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"The salads on the menu today are particularly good. I must give my compliments to the chef." 👌 This adorable animal is a quokka. You'll find a bunch of these little critters on @rottnestislandwa , which is located a short ferry ride off the coast of @destinationperth. Quokkas are native to the island where you'll find them hopping around, munching on leaves, stems, bark and grass. Although quokkas are one of the island's main attractions, it's generally just a lovely place to visit. We're talking beautiful beaches and bays, incredible snorkelling, peaceful walk and cycle trails plus stunning ocean sunsets. Video: @artisenough #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #seeperth #rottnestisland
If you're in need of a country escape, we've got just the spot for you! This is Dwellingup in @australias_southwest and it's located just a short 1.5 hour drive south of @DestinationPerth. Looks peaceful, doesn't it? You can take it slow here, just like @el.picko , with a gentle paddle along the Murray River. Or you can fill your days with adventure, from mountain biking and hiking to four-wheel-driving. Filled with birdlife year round and wildflowers in spring, the nearby Lane Pool Reserve is also a great place for a picnic. Camping is especially popular in this neck of the woods too, where you can spend starlit nights surrounded by towering jarrah forests. #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiassw
There's only one word to describe this sunset at Esperance - EPIC! 😱This part of @westernaustralia doesn't fall short in the beauty department. From lakes the colour of strawberry milkshakes to the brilliant turquoise waters of the ocean and sparkling sands of @australia 's whitest beach, Mother Nature sure has worked her magic here. The seaside town in @australiasgoldenoutback is a popular spot in the summer months, but one of our favourite times to visit is during spring when the surrounding national park burst to life with colourful wildflowers. You can get to Esperance on a one-and-a-half-hour flight or an eight-hour drive south-east from Perth. Photo credit: @jaimenhudson #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
Did you know that the historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is the largest of its kind on mainland @australia ? Located at the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean in @australias_southwest , it's 39 metres straight up to one of the best views in the @MargaretRiver region. Tours run every half hour between 9am and 4:30pm so get those legs warmed up because there’s a whole lot of stairs to reach the top. And, as if the spectacular view isn’t enough, at this time of year be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whales as they make their annual migration up the coast of @westernaustralia. 🐋 Totally worth the climb, right!? Photos: @timcampbellphoto #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiassw #margaretriver
Top of our list when we visit Kalbarri National Park? Taking a peek through Nature's Window! To get there, take the eight-kilometre Loop Walk Trail which also provides incredible, dramatic scenery along the way. Short on time? You can also reach this natural rock arch via an easy 400-metre walk from the carpark. 👍 The park itself is located around a six-and-a-half-hour drive from Perth and just a short drive from the town centre of Kalbarri. Oh, and don't forget your camera. The beautiful arch perfectly frames a stunning view of the Murchison River and also makes the perfect setting for a family snap! Photo credit: @theblondenomads #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #amazingcoralcoast
Looks like Peaceful Bay is really living up to its name. 👌 This white-sand beach in @australias_southwest is sheltered from the Southern Ocean swell, making its clear blue waters ideal for swimming, snorkelling, diving and fishing. In the coming months, the dunes and coastal bushlands will become carpeted in the colourful blooms of wildflowers too. Hello, spring road trip! Our tip? Head for Conspicuous Cliffs to spot whales as they pass by on their annual migration between July and October. You'll find this chilled-out seaside holiday spot just 40-minutes' drive from Denmark, or a five-hour drive from Perth. Video: @high__tide__ #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #SeeAustralia #AustraliasSouthWest
"Give me copper coloured sunsets over skyscrapers any day. " - @renee_roving This is the Carr Boyd Ranges, located south of Kununurra in the @thekimberleyaustralia. You can easily take in the views of this beautiful part of @australiasnorthwest on the drive to Lake Argyle. Or, if you want to explore deeper into the ranges, you'll find an abundance of walking trails to tackle. What's more there are plenty of cool gorges, waterfalls and beautiful, fern-lined pools for a refreshing dip. Direct flights from Perth to Kununurra not only puts you in easy reach of the ranges but lands you right on the doorstep of some of the Kimberley region's most iconic attractions. #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
Shhh... don't wake us. 😴 We're dreaming of summer days at @rottnestislandwa. The island paradise, located a short ferry ride off the coast of @DestinationPerth , is pretty incredible all year round but it's especially popular in the warmer months. The easiest way to explore the virtually car-free island is by bike. You'll find 63 beaches and 20 beautiful bays to stop in for a swim or snorkel as well as plenty of natural beauty and fascinating landmarks to explore further inland. And of course, no trip to Rotto is complete without snapping a pic of the island's most famous inhabitants - the quokkas! Photo credit: @saltytravellers #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #seeperth
There's definitley #NoFilter required when you're capturing the colours of Shark Bay on @australiascoralcoast ! Here at this @unescoworldheritage area you can meet the Monkey Mia dolphins, the world's largest population of dugongs, walk among the largest and oldest living fossils on the planet AND discover the 30,000 year history and culture of its Indigenous people. And all of that is just for starters! It's an eight-hour drive or a two-hour flight from Perth to get to the town of Denham, located in the area, and from there you can join the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive, taking in all the main attractions. Photo credit: @katebennett70 #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #amazingcoralcoast
"Such an amazing experience getting up close with these beautiful creatures." - @cmh.photography.au Following an epic migration from the food-rich Southern Ocean, humpback whales can now be spotted off the Kimberley coast in @australiasnorthwest. In this part of the state, they can be seen right off the coast of #Broome and further off shore in Camden Sound Marine Park, one of the most biologically significant regions in the world. Not only that, the marine park is also the Southern Hemisphere’s most important humpback whale nursery. Hello, cute baby whales! 🐋 Short and extended whale watching tours leave from the town of Broome. #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest
Looks like another perfect day at Hellfire Bay! ☀️ This picturesque spot is one of a string of incredible beaches found near Esperance in @australiasgoldenoutback. It's located in Cape Le Grand National Park which is known not only for its brilliant beaches, but excellent bushwalking, fishing, rock climbing and camping too, making it a top spot to visit all year round. Even better is that if you're visiting in the cooler months, it might be a bit nippy for a dip but it's a pretty safe bet you'll have the beach (and this view) all to yourself! 🙌 You can reach the national park in about half an hour's drive from Esperance, or you can jump on a tour from the town. Photo: @rileys_travels #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
Run, don't walk, and jump on a scenic flight above the curious Bungle Bungle Range. 😮 The views are too good to miss! It's hard to describe just how incredible this place is, but believe us when we say there's a reason why it's earned a place on the National and World Heritage lists! The unique and captivating range has been over 350 million years in the making and can be found in Purnululu National Park in @australiasnorthwest. You can explore the range on foot to discover long narrow chasms and hidden gorges or take in the full spectacle on a scenic flight from Kununurra, Broome, Halls Creek or from within Purnululu itself. Photo: @ben_broady #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest
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