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I can’t tell you how many times in my life that I have not done something or stop myself in my tracks because I was worried about what other people were going to think about me. . . It’s a big problem and it’s not something that’s easy to overcome. The only way to not be talked about is don’t say nothing don’t do nothing don’t be nothing. . . Go do what you need to do to provide for your family who cares about everyone else’s opinion most of the time they don’t pay your bills. . . ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ . TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THIS!! . 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑
For as long as I can remember when anything would go bad I would always just tell myself “This is just part of my journey. This is just part of my story.” I don’t know why so many people think that just because they’re not Bill Gates or celebrity that nobody wants to hear their story. Your story can impact somebody to change their life or to save someone else’s life. . . Inspiration comes in many different sizes and different forms. I’m inspired every day by the most random people that I meet. But in order to be an inspiration to somebody, you can’t quit along the journey. You have to stick to your guns, keep moving forward and when the going gets tough, keep going. . . A lot of the times while you’re going through your journey there are a lot more people watching you than you may think. A lot of people sit in the shadows and watch to see every move you make. If you quit you won’t inspire anybody but if you keep going and succeed you’ll inspire them to do something great as well. You have a huge impact and an obligation to keep moving forward. . Let’s inspire the masses!
Good morning What Iz Health family! It’s Monday morning and I know there’s so many of you out there who are drinking a cup of coffee just to wake up. You’re probably thinking about how far away it is till Friday and wishing that you could’ve slept another hour or two this morning. . . Let’s talk about perspective a little bit. So you’re dreading where you’re at in life. You don’t like where you work. My question is what’s keeping you there? If you say it’s the money or you need the job then you surely don’t understand where I’m going with this. . . The great thing in America is you get to choose where you work and who you work for. If you’re not where you want to be then start making moves so that way you can get you to where you need to get to. What did you do this weekend? What did you do last week to further your future? If you say nothing then I would say you shouldn’t complain about where you’re at if you’re not willing to put in the work to get somewhere else. . . This morning don’t be down and discouraged and think that the weekend is the answer. Think about what you want to do for the rest of your life and slowly start working towards it each and every day. When Monday comes for me I don’t dread it anymore. I’m excited for the week to start so that way I can get more accomplished. Remember it’s all about perspective!
This picture represents a lot to me. It represents being alone while you’re on your journey. Maybe not physically but definitely mentally. I remember during my journey I had a lot of people give me encouraging words, but at the end of the day, it was just me, myself, and I. I knew if I cheated or not. . . I knew if I didn’t work out or not. And it would just me at the end the day sitting in my bed thinking about how much weight I’ve lost and how much more I have to go. A lot of times when you’re on your road to accomplish anything you’re gonna have to look inside and pull the inner strength out and fight for what you want. . . During these times of loneliness, you’ll look back and realize that is when you grew the most. Don’t be afraid of being alone. Brace the loneliness keep, your head down and remember what you’re fighting for.
When people say ”stay focused and go after what you want” they are not saying if you stay focused everything is going to be easy. Just because you stay focused doesn’t mean you will not encounter any challenges or you won’t have any negative thinking. It’s not all going to be smooth sailing. . . What they are saying is if you stay focused on your goal, and stick to it through all the good and bad, you will eventually get to where you want to be. . . If you keep your head down and stay focused on what you want, you will look up in 3 to 5 years from now and say “Wow I’m so glad that I did it!” Stay focused stay hungry!
I count my blessings every day! I’m very grateful to have a good support system around me to push me up when times get hard. . . When people don’t like to see you in pain and don’t want to see you get hurt they try to help and guide you the best way that I can. Sometimes that means they might tell you to do something, else even if it’s not what you’re passionate about, because it’s safer. . . Don’t get discouraged, just remember to find a true rooted reason of why you’re doing what you’re doing because other people will not always be able to see what you see. The way I think about it is if they had my vision and they could see what I see they would not questioning you. Stay strong, find that reason and you’ll be on your way!
Imagine all the things you could do if your mind wasn’t holding you back. Everyone has a different relationship with their mind. Most often though it’s a battlefield with worries thinking about the risk of something and pulling the E brake and not going for something because of all the stuff they failed at before. . . If someone could grab my brain a couple years ago and show on the big screen exactly what was going through my head each and every single moment it would definitely be a whirlwind. So many times in the past I would want to do something, then my past failures or mistakes would creep in my mind. I would then think do I really want to go through that pain again of failure. What a great way to start anything right? . . I’m here to tell you being a prisoner in your own mind is nothing to laugh about. It can hold you back from so many things just as I’m assuming most of you have been held back before. You don’t have to be a prisoner to your own mind though. Finding strength pushing through and staying determined. . . I’m not saying that those feelings will go away but what I am saying is once you do you push past that pain and discomfort and you succeed slowly but surely your confidence will build and your mind will not have as much of a hold on you anymore.
People give advice all the time. As humans, we have to determine whether it’s good advice or bad advice. Then we have to determine should we actually take the advice from the person who is giving it? I received a piece of advice about a year ago that was so simple but yet so profound. . . My wife’s grandpa is a very well-known artist. He told me when he used to teach classes in New York City the first rule that he would tell all those students was to break every rule. A great artist is someone that he can draw outside the lines create a new image and show self-expression from something popping off the page. . . Playing it safe staying in the lines and doing everything that everyone else tells you is not going to get you where you want to get to. Start asking yourself who said that you have to do this? Who said you had to do it that way? Most of the time when you start to think about it you’ll realize nobody ever told you, you just thought that was the way that I had to be done. . . Start living your life start doing it your way start and start breaking the rules.
When it comes to social media I think we’re very blessed. We have access to so many more advancements today than we ever had before. I can find people that I haven’t seen in over 15 years with the press of a button. I can start a business overnight and because of social media, I don’t have to do the standard ways of advertising anymore. . . Although social media can be good or bad sometimes and it's tricky. It’s tricky because you have so many people that want to be liked so they will create a fake façade of there life. They will tell you that there an influencer there a business owner an entrepreneur and a millionaire. . . When I started my social media pages my first thought was I’m going to motivate inspire and be transparent with everyone. I have struggles just like you do. I think the reason why so many people feel the need to lie on social media is that fancy car fancy homes and a lot of money sells. . . Now I understand it’s fake and they’re trying to sell people and give everyone what they want. That used to be the same way that I acted in public or around my loved ones. I thought I knew exactly what they wanted to hear so I would tell it to them. I didn’t want to disappoint them so it was easier just to tell a little white lie. . . I came to the realization that when you stand for something you speak the truth whether people agree with you were not they will respect you. I would rather be respected and tell the truth then lie show something fake and stand for nothing.
Losing weight, in general, is a daunting task. There are so many struggles when you start. You have doubt that creeps in immediately and you think can I really even do this? . . I had all this and more when I first started my journey, to be honest, I wanted to lose the weight but I wasn’t sure if I can actually do it. I just took it day by day. Although when you’re heavier like 350 pounds that is something I don’t know too much about. . . A few weeks ago now a gentleman by the name of Justin reached out to me on Instagram after seeing one of my videos. He said it touched him and it inspired him. We went back-and-forth I told him my story and he told me about his journey of losing over 150 pounds. I was blown away by his courage determination and willpower to lose the weight and become a healthier person. . . It just so happen that he and his wife were coming to Las Vegas in just a few short weeks for her birthday. I was able to meet up with Justin and we did an interview together talking about his struggles and also what we had in common. This was a straight run through no real edits just two friends talking. . . I hope you enjoy!
When I think back to when I was a kid, my mom would tell me I couldn’t have something and I asked 1 million times until either she would put me in time out or would give in. . As we get older we forget about this attribute of persistent determination. We get a couple “no’s” and we start to get down. We get a couple more we think we can’t do it. A couple more “no’s” we finally just give up. It’s sad that kids have more determination then adults, adults have lived so much more life. . . I understand some may say “well kids haven’t been hit by life yet”. Yeah, that’s true but maybe that’s a good thing. We can learn so many things from our younger selves. .
Do you know what the amazing thing about life is? You get a chance to choose what kind of person you’re going to be every day. If you want something to change it’s simple, you must change first. . The first kind of person is the majority of society there are the ones on Thanksgiving day watching football eating with their family yelling at the TV screen saying it’s ridiculous how much those players make. Not understanding that while they’re watching the TV those players are working. . The next person is the one who sees’s it from a different angle. They say “I just can’t fit in with everyone else.” They want something more out of life but they’re not gonna give 100% they may give it about 60% at most. . The last person gives 100%. It’s either win or fail, nothing in between. They show up earlier than everyone else and leave after everyone’s gone. They put in the most work because they know at the end of the day hard work will beat talent any day. . You may not agree with me, and that’s perfectly OK, because you’re entitled to your opinion. What player are you?
”Everyone wants to be a beasts till its time to do what beasts do.” . . For me sitting in front of the camera is not really work the behind the scenes is. Preparation and all the planning is where the real work is. Trying to come up with ideas and have a marketing plan for your social media and building your brand. . . Before the final video, you don't see the stumbles or the retakes. Most will never see the full 18HR day you just had to get work done. The puffy eyes and still have to be on point or the video will not come out right. . . It excites me though that most people will never see this. I understand it’s what I have to do in order to advance What IZ Health. I’m more than willing to do it and you’ll never hear me complain about it. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me and I’m not gonna stop until I get it. Are you a beast? What do you do that makes you a beast? Comment down below!
Since I’ve started my journey I’ve always wanted that experience of truly reaching somebody and impacting them in a positive way. . . When you start building social media it can be an amazing thing. It’s exciting when your stories start getting a lot of views. You can spread your message and your thoughts on a daily basis and actually reach people that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach. . . The only bad thing, in my opinion, is sometimes people just click the like button but don’t read what you actually put. They’ll be a fan in the stand and cheer but they will never get off the bench and either play the game with you or take the coaching you’re giving and run with it. . . Now there’s nothing wrong with cheering me on I love that and I’m so grateful that I have so many people who do. But when you find individuals who ask for help, and who take your advice and run with it, to me there isn’t a greater feeling in the world. . . This is @fitisthenewhappy_ he and his wife are from Houston Texas. He reached out to me through Instagram after seeing one of my posts. He used to be 340 pounds has lost over 150 and wanted to meet when he came to Vegas. The rest of the story you’re gonna have to wait-and-see.
The name What IZ Health probably seems super simple to most people. Although when it came to picking a name for my business it took me forever because I knew that I’d be stuck with it and I don’t want to have to go back. I wanted the name to have a lot of meaning to me and represent my journey. . . I started asking tons of people what do you think a good name would be. After about 100 times of asking I realized really quickly that what I was asking should be my name. What Iz Health to you is what I was asking? Boom 💥 I had it every time somebody mentions the name of my company they’re going to be asking themselves what IZ Health which is exactly what I want people to start asking. . . I’m so excited for where this journey has taken me and where we’re about to go. I have so many new friends and some great partners that are helping this dream become a reality day by day.
On a daily basis we are bombarded with ads, slogans, and tons of different marketing materials to get us to buy their products or services. In any industry that you look at millions and millions of dollars are spent for you to know one product is more “superior” than the other. . . This happens in the rap industry or music industry as well as the health and wellness industry. For many people they live their life by listening to music. And a lot of people are into the health and wellness industry because of course we all want to live a long healthy life. . . With that being said, the health and wellness industry is $1 trillion industry and millions of dollars are spent every year for you to buy their products on a false hope that you can look just like the person in a magazine. . . For the wrapping industry, most rappers will talk about how they made it from the hood now they own all these businesses which is not true for all of them. Every single one of those rappers that I listed in my video all went to college they all had an good education. They are all smart individuals that are great at marketing so that way you’ll buy their music so they can make money. . . Now there’s nothing wrong with that but there’s everything wrong with promoting false claims. That’s exactly what the health and wellness industry does every single day and they get away with it. Open your eyes open your minds and see the truth because it’s right in front of us and I’m on a mission to expose it.
When people here “You need to be your biggest fan” they probably imagine some type of Instagram quote or YouTube video they’ve watched before. Something that people say just to motivate someone. When I say be your biggest fan it’s not just a quote, it’s the way I live my life 😄 . . I’ve always been the underdog, I’ve always been underestimated, and I’ve always had to prove something. I’ve had some amazing wins 💪🏼 and I’ve also had a lot of failures 😫. There is always gonna be people talking about you and making fun of you in your dreams. . . We let those people get to us. What we don’t realize is that they’re just angry with themselves and where they’re at in life. If you succeed you make them look bad so they project all their negative energy onto you. . . No matter how many people you have supporting you in your life if YOU don’t believe it, it’s never gonna happen. When you lay your head down at night 😴 the only person that you’re left with is you. Your own thoughts, your own imagination, and you better be your biggest fan. . . Are you your biggest fan? 👏🏻👏🏻
One of the most common questions I get from people is, “What should I eat for breakfast?” . . In this video, I’m going to share with you how to avoid the easy pitfalls and mistakes most people make when eating breakfast. Because your body hasn’t been fueled in a half day from sleeping 😴, your body needs nutrients to start your day. . . Most people start their day with fast food, a pastry🍩, a bowl of sugary cereal🥣, or with nothing at all. There are plenty of healthy options like a bowl of rolled oats with fruit 🍌. You could do a superfood smoothie which includes: Almond milk🥛, a good source of protein such as protein powder, chia seed or flax seed, and berries🍓. Spinach, kale, or green superfood powder are optional. . . Remember most of all keep it simple and have fun. 😎
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