Staffy Atlas with kids ❤

🐶 Loyalstaff Atlas 30/1-12 👦 Vincent Cornelis 31/10-13 👶 Tuva Lilly 9/8-16

That feeling when it’s suddenly quiet in the living room and one pumpkin sleeps in the sofa with her bestie close beside ❤️
How we feel about these cold rainy days... 🌧
The love between these two, amazing ❤️ #tuvaochvilmer
❤️ #tuvaochatlas
That cuddle ❤️ the whole family longing for weekend & some calm days. Right now every days goes in 210...
Grey chin but a childish mind. Life with Atlas ❤️ I get a lot of questions how he’s doing now, you’re the kindest for your concern 🙏 Atlas doing water treadmill every second week and we see progress, thank god! He’s not allowed to walk any long walks, which bring him down... Atlas loves his long walks. He’s eating painkillers & CBD-oil every day and it’s working very good. Some days he’s lower but we feel hope and wish for a lot of more time together. ❤️
Flashback fav ❤️ some days the hours we’re apart, when the kids are at daycare & I study feels so hard. Will it ever feels okey to be apart from your kids? For me it has never felt natural. I want to spend every hour with them. ❤️
I try to write my home examination but Atlas think that’s a terrible idea. All he wants to do is cuddle 😂🙈❤️
Today we celebrated Vincent for the 3rd time with a Halloween party. Vincent & Tuva went all in as skeletons. 🕸 beautiful day with amazing friends ❤️
Atlas atlas atlas ❤️ when the whole family is sleeping and me & Atlas have some calm cuddle, only us. I love those moments and I can feel that Atlas also loves that. Only us ❤️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL VINCENT ❤️ can’t believe this little person turn 5 years old today. You’re AMAZING! 🎁🎈🎂❤️#minvinci #5år
Tomorrow we’re going back to the allergy specialist. Can you see all the small white spots on Atlas? He’s itching like crazy 😓 poor poor baby! All I want is for him to feel the best he possibly can. ❤️ he’ll always be my first love 🙏 no matter what!
More wild than tame. ❤️ Life with her, SO AMAZING! Love love love. #mintuvis
Who doesn’t love some morning cuddle? ❤️ After a morning that went wrong in every possible way. I forgot an appointment at rehab, so I had to rush the kids from pyjamas at the breakfast table to daycare in 30 minutes. I hate to rush the kids! Got to the rehab but cause of my cold they sent me home directly. Got bad conscience for rushing the kids. My car have some troubles and suddenly the heat couldn’t start so we all froze so much! Bad conscience for that! But now, I have 15 minutes before I have to go to school and I spend it the best way. Cuddling with Atlas. Let’s hope this day goes better now. Hope you all have a great Friday 😘
Atlas ❤️ he loves cuddling. Cuddling & bones is his priorities in life 🙏
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