Valentina Collado de Rojas

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This simple airplane window is always the perfect place for me to think. Where my cell phone has no signal and I have no need to be connected or google some address in my phone. In life we all have to work hard to get what we want, nothing is quite as easy as it seems and we all have to learn to be patient. This time I just thought about how grateful I am to have an amazing husband, family, friends, boss, job, team, house and the opportunity to see the world. Sometimes we worry so much about unnecessary things or superficial ideas that at the end of the day will not even matter... But today I’m only thankful. ⚡️
Good night 🌙
⚡️ #bathroomselfie 😌
Malgosia ❤️ @siesmarjan @voguemexico
In NYC 🍎
NYFW here I come 💄 #NYFW @voguemexico
Thank you @tommyhilfiger I had a wonderful time @voguemexico
Packing again for my flight tonight 👝👠🎎🇨🇳 ——> next stop #Shanghai @voguemexico #andywarhol
Classic 🍷 🍷 @renatacollado
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