Dylan Hua 许定伦, 許定倫

DNHS’22 | Beginner at 古筝 | 🐶🐕🐩🐺|🇨🇳🇻🇳|Tired| May take awhile for me to know who you are (if I met you before)| “no”

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, here’s a few pictures/video of things that have green
Happy St Patty Day
Happy international women’s day
Oops late valentines post, here’s random pictures on my phone since I don’t have/want a soulmate at the moment. Also, 愛是死
I’m about to watch “my fair lady”
2009 vs 2019 #2009vs2019 #ilookgross
I watched another movie today...but this time, it’s something I’m not usually into
Mary Poppins was good
Merry Christmas, here’s pictures of my green and red 古筝 strings, a light, my Christmas tree, and my dog’s nose
Another movie where there were no plot twist villains
“Overpriced” -they say. Then again, carrying these all at once was exhausting and tedious
Oops late thanksgiving post...
My phone is about to die and I’m about to see wicked
Happy I almost got crushed by a bed and 5ft instrument day
I’m watching 12 angry Jurors... @little_ball_of_awkward
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