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One man’s adventures into the wonderful worlds of vinyl records & drinking too much whisky 🙌🥃

A special edition Chivas inspired by Japanese whisky = a happy Sunday 🙌🥃
I’m overdue on this one! After spending some time with the new White Album remix here are my thoughts... 1. Of course it sounds better given it’s been done 50 years later but it hasn’t wowed me as much as last years Sgt Pepper. 2. The Esher demos are compulsory listening for any Beatles fan. 3. Did we really need a White Album remix? I’m not so sure... Now the hype has settled, what do you think of it?
Makes you want to skateboard like it’s 1992 🛹
👊 Yeah so I might be able to rap Express Yourself off by heart #justsaying 😂
A beautiful 7” cover of the Springsteen classic I’m On Fire by one of this year’s best artists @soccermommyband 🙂
Winter is coming ❄️☃️ I love a good marketing tie-in and you have to admit that this is very clever 🤓🥃
Ok time to chat about the new Smashing Pumpkins release. Reunions like this are never going to be as good as when the band was at their peak so expectations need to be managed. They clearly still hate each other and are just that bit too old to go and make another Siamese Dream. Having said that, there’s a lot to enjoy here. What works... Silvery Sometimes is a cracker... There are hints of classic Pumpkins here too that if the band had performed when younger would have been classics (imagine a young Billy Corgan screaming “she stabs the empty clock”)... and Jimmy Chamberlin proves he’s still (probably) the best drummer in rock... What doesn’t work... the first track is genuinely awful... and the production/mix are just wrong. Rick Rubin has managed to suck any warmth and life from this. Pumpkins is all about huge guitars but here it’s a generic mix and Billy’s vocals are way too forward. It doesn’t gel and everything suffers from it. But hey let’s not overthink it 😂 Let’s just hope this is a starting point for more Pumpkins as they find their feet again ☺️
Truly Melbourne born & bred... Double grain aged in Australian wine barrels. It’s my favourite of all of the Starward releases so far! #worldclass 🙌🥃
Ladies & gentlemen... I present to you the best indie pop album you will hear this year 🙌 Similar artists like Kacey Musgraves & First Aid Kit have all had big albums this year, but for me this outshines them... and they’re from Melbourne #represent 😜
Freetown Sound was my favourite album of 2016 so I couldn’t wait for Blood Orange’s latest. I’m a bit late in posting this because I still haven’t made up my mind on it! All the elements are there from the beats, vocals, even the saxophone... but it’s just so fragmented and nothing really gets moving. There’s no “Best of You” anywhere to be found! Have you listened to it yet? What did you think?
No. 0045132 1st mono UK pressing 1968. One of my most prized records 😍 Getting ready for the Giles Martin remix due in next few days #whitealbum
Rainy day activities #springcleaning
This wonderful EP by @firstaidkitband is a wonderful way to kick start Sunday afternoon 🙂👌
Tis the season! The @fourpillarsgin Australian Christmas gin is such a clever (and tasty) idea: distilled using home made Christmas puddings! Let the silly season begin 😜
The ingredients for a good time 🤘🥃 Favourite track from this ‘87 classic?
Say what you will about Yoko, but she has done an amazing job of reissuing my favourite of John’s masterpieces, Imagine. The album remix is nothing short of stunning and brings the entire album back to life whilst keeping it so true to the original. The outtakes on the 2nd disc really show what a master he was and are a real insight to his process. The accompanying book is also one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever read on any album. From personal letters to McCartney down to the receipt for John’s iconic white piano... It’s all so beautiful, iconic and completely essential for any Beatles fan ✌️
The first LP ever made and of course it’s Frank! How cool is this reproduction by @vinylmeplease ? The big question is what whisky to pair with it 🤔
The Macallan is fast becoming one of my favourite drinks so I just had to pick this up on a recent trip (browsing the whisky aisles of duty free is the best part of travelling 😉) It’s their Quest travel range and it’s a beautiful drink perfect for the warmer weather ☀️ Best of all, it’s 1 litre so there’s more of it! Now I need another trip to try the rest of the range... 🤔
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