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Portrait Shoot with Noor Rizvi !
Recent shoot with the Uprising Noor Rizvi !
Second photo of the retouching event from Irene !!!
Silenced by the Power of Money... Another photo from this concept!
Silenced by the Power of Money... We live in a world where Money wins over everything. There was a time when you didn't have to pay for food cause it was there even before Humans. Today many truths are hidden from us using the power of Money. People are paid for keeping their mouth shut or even telling lies. Reality is what men with Power show you. So you gotta ask yourself, "Is it your Reality or just a mask that they created?" Welcome to a World where Money is more essential than water......
Upon request of @irenerudnykphoto that she wanted other photographers to retouch her photo and then analyse them. So here we go !
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