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Geez, Nigel, dial down the side-eye would you? Despite the looks of old grumps here, #NingalooReef is teeming with friendly wildlife that you can swim and snorkel with, including green, loggerhead, hawksbill and flatback turtles. That's because the reef and nearby islands on @australiascoralcoast are one of the world's major breeding areas for sea turtles. In the coming months, you can even join tours to see them make their way up the beaches to lay their eggs! Six weeks after laying, you can also see the hatchlings scramble down to the water's edge, usually around dusk, dawn or through the night. Cute! Photo credit: @jesshaddenphoto #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #amazingcoralcoast
Good evening from @destinationperth ! πŸŒƒ This beautiful building you see here is the @statebuildings cultural precinct, which is made up of three iconic heritage buildings that are formally known as the Lands, Titles and Treasury buildings. Located in the city's historic heart, they've been carefully restored and are now home to some of Perth's top bars and restaurants including #LongChimPerth , @WildflowerRestaurant (AKA Perth's best restaurant πŸ†), @PetitionKitchen , @halford_bar and @postperth. You can even stay a night here at the luxe @comotreasury - just named @Australia 's best hotel by @cntraveler for the third year in a row!Β πŸ†Β Photo: @wheresnickbeen #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #seeperth
We'll take a one-way ticket to #CoralBay , please! This beautiful part of #NingalooReef on @australiascoralcoast isn't just lovely to look at, it's also perfect for boating and sailing. You'll find plenty of day trip options from sunset sails to snorkel tours, but if you're looking for more of an "all hands on deck" kind of experience, you can join a live-aboard tour with a company like @sail_ningaloo. And, if you think this view is beautiful, wait until you see what's below the surface! This glorious spot is famous for #whalesharks that visit the area each year between March and July, plus turtles, manta rays and hundreds of species of fish in abundance all year round. 🐠🐒 Photo: @sealife_differently #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia
Start your engines! We're off on a #roadtrip to meet some sunbathing kangaroos... at Australia's whitest beach, no less! πŸ˜ŽπŸš—πŸŒŠ You might think it's lucky to spot kangaroos on the beach here, but it's actually quite a common sight at #LuckyBay ! But curious 'roos are just one of the reasons to visit this extraordinary part of @australiasgoldenoutback. Your days here will be spent swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear ocean, walking on sand so pristine it squeaks between your toes, and exploring the surround national park. Sounds bearable, right? The beach is just one of many stops you can make on a road trip along #TheGreatSouthWestEdge , which also includes a visit to the famous pink lake, #LakeHiller ! Video: @jarradseng with @georgiarickard
"This morning was unforgettable... We sat there for over an hour, both of us speechless at the sheer size and beauty of the falls." - @cjmaddock Located in the @thekimberleyaustralia , this impressive tiered #waterfall is one of the most photographed sights in @australiasnorthwest... and yep, we can see why! Visitors can set-up camp at facilities located at the national park to enjoy the outback scenery and Aboriginal culture, but you'll need a four-wheel-drive if you want to access the falls on a self-drive #adventure . Alternatively, there are options to join an extended tour to #thekimberleyaustralia that includes Mitchell Falls or you can jump on a scenic flight leaving from #Kununurra , #Broome and the Mitchell Falls campground.
With a view like this, it's no wonder @the_honeymoonlusters wanted to nab the window seat. πŸ˜‰ This is #NaturesWindow - a beautiful natural rock arch that perfectly frames a stunning view of the Murchison River in #KalbarriNationalPark . The eight-kilometre Loop Walk Trail that begins and ends here is a great way to take in the dramatic scenery or you can also reach the lookout by taking the 400-metre walk from the car park. The national park is located in the @australiascoralcoast region, around a six hours' drive north of @destinationperth. If you visit at this time of year, you can also see the park awash with colour from over 1,100 varieties of #wildflowers that are found here. 🌸 #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
Have you met Willie? 🐴 You might have heard a good "yarn" about a horse that likes to drop in to the pub for a bit of company and guess what, it's true! Willie showed up at the Grand Hotel in #Kookynie a few years ago and just keeps coming back. He's now considered a local and the whole town takes care of him, although he's still free to roam around like he owns the place! Today, the town in @australiasgoldenoutback is home to 13 permanent residents and a number of buildings that bear testament to the region's gold rush heritage, including the Grand Hotel, where you can enjoy a cold beer and a hearty meal with the locals. It's the perfect stop on an outback road trip. #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
Wow, #Fremantle . Purple really is your colour! πŸ’œ Buzzing markets, lively bars, laid back cafΓ©s and jaw-dropping #sunsets are just some of the reasons to head to the bohemian port city of @fremantlestory. Here, you can easily while away the day exploring the maze of streets filled with an eclectic mix of historic buildings and unique shops. When you've worked up a thirst, head for @fremantlefishingboatharbour , pictured here, and take your pick of watering holes like @ltcreatures or @bathersbeachhouse , where you can enjoy a drink with your toes literally in the sand. Oh, and if you're keen for some ocean-fresh seafood goodness, you've come to the right place! πŸ“· @nicola_maria_ #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #seeperth
There's nothing quite like the feeling of sitting under a #waterfall , by a natural pool and surrounded by ancient gorges. But that's exactly what you can expect when you visit #KarijiniNationalPark in @australiasnorthwest. This oasis is Fern Pool which is located in Dales Gorge, where a well-marked trail winds along the top, providing several scenic lookouts. The walk through the gorge itself is easily accessible too, and even better is that you'll find a beautiful spot to take a dip at either end of the trail- #CircularPool on one end and #FernPool , pictured here by @gypsylovinlight , at the other. Bliss! You can access the park on a tour or a self-drive road trip adventure. #epicpilbara #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
Cuteness alert! #Dugong twins have been spotted at #NingalooReef on @australiascoralcoast. 😍 Although Ningaloo and #SharkBay are home to the world's most significant population of dugongs, you know it's a special moment when you spot not just one but three of these typically shy creatures. With their paddle-like flippers and fluked tail, it's easy to mistake them for a chubby dolphin but the dugong is actually more closely related to the elephant and can weigh as much as 450 kilograms! Despite the fact that they can live up to 70 years, they have a very low reproductive rate which makes this sighting of twin calves even more special. Way to go, mumma! πŸ™Œ Video: @jesscleask with @kingsreef #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia
Hope you don't mind some company, @poppypleasants !? A trip to the @margaretriver region in @australias_southwest isn't complete without a visit to #HamelinBay , which is home to a population of friendly eagle and sting rays. They can generally be seen close to the shore, feeding off the scraps left by fishermen. In fact, the water is so crystal clear it's hard to miss them! These critters are also rather inquisitive, so if you wade through the shallows they'll glide right up to say g'day. πŸ‘‹ You can also snorkel in the bay to see them up close in their natural habitat. This serene spot is located just north of Augusta, and four hours' drive south of #Perth .
"Reminiscing over our time on Mars." 🀣 - @sarahbyden The first thing you'll probably notice when you arrive at this otherworldy looking landscape is the picture-perfect Kimberley scenery. James Price Point in @australiasnorthwest is located 50 kilometres north of #Broome , and is a popular day trip and camping spot for locals. As if that's not enough, it's also home to the world's BIGGEST dinosaur print that's a whopping 1.7 metres long! In fact, beyond the endless sandy stretch and rustling palms of Broome’s famous Cable Beach are thousands of dinosaur prints, estimated to be more than 130 million years old, making them the most ancient in Australia. It's our very own Jurassic Park! #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia
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