Staffy Atlas with kids ❤

🐶 Loyalstaff Atlas 30/1-12 👦 Vincent Cornelis 31/10-13 👶 Tuva Lilly 9/8-16

When you can’t deal with the cuteness 😭😍 tb Tuva & Atlas ❤️
Vincent & Tuva ❤️ blessed they have each other. #vincentochtuva
Vi njuter ❤️
Someone dislike exam week more then others 😅🤦‍♀️😍
I know we’re heading to the end and I try to enjoy every day, good or bad. In one way it feels like a part of me slowly dying and at the same time I try to comfort myself by the knowledge that YOU made life so great! ❤️
My little person loves Batman, as you can see 😅 🦇 ❤️ #mintuvis
If we enjoy the sun? Yes we do ☀️👌
I want this! Heat, sun, playing outside without 3 layer of clothes and overalls. Gah! Give me summer ☀️
When I stumble over the unimportant you always reminds me of the purpose in life. You and our family ❤️ #mintuvis
What mommy? I don’t get why you’re laughing 🤦‍♀️❤️
Can't understand that this little big person will start school this fall. When did you get so big? I’m so truly thankful for you! Your kindness, your empathy for others, you golden heart. You make mama proud every day 🙏❤️ #minvinci
Red cheeks, beautiful sky and a tired 2 year old that takes a nap on the ground at the way home ❤️ #mintuvis
Love you to the moon and back ❤️ flashback ☀️
The joy and happiness she brings 🙏 ❤️#mintuvis
Flashback ❤️ you know that feeling when you thought it was tough with only one kid. And at the same time you thought: how hard can it be with two kids?! 😂 if you only knew...
Pics like this comfort after days like this... ❤️ Tuva decided to decorate our sofa with slajm when I made lunch, all you parents knows how hard it is to get off 😭 Atlas got so stressed when we got guests so he peed all over our bed and ofc I took off the “pee-cover” only hours before... can tell you we did ALOT of laundry today and I’m so exhausted after ”extinguish each fire”. 😓😓😓😓 days like this...
Dream team ❤️
12y with this man today ❤️
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