what the hell and fuck

“make the obstacles in life your bitch” -my mom

maeby by the fire
not to be Moody ™️ but i miss my friends and try to hang out w them but they never make the effort and it makes me sad as shit
wowie 2 posts in one day
a gem
WHERE is the cold and WHERE is the snow
eyes red, lighter in hand, pretty nails. summer ‘17 was my prime
I watched a freakshow and this girl was so hot I was gonna have a heart attack
someone came into my room and moved my oceans 8 rihanna cut out :(
lmao wow i’m just SAAAAD amazing
you requested and i delivered
pick one y’all
me trying to stay in the closet in high school
woke up at 3:30 pm today but whateva
guess i got lucky buying vodka on national vodka day
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