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Recent Shoot!
Latest shoot ! Swipe for the second pic 😉✌🏻
Shoot with the one and only Shiksha 🔥❤ Stay tuned! More to come !
"There is never a Time or Place for True Love. It happens accidentally, in a Heartbeat, in a single flashing, Throbbing Moment."
Take my hand, take a breath Pull me close and take one step Keep your eyes locked on mine And let the music be your guide ❤
And she was like a princess in a Fairy Tale. A fairy tale that she dreamt of and came true ! ❤
When two souls unite and become one forever, a new beginning is created. They begin a new Life on a path where they walk alongside each other, no matter what situation, they face it together.
The best moment in a wedding is when the whole family is not scared of living that particular moment fully. That very moment where the Bride and her family make an amazing performance in front of all the guests, it's just just stunning for me to be able to live such moments ! What's your favorite moment of a wedding?? 😊😉
This is probably the best bride I've seen so far. Being so natural and yet slaying, she made a wonderful performance on her wedding. Congratulations Tinasha 😊 This is why I love all cultures. 🔥❤
Jewellery tradition takes inspiration from nature and is more inclined towards spirituality. Bridal jewellery is most known for its usage of gemstones, which makes every ornament heavy and gives it a very rich look. #vishbhamee #mauritius #wedding #photographer #jewellery #highlights #weddingseason #nikon #passion #photography
Let's rise to a higher Universe !
Shoot with @nudaar24 ! Assisted by @ally_kurrimbaccus
In the streets of Port Louis !
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