Vinny Laresca


#notredame such a sad loss today
Dec 2018-April 2019 results- Thanks to tasteless meals and 2 a days... #brutal
So happy for this #actor @therealgeoffreyowens . Even though I don’t know him. After going through a dry spell as an actor, he takes a job at Trader Joe’s and some bozo takes a pic of him and makes fun of him. This guy who is a trained actor had to do whatever it took to survive and it’s now paying off. So proud of him! This is a tough business and when we talk of fairness and equality, we should look within ourselves in the entertainment industry to reflect those values!
#roma was a #masterpiece . When I was finished. I didn’t understand. I then read a review immediately after, it then hit me. I cried for 5 minutes I was so affected by this film. Shows what true love is and how important the most forgotten and unthought of in our society are just passed without a thought. @alfonsocuaron #thankyou #oscars #latino
#happy 80th #birthday to my #dad , the man who raised me as a single father and taught me life’s most valuable lesson: “Treat people the way you want to be treated” Love u #dad
I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning on my #45th bday. Sitting back thinking of where I’ve come from. My life today was only a dream. I’m so #blessed to have been born in #America . Although life is not always #fair . I’m blessed to live in the land of opportunity, where hard work and determination, allowed the son of #immigrants to become an #actor and live his #dream . #kidfromqueens
#juice came out #today 27 years ago. My life would never be the same. #tupac #radames #17yearsold
Winter Olympics 2022 prep
Find Waldo.. #LostInHongKong
First time in Cambodia. Feeling grateful for such an amazing start to the new year. #Cambodia #temple
Pondering what #2019 will bring in the most beautiful place on 🌎
Incredible experience feeding and bathing rescue elephants. 🐘🌴these beautiful animals should be cherished. #noriding for #tourism
Bathing Rosie. 🐘🌴
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