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One of the most spontaneous of them all in this part of Africa. 😁 @decomediankaycee , the King of clapback
Have better reasons to do anything other than isolated selfish reasons.. 😀
Love is blind😄
City FM.. 105.1 same time 2-3pm every weekday. Join us #onalighternote crew on Monday the 1st October 2018.. We back and better... We got some surprises for ya all😉 @mcabbeydaprof @forevercfr @comedianphronesis @efewarriboy
Activities (busy body) should never be mistaken for productivity... Let result be your best explanation... 👏👏
The on a lighter note musketeers. A hilarious bunch indeed. This was our last day on NigeriainfofM. A very emotional day it was for our listeners.. . To all our fans that have been calling, DMing and emailing us to know the next move. "GOODNEWS" Big announcement coming soon.. Stay tuned. @mcabbeydaprof @onalighternotetoday @efewarriboy @forevercfr @comedianphronesis
#tbt ...if you know dem tag dem. Let me come and be going
I'm here for WHAT JUST HAPPENED movie 🎥 by Ufuoma McDermott, join me at Silverbird Cinema Ikeja City Mall @ufuomamcdermott 7pm tonight.
It was a full house tonight on comedy HQ. Many thanks a Nollywood veteran , the beautiful Nigerian Jollof, too hot to handle @ufuomamcdermott ,The Executive producer #whatjusthappened " Guys, go see the movie "what just happened" . Thank me later. It will be available in every cinema near you from this Friday the 14thsep. Also On Sunday guys, join me @ the Muson center for "disturbing lagos" with @deehumorous . Call time 6pm. And to my sure gang @iamshortfamily @mcreasoncomedian , una Bam.👍👍
TESTIMONY I want to say a very Big thank you to God Almighty for spearing my life . I was delivered from the hands of the Fulani herds men along the Abuja airport road. On my way to my hotel, a few kilometers after d military check point just after the Abuja airport, we saw a road block, Four men dressed in military uniform, flagged my cab with their torch, we thought it was normal routine stop and search so we stopped right behind a commercial vehicle parked by the roadside. We were asked to get down from the car immediately. It was after we(my self my cab man) got down from the car, we realized that the ppl from the bus in front of us were all lying on the grass with approximately 8- 10 men dress in typicalherdsmen attire. , sanding over and pointing different weapon @ the ppl on the ground as they were relieved of their cash. We were both asked to join the party. quickly before they could finish the sentence, i was on the ground..surrendered all, I never knew I could be that obedient, well, who wouldn't be, wen you can see AK47s, cutlasses and sticks. Ppl of God, Obedience is better than sacrifice. Long story short; they only took what could be replaced, my life was spared. Gory be to God Almighty. #smallboybiggod #goddidthis
>>>>swipe:...Twitter gat no chill meeeeen!
Happy birthday dear, I wish you 🎉the best in this new year👍👧🎉🎊🎁🍸🍹🍟🎂🍰🍮
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