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🇺🇸 A light dusting of snow this morning topped this Veterans Day! May we always remember those who have served and continue to serve this country! “America without her soldiers; would be like God without his angels.” -Claudia Pemberton
Wondering the process to build your dream house on your perfect lot of land?? We have had many questions on this subject! We would love to talk you through this as well! Call us @ 435-660-0342
We have put together 3 TIPS to help you if your on a well! 👏🏼 1-2-3!
We are now a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business! We sure do appreciate all of our customers!
How do you like your beverage? 🔥 or ❄️?? These will keep your drinks perfect! Personal Message us for ordering and more information! Big thanks to @wizardcrafted Wizard Crafted ; they sure make an amazing product!
Today is PROTECT YOUR GROUNDWATER DAY! 💦 Please don’t take your water for granted! Be better than the average US person and use LESS than 80 - 100 gallons of water a day!
We can help with this! 💦 Give us a call today @ 435-660-0342
Find something you love to do, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. -Harvey Mackay We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day!
We made it home with the new girl, and couldn’t be happier with it! @tdhmfg TDH Manufacturing makes one heck of a rig! We are excited to put it to work! Thanks @scottmoser56 and his team @kade_merritt4 for doing an exceptional job building it and working with you was excellent!
We like to leave things cleaner and more efficient than when we found it...
💦 Need your water tested? We can help with that! Give us a call @ (435)660-0342
Even Lake Powell isn’t too far for us! Yes, that is our pipe racks on the roof of this pump house! We pulled the pump through the window access.
We need to Remember Our Pioneers as they hauled water from hand dug wells to their houses bucket by bucket. We need to be grateful for our easy accessible water and conserve the flow on our lawns. Save H20.
He’s a little goofy at times (most the time) but he and I sure do get a lot done and it’s because of him. @wcschmutz Craig Schmutz, West Winds appreciates all you do! We proudly consider you as partner not an employee.
🎉🎟😁The winners for the 6 tickets of the Thursday & Friday night performances of the Ute Stampede & some West Winds Swag are!.... Bob Dudley & Wade Eliason! We appreciate your business! 🎉👏🏼
Most of us have learned our National Anthem as children; but do we truly know what the words mean and the story behind our great song, the flag, the many lives lost and continue to loose? If you see the flag today and hear Our National Anthem, we urge your to really listen...🇺🇸
Where is your remote well location? We travel all of Utah for your water wells!
In the market to buy a new house? 🏡 Don’t let the house having a well scare you! Let us give you a thorough well inspection! You never know what you’ll find! #gotwater 💦 #water #waterwell #wateringhole #waterwelljournal #waterwelldrilling #groundwater #aquifer #wellinspection #itsok #newhome #newhomeowners #realestate #utah #utahhomes #utahhomeforsale #forsale #mountains #scenery #outyourwindow #keepitclean #getwhatyouget #rodents #wellcap #west #westwinds #westwindswaterwell 🌬
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