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Searching the Galapagos seas on the beautiful M/Y Grace🌊🌅 Photo by @mrjhigg
Nothing like a fiery Spanish summer sunset😍🌅🔥 Photo by @mrjhigg
Last in the series from sailing the tranquil Aegean Seas😍 Photo by @mrjhigg
Idyllic Greek Architecture at its best!⛪️ 🇬🇷 Photo by @mrjhigg
Nothing like sailing the deep blue Turkish seas ⛵️🇹🇷 Photo by @mrjhigg
Enjoying the turquoise Aegean Sea views 🌊🇹🇷 Happy Sunday everyone!
Got to love an Over/Under dome shot! Surprising what you can shoot on a GoPro!💦 🇪🇸 Photo by @mrjhigg
I’m back! Sorry for such a long pause in activity on this account. The founder @mrjhigg here, I will start posting regularly once again☺️ I’ve been busy starting another company @envoguemedia , a creative agency that specialises in media production and social media marketing for luxury hotel & travel brands of the world. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• We are looking for talented photographers and cinematographers for travel projects all over the world so if you are interested please DM @envoguemedia with a short introduction and examples of your work!
Those Silhouttes @marinatrygub 😍🌅 Superbly timed and composed photo🌟 Marina is a travel photographer with a vibrant and colourful style. Please check out her page and comment what you think☺
The earth seems to have unlimited destinations of natural beauty😍🌍 Love the layers and curves on this 👌🏼 Great composition! Luke is an adventure photographer based in America 🇺🇸 Please check out his gallery and comment what you think☺
An amazing picture by one of our absolute favourite photographers @nolanomura 🌅🌊🏝 Those dreamy sunset tones and silky smooth wave break textures👌🏼Nolan is a fantastic Hawaiian adventure photographer🌺 Please check out his gallery, give him a follow and comment what you think☺
Beautiful capture @johnsmbetts 😍🐧 So clean, perfectly composed and framed👌🏼 John is a professional wildlife photographer, and has a gallery of amazing wildlife captures! Please check out his page, give him a follow and comment what you think ☺
Amazing @antoinejans ❄️😍 One of the coolest drone shots I've seen! Yes that is a freediver lying in freezing cold waters on a lake in Switzerland 🇨🇭 Antoine is one of our favourite photographers and cinematographers out there! He deserves more followers; so please give him a follower and comment what you think☺
Wow @letusgophoto 😳😍 Beautiful photo! Mark & Naomi aka @letusgophoto are long term Vici Visuals followers and one of our favourite photography duos on Instagram! Please check out their page, give them a follow and comment what you think☺
Since you all liked the last 2 photos so much, here's one combing both themes!😍🐕🏖 Beautiful picture @willowtucker 🌟 Willow is a photographer from South Africa 🇿🇦 Follow her for more dogs, beaches and adventures☺
A man's best friend😍🐕 Love this picture @ollie.visuals ☺ Ollie is a travel and portrait photographer from Michigan 🇺🇸Please check out his gallery and comment what you think😊
Wow @zackseckler , what a sensational picture! 🏜Love the layers, tones and the way the shadow contrasts so sharply with the orange sand👌🏼 Zack is an award winning photographer and truly deserves the success he is achieving. Please check out his gallery, give him a follow and comment what you think☺
Back at it again with this killer portrait @heycnyn 😍🌟 Canyon is a long time follower and Vici Visuals community member! He is a fantastic portrait photographer👌🏼 Please check Canyon's page out, give him a follow and comment what you think☺
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