I need A-force in the mcu

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Here's the strongest avenger kicking some ass on loop , you're very welcome thank me later xx
Okay BUT here are some things I noticed in iw : 1- Wanda's last words aren't "what more could I lose" it's simply "NO!" when thanos revives her toaster 2-my bby destroyed the aliens ships 😪 one more reason why Thor is the strongest avenger 3- when in the sanctum , Tony says when the ship is coming and Stephen's hair start like floating or so something like "are you doing this on purpose" or so and strange says "not at the moment,no" Anyways when they're standing face to face in the ship , I noticed that strange's hair was floating!!!ugh strangely would've loved to hear that And I think that's it ? Idk
I am watching iw again h e l p I'm at the moment when they arrive to knowhere I'm gay to Gamora btw
Loki is so cute Loki is so hot Loki is so dark Loki is so alive Loki is so going to save our favs I feel like I'm doing an elimination game soon bc I'd really like to do one and the majority voted yes on my poll so I'll do one right away or tomorrow and post it when my story isn't spammed (so I can tell y'all that I posted) Also I really want to do a multi fandom account bc Harry Potter and transformers and basically every fandom I'm / I'vee been in just came back to my memories and wow I miss those
The first one is a big mood The Thor and Loki one is accurate 😂😂 And for iron man , yes , yes he is our hero he's so pure and deserves the world marvel please stop hurting him , he deserves more than what you do to him
HEADPHONES USERS BEWARE #noaudiochallenge with @strangelystark I'm really scared to listen help Okay my editing sucks but welp I tried wish me luck - she said sad and this is the saddest iw scene imo :// Also ignore the ugly watermarks . . EDIT : WTF YOU SAID IT WAS SAD OMG #marvel #marveltextpost #marveltumblr #avengers #avengerstextpost #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #tonystark #ironman #thor #loki #spiderman #peterquill #peterparker #gamora #guardiansofthegalaxy #mcu #natasharomanoff #blackwidow #blackpanther #steverogers #captainmarvel #captainamerica #clintbarton #hawkeye #brucebanner #hulk #amatw #wandamaximoff
If marvel doesn't make a Loki movie I'm quitting oof like please ? Also I got the .... wants you to .... from @mostly.mcu sjsk I liked it sm omg it's so accurate Btw I have a no audio challenge that I'll post later hehe pray for me please
The first one is so true like what ? Nope. Sorry not sorry , that's a big NO from me bye.
The last one is such a blessing like wOw Also just in case anyone is confusion , I am waspyhope it's just that I changed my name for a challenge+ my pfp and bio Bio by : @suckmystark + @sebbyslove Pfp : @sebbyslove 😍😍 I Stan Name : @strangelystark I think akdks My name and pfp will be back normal in an hour My bio in like 6 hours fml And I really want to do an elimination game anyone would play ? I'll put a poll on my story when it's not spammed anymore aksksk
The first one is so true.like.look.at.me.I.am.exposed. And the one about Stan Lee is like wow I need it to happen but I don't want Lee to die :///// Also tws Natasha one is like damn yes girl you go
Yes heimdall is so underrated bYe Also check out @predakingrp for entertainment!1!1!!1 trust me you wionllt regret this ! Trying to check my dms and get caught up now without getting caught so which me luck
Sorry for the first one but it's true who knows sjsjskks sorry lmao Thanks to a new friend @bonky_steeb I found an app that can lock ig so idk maybe it'll be safer it's just that if mom ever catch me talking to someone again she might take my phone rip and happy birthday to Chris Hemsworth ❤❤ + Peter Parker I forgot yesterday sksksk
Quick post before I go somewhere with no good Wi-Fi Jsksksk The last 5 ones are from @_fandomlockscreens yes I'd love to have pain as my lock screen thank you
ant-man and the wasp? great post credits scenes? cancelled luis? iconic hotel? trivago This one ^ is my favorite hotel ? Trivago meme don't @ me Annnd imo amatw was a better spin-off than tws don't @ me 😤 Honestly I can't see why people like tws THAT much like wow
Can they give Loki a break I - The one about Ryan has me on the floor lmao Also anyone knows a good imagine account ? Because right now I only like one and I want moreee I just can't find good ones sigh The last one is so true , unfortunately * AMATW SPOILER BELOW * I HATE MARVEL FOR KILLING HOPE OKAY ? SHE DESERVED BETTER I - AND IF CASSIE IS GONE IM SUING MARVEL
Stop saying Thor Ragnarok was comedy forced and all those mean less things about humor in Ragnarok because it was great and here's why Thor is funny , Tony. He spent time with Tony . I don't mind it hehe it was cool
Honestly every single thing that was said in iw is so sad I - I can write an entire essay about it Also I have a question , in the end of iw , when stormbreaker fells off thanos' chest , didn't it get ducked up like the gauntlet or is it me ?
Go back to the ocean Squidward Also Chris laughing is all I live for And Pietro and ned deserves moreee + I said it a hundred times , I say it again , I prefer Ava (Ghost) to any antagonist (except maybe Loki like Ava = Loki or so oops)
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