" and promoting conservation efforts around the world. Steve and his family have inspired millions of people to look at the world they live in differently, and cherish every facet of it. For those of us who grew up during peak Crocodile Hunter times, Steve was more than just a cool guy on TV, he was a role model who fed kindlings to our outdoor passions. 🔥 To see what the Irwin family is up to now, check out some of the tags in the photo! ☝️ 👆 . And remember, there's a "little bit of (Irwin) in everybody." . 🏜️🏝️🌸🌱🌲🌵🌿🌴🌳🌺🏞️🗻
🦠 We hope you’re lichen’ our posts so far! 🍄 Creator: @beingevolved
🍃🐸🍂 We are in love with this chonky chungus (dusky salamander) photographed by @noah__fields ! #wgm4ef
📣It’s #MeettheMods Monday! 📣 Meet the Modfather: I'm Rhett, I started Wild Green Memes to share pictures of snakes with arms with my friends, then all these people showed up! I went to undergrad for wildlife ecology, and now I'm back in school for a master's in natural history film. Hobbies include: skiing, kayaking, and migrating north for the winter and south for the summer (avoid birds AT ALL COSTS) 🌎 Likes: pineapple on pizza 👍 HATES: being called Brett 👎 Surprisingly indifferent to: toucans
That’s why her beak is so big, it’s full of secrets #memegirls Creator: @beingevolved
One of our most-shared images of all time, a meme that needs no introduction 🏆 Creator: unknown
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