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Before it’s in fashion, it’s in Vogue—stories from emerging talent around the world, told in six posts, curated by Vogue teams globally.

3 of 6 Follow Toronto-based art director & set stylist @daniirey ’s story this week. ⠀ “Growing up my favourite color was blue, like the color of my eyes. My sister and I are close in age and like the same things, so we would often distinguish our things by color – I would always pick the blue toy or dress and she would pick the purple version. In this way, blue became part of my identity. While at university, I went through a phase of dying my hair bright colors – coincidentally, it ended up blue five different times; it just felt ‘me’. ⠀ ⠀ “When I’m traveling, the different colors of a place always leave an impression on me. Two scenes in particular that I will never forget are the icy blue glaciers outside Reykjavik and the cerulean hue of Lake Louise in Canada.”
2 of 6 Follow Toronto-based art director & set stylist @daniirey ’s story this week. ⠀ “What I love most about being an art director is taking abstract ideas and translating them into physical creations. In this day and age, when creativity is increasingly expressed in a digital way, physically building sets and installations feels very rewarding. ⠀ “Most people may be surprised to know that for most of my in-studio work I act as the stylist, photographer, editor – and even hand model!”
1 of 6 A statue of a balloon animal dog, a lava lamp, and a matching set of baby blue sex toys are a few of Dani Reynolds’ (@daniirey ) most recent purchases. The art director and set stylist is always searching for just the right props to create spaces for clients. “Sometimes I find exactly what I’m looking for, and other times I’m pleasantly surprised to find a prop that’s even better than what I envisioned.” ⠀ As a kid, Dani would run around the house, collecting materials and rummaging through the recycling bin for empty toilet paper rolls to recreate art projects seen on TV. Today, the streets of her hometown Toronto have become her treasure chest. “A typical project will send me hunting for objects in the depths of Chinatown, scavenging junk shops in the west end, and ordering obscene amounts of paint at the lumberyard,” she says. “I'm pretty certain I'm the only person to ever ask for fluorescent lime green paint at the quaint hardware store on my block.” ⠀ Follow Toronto-based art director & set stylist @daniirey ’s story this week.
6 of 6 “I am a dynamic person and I feel it’s better to learn things by myself,” says Kasia (@kasia_worek ), who was not formally trained in illustration. “I take part in many workshops and learned a lot via the Internet.” ⠀ She explains she is always looking for the “perfect moment", when “all elements come together and it feels like a kaleidoscope: you have a lot of moments, but only a few of them that look really great together. ⠀ Kasia has recently designed four scarf and sock patterns for emerging Polish brands. The illustrator also dedicates her free time to create brand identity visuals and posters. “I like branding as it feels like solving a puzzle."I like branding as it feels like solving a puzzle: you have to communicate something succinctly, have a conclusion; with illustration you can be less literal.” ⠀ See more of Polish illustrator @kasia_worek ’s story on @vogue.
5 of 6 Follow Polish illustrator @kasia_worek ’s story this week. ⠀ “When I find it hard to create new illustrations, I read biographies of movie directors that I love, such as David Lynch and Michelangelo Antonioni. When I read about the amazing things they did, I am inspired to do my best.”
4 of 6 Follow Polish illustrator @kasia_worek ’s story this week. ⠀ “I also create my own color palettes, sometimes based on packaging design - I inherited a collection of old candy boxes from my aunt that inspires me a lot - or my travels. I took a trip to Morocco and used Adobe Capture on my mobile to turn photos into color themes, patterns, brushes, and shapes. I am always ready to pick up any inspiration wherever I am.”
3 of 6 Follow Polish illustrator @kasia_worek ’s story this week. ⠀ “I create my own digital painting brushes from fabrics, leaves, paper and drawings, and this is the biggest fun. After hand-drawing a line, for example, I scan the stroke and create a brush out of it on Photoshop, so I can use it as a custom tool. Sometimes I just use a single spot, sometimes the whole drawing.”
2 of 6 Follow Polish illustrator @kasia_worek ’s story this week. ⠀ “First, I sketch by hand: a quick linear drawing as I am too impatient to try different options. Then I scan it and work on it on my computer using a graphic tablet, vector tools and layers. I can quickly modify shapes or erase mistakes. Lastly, I add textures in Photoshop.”
1 of 6 “I want to show that life is full of perfect compositions and harmony,” says Polish illustrator and graphic designer Kasia Worek (@kasia_worek ), whose goal is to capture beauty through her work. “Beauty is contained in nature, shapes, people, fashion and books,” she says. ⠀ By day, Kasia works as an exhibition coordinator at Zamek, the centre for design research located in the ancient castle of Cieszyn, Poland. For her own artwork, Kasia combines hand-drawn images and digital interventions which she says are her “natural way of telling stories.” She describes her process as a kaleidoscope: “Illustration is my way of thinking, of experiencing the world. It’s like a filter for me: we all see the same and it's our decision what to focus on. By drawing, I give meaning to the world I experience.” ⠀ Follow @kasia_worek ’s story this week.
6 of 6 Artist Jean-Philippe (@nehamastudio ) has dedicated his life and work to the mystery and strength of African beliefs. Today, he’s not solely interested in the world of black magic. “My work embraces the African spirit. I am trying to capture its existential complexities and vital force. I go everywhere, I always work alone and I’m not afraid.” ⠀ Unable to resist the call of Africa, the French photographer is preparing himself for a new adventure. “Soon I’ll go live in Johannesburg. When I’m in Paris, what I miss the most is action,” he says. “Today, I want to turn a page and move towards more conceptual photography. I have this idea of making a series inspired by African Myth and Tales, combining collages and images, to create something surreal and poetic.” ⠀ See more of @nehamastudio ’s story on @vogue.
5 of 6 Follow photographer @nehamastudio ’s story this week. ⠀ “I first met Isaac in the Free State, one of the provinces of South Africa. He is a prophet, a deeply religious man living in a cave up in the mountains. ⠀ “At night, ceremonies take place up there in order to communicate with the sacred world of ancestors.”
4 of 6 Follow photographer @nehamastudio ’s story this week. ⠀ “Most of the people in my pictures have some sort of connection with the world of spirits. They are Sangomas (witch doctors), Nyangas (herbalists), Rainmakers, Holy Prophets, Witches, Healers, and Believers. ⠀ “I want to pay tribute to these people. Some of them practice good magic, others do black magic.”
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