Advocating for a natural responsible material with a timeless beauty & natural wonder: we share voices from the fur fashion industry #wearefur #furnow

Loving this for a Friday afternoon πŸ”₯ The black corset by @onauratoutvu in the new issue of @glintmag is everything we need and more 😍 #glintmagazine #10thanniversary #onauratoutvu #fridayfurfeels
2018 All Wrapped Up πŸ’« What better way to end the year than with the words of the fur trade! Click on the link in our bio or swipe up to read ❀️🎁 #furtrade #endoftheyear #furguru
Meet Chinese fur designer Bai πŸ’– "Fur can be recycled. I don't think there's any other materials that could be recycled and redesigned. But fur does. That's why I love fur." Discover why she and many other young creatives like her use fur πŸ’« #wearefur #furnow #recycleandredesign
Does it get much better than this? πŸ”₯ The magnificent @katebeckinsale wearing an @adriennelandau coat in the new January 2019 issue of @tatlermagazine is EVERYTHING you need to see today πŸ’•βœ¨ #tatlermagazine #katebeckinsale #januaryissue
FUR TALKS is back, and once again discussing all things fur. Find out what the topics are this week πŸ‘‡πŸ» Swipe up on our story, or click the link in our bio ❌ #podcast #debate 1. PETA want to ban meat & animal-based metaphors? Listen to find out how ridiculous we, journalist Andre Walker, AND founder of vegan food delivery service, Jonathon Petrides think it is! (I'm sure you all think so too). 2. How protestors use bullying as a way to FORCE people from using natural fur. We cover the protest outside store, Flannels in Liverpool and exactly what we think of it. 3. Find out why the fur industry don't have a leg to stand on following THIS statement!
Another gorgeous look from @voguerussia πŸ’– we just can't get enough - this look is everything 😍 #voguerussia #furinvogue #everything
We LOVE @oliviapalermo and this spectacular @drome_official fur coat πŸ’–πŸ˜ Who wouldn't want to look fabulous and be kept warm at the same time? #furcoat #oliviapalermo #winterseason
Bai's print ad for our #FURNOW campaign! Are you loving it as much as we are? 😍 We adore the (left) fox jacket by @sprung_freres & the (middle) fox jacket by @yves_salomon & the (right) mink scarf by @fendi with the fur coat by @kopenhagenfur X @malinlindqvist πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #wewantthefur #wishlist #furisthewaytogo
@voguerussia have spoiled us with this treat and given us the gorgeous full fur editorial piece 🎁😍 Here is one of the many beautiful looks 🍬 Tuesday just got a whole lot better! πŸ’› #voguerussia #fullfur
"One of the problems with fake fur is the shedding of fibres on a microscopic level. Hundreds of thousands of fibres are released when polyester clothes are washed." ❌ Read why conscious fashionistas who once opted for fake fur now "worry about weighing animal welfare versus environment." Swipe up on our story to read or link in bio. #dontchooseplastic #naturalfurwins #thewallstreetjournal
@iamkarayoung for Vogue, 1989 πŸ’•She looks stunning 😍 Oh and also, how COSY does that furry bedspread look? ❄️ @thesupermodelfiles #furrybedspread #furfashion #mondaymorningfeels
Thanks @bryanboycom for having the courage to speak up the truth and say it how it is. Plastic is poison. #bryanboy #plasticispoison
#bts from our #FURNOW campaign πŸ’• Smile your way into the weekend with #fur πŸ’« #furryweekend #smilesallround
Friday's have never looked so colourful 🌈 FULL fur and high jewellery editorial story featured in @voguerussia 's December issue πŸ’« #colourfulwinter #furbringshappiness
"Our customers are very concerned about where our fur comes from, so I explain to them that the raw material of the fur is properly sourced from the auction house. Fur sustainability is very important to me and my customers" - Bai, from our #FURNOW campaign βœ¨πŸ’› #sustainablefashion #sustainabilitymatters
@aminamuaddi looking so effortlessly gorgeous in fur πŸ’–βœ¨ #mirrorselfie #furselfie
Leaving as speechless all the time 😍 This look is everything! πŸ’– Which piece from our #FURNOW campaign do you want under your Christmas tree this year? 1. Scarf by @fendi 2. Fur coat by @prada 3. Heels by @maisonvalentino πŸŽ„βœ¨ #furwishlist #furfashion #fendi #prada #valentino
Fur Talks is back, and this week discussing: 1. Chanel goes fur-free? NOT TRUE. Find out the truth here... 2. Sally LaPointe doesn't let anti-fur bullies bully her into going fur-free. She knows what's good! 3. Natural vs Plastic fur comparison... who wins? You guessed it! Listen via the link in our bio or swipe up on our story πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ’–
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