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🔮LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, LOVE AS HARD AS YOU CAN AND ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST🔮 i gave up on trying to make my Instagram look cool. This is my life...💁🏻

The full look at the @netflix Emmy’s party!
The other night at @horrornights opening. Halloween is ONNNNNN!!! ☠️🎃👻 and yes. I am the biggest Tim burton fan lol
Sunday vibes @daily_sleeper
We out here at @horrornights getting the shit scared out of us but found us a cute set up 😍❤️#universalHHN
I love kids and I hate the idea of them being hungry. Did you know that 1 out of 6 children in the United States face hunger? That kills me. Kids should be able to get a meal and just play and learn. Not start the day without a meal. I partnered up with @nokidhungry and visited the 52nd st elementary school and got to see first hand what they’re doing and it’s brilliant. They’ve brought breakfast into the classroom so they start the day off fueled. They also help support programs like summer meals so that even during the summer these kids know they can get a meal if they need one. Child hunger in our country needs to stop now. If you hate the idea of hungry kids then join me and help make it end. find out more information at
Is it time yet????????
Still so obsessed with this lewwwwwwk
This is how much I love working out lol 📸 @ggmagree #film
Bows n such
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