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Professional #FunHaver Creator of @MustangRTR / #MustangRTR #FormulaDrift Champion 👇🏼To get your #knfilters intake system and team shirt visit👇🏼

They tryin to catch me ridin’ dirty! Have a fun weekend ya’ll! #channelingbrocky #funhaver #mudgrapplers
Nothing like a fun collaboration to build a sick car that you can win! The @smithfieldracing #MustangRTR heads to @tsrsmoke and his @stewarthaasracing team to put the final touches on this @fordperformance powered 700HP wild animal. Make it yours at (I expect it broken in the right way!!) Link to episode four on my Facebook page!
These chase shots are getting more and more epic from our dude @larry_chen_foto ! #fdstl #formuladrift
@gridlifeofficial South is one my favorite events every year and I can't wait to return next week! Not only do we get to drift a much longer Road Atlanta course, but we get to meet a bunch of fellow enthusiast and enjoy some serious fun-having with the bros and that's what it's all about!! #smilesonfaces #gridlife #gridlifesouth
The entire RTR team left #FDSTL with smiles on our faces. Despite not getting the results we felt we were destined for we learned a ton, put this year’s technical gremlins behind us and got back to our true form as a TEAM. I had a couple epic battles with @ryantuerck and @jamesdeane130. and my man @chelseadenofa earned a step on the podium. Onwards and upwards from here!#fordperformance #mahleinside
On the steering lockstops, wide open, hitting switches and using all the tools during my Battle with @jamesdeane130 this weekend at #fdstl . This was the first time James and I have had the opportunity to do battle ever. This battle was something both of us have been looking forward to happening for a very very long time. James record speaks for itself, he is a good dude with an awesome family and has such deep passion for our sport. It has been fun to watch his passion and effort turn into results all over the world since he was a teenager. Our battle was exactly what I expected and hoped it to be, unfortunately we got a bit greedy with our setup and debeaded a tire which is an automatic forfeit of the round. We were looking for a bit more grip during our 1 more time battle and just went to far. Now we both have some unfinished buisness which I know both of us are equally as excited to finish the next time we line up! #cheerstonexttime #allin #weliketoparty #pennzoilsynthetics #fdstl #formuladrift
It takes a team to tango!!! I couldn’t be more proud of our #RTR team for the effort that has been put in during this rough year we have been having. This weekend we put all of our progression based challenges behind us, the team worked together in epic fashion And @chelseadenofa drove exactly how I have always believed he could to earn a 3rd place overall here at #FDSTL . Thank you for all the love #STL see you in January at the #STLautoshow #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #nevergiveup #heretostay #toomanytotag #formuladrift
This is crazy! Seeing the #MustangRTR Spec 5-D perform from this perspective is unreal!! #threewheelmotion #fdstl #formuladrift
Upside to the dirt drop during qualifying yesterday is this sick photo! Hopefully won't have any pics like it coming from my final practice runs or competition later today!! #fdstl #formuladrift
Party time!!! #FDSTL is today! Qualifying was going amazing until I did a dirt drop and got dinged pretty hard. That mistake lined me up against my bro @ryantuerck , he took me out in Orlando but NOT TODAY!!! Top 32 starts at 1:30 and top 16 at 5:30 live on my FB page! @powerstopbrakes #mahleinside #leterriptaterchip
Looks like my man @chelseadenofa got the @forzamotorsportofficial 7 update! More angle for big backwards entries means more fun!!!!!! Shoutout to @bcracingna for making pulling out of this clean possible with that control!! #goingbig #mustang #rtr #weliketoparty #doitlikedenofa #fdstl #formuladrift
Pitting from the grid this weekend at #fdstl means everything gets loaded onto the @ford Expedition and towed there. Except for Aaron and Joe who stay in the #NerdNest on top of the rig.
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