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Visiting #Malibu was a lifelong dream and a major bucket list achievement for us. Maybe it’s because our childhood featured American TV shows with that beautiful background or maybe it’s because we grew up in a very small island in the Mediterranean far far away from this mythical place and we only thought about being here in our wildest dreams, or maybe it’s both. Our hearts broke when we heard about the fires last November. But sitting next to each other on that gorgeous sandy beach and watching the sunset felt incredibly fulfilling and calming for us. Does it ever happen to you? Do you ever have these moments where you just kinda see yourself from above and you just zoom out of the map to simply realize where you are and how many kilometres away from home you have traveled? That particular trip was the first very long one we took and we had worked crazy hours, long weekends and holidays and had sacrificed so much to be able to do it. Sitting there next to each other and watching the sunset in Malibu, was so worth it all. It’s for moments like those that we love to travel, that all the long hours of work and the impossible deadlines and the sacrifices are all worth it. Has this ever happened to you? -- Did you know? TV shows such as Two and a Half Men, Private Practice and Hannah Montana were set in Malibu. - #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #beautifuldestinations , #mytinyatlas , #travelgram , #instatravel , #california , #usa , #couplegoals , #wanderlust
Welcome to #SanFrancisco , the land of fog and possibilities. Grab your coat (even in the summer) and let’s go! -- There is something about this city that makes everything seem effortless. We visited San Francisco in late August and the cold winds kept us frozen throughout our visit. Yet, locals seemed not to be bothered by this. They would not rush to cross the streets at the same frenzied pace as in NYC. This is where new technology ideas are flowing, the food is great, social revolutions begin and hippies flourish. #KarltheFog made sure that we saw no sunshine through our entire trip there! Thanks Karl! One of the city’s landmarks is, of course, the #GoldenGateBridge . This architectural wonder which, at first, seemed impossible to build, is used to connect the city of San Francisco with northern California and was once the longest suspension bridge in the world. -- Did you know? The steel wires used to make the cables of the bridge are long enough to circle the earth 3 times! Wow!! -- #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #beautifuldestinations , #mytinyatlas , #travelgram , #instatravel , #california , #usa , #couplegoals
At first, one might think that #LasVegas is merely a destination for gambling and booze. As it turns out, we were wrong about the #SinCity ! Never before in our lives had we experienced anything quite like Las Vegas. The entertainment capital of the world has so much to offer: the shows, the hotels, the shops, the food... And if you get bored (unlikely), you can take a day trip to the Hoover Dam, or the Grand Canyon. Whatever your taste and budget, and however you wish to experience the Sin City, there are so many things to do in Las Vegas and we promise you, you will not be bored! Just keep in mind that you are in the middle of the desert, so drink lots of water and put on sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat when you are outside! -- Did you know? When looked at from outer space, the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on Earth! #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #beautifuldestinations , #mytinyatlas , #travelgram , #instatravel , #nevada , #usa , #couplegoals
If you're visiting #SanDiego , you definitely don't want to miss this jewel. #BalboaPark is a wonderful, urban cultural park with lots to do and see. It is one of the oldest parks in the US dedicated to public recreational use, with gardens, walking paths, museums, open space areas and the San Diego Zoo among other things. Did you know that Balboa Park is actually almost double the size of New York City's Central Park? Can you imagine that? I mean wow! We visited San Diego on our way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, so sadly we could only spend some hours there. We were so glad to be able to visit though, even for such a short amount of time. We loved it and definitely wanna come back to witness first hand America’s most laid back city! #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #beautifuldestinations , #mytinyatlas , #travelgram , #instatravel , #california , #usa , #couplegoals
I must say we were pretty excited about visiting La La Land. It has a completely different vibe from all the cities we visited. The stars, the studios, the sun... what’s not to like! Everything we had seen in the movies, in our favorite sitcoms and TV shows growing up was right there! There is also an abundance of creativity in #LosAngeles . You can see it in the buildings, in restaurants, in people just by walking down the streets. You can expect to see anything in LA, nothing is too weird! The highlights of our trip to the City of Angels included cycling along #VeniceBeach , driving #Mulholland at dusk and visiting the #WBStudios and the #UniversalStudios . #goals If you’re visiting LA by car, be advised that traffic is like nowhere else, so plan ahead to be on time when you have to pick up tickets and stuff. Did you know? When the city was founded, its full name was ‘El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula’. That’s where the name ‘Los Angeles’ comes from. #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #beautifuldestinations , #travelgram , #instatravel , #california , #usa , #couplegoals
“Break the rules and you go to prison, break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz.” This is the sign we saw once we entered the prison grounds. Visiting #Alcatraz had such a big impact on us. We vaguely knew the story behind it, but getting there, witnessing how the inmates lived and hearing the stories while on the tour, plus having the cold air blowing, gave us the chills. The view from the prison and the fact that the island is so close to the city’s bay, yet far enough to exclude the prisoners from outside life gives you an idea on why they tried to escape. -- If you want to visit Alcatraz, you can take the ferry from #Pier33 , but you need to plan your trip well in advance. The number of visitors allowed on the island every day is limited and the tickets sell out several weeks in advance! -- Did you know? The sound of Alcatraz prison cells closing was recorded and used in the soundtrack of #StarWars . #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #adventureseekers , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #traveldiary , #travelgram , #instatravel , #california , #usa , #sanfrancisco , #couplegoals
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” -- Travel is a big part of our lives. We love it. It’s what motivates us, what keeps us going, what brought us together in the first place and what will always unite us. 2018 has been a very rich year in terms of travelling for us. We are so grateful for being able to do that as a hobby and we hope that this new year will be as adventurous, with many new destinations to explore. And, of course, we look forward to sharing them all with you! Cheers to another great year with amazing and safe travels! #usualtravellers , #listori , #denmark , #copenhagen , #nyhavn , #beautifuldestinations , #travelcouple , #postcardsfromtheworld , #europe , #travelgram , #instatravel
🎶 It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎶 Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! How did you guys spend Christmas this year? - Tivoli Gardens are truly magical this season! This is our first time here and we are definitely enchanted by the abundance of Christmas spirit, #gløgg , #churros , #æbleskiver and so many other festive delicacies! We wish it were Christmas everyday! - - #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #denmark , #wanderlust , #copenhagen , #christmas , #christmastree , #carousel , #tivoligardens , #tivoli
Are you a fan of history? We find it fascinating! Every time we travel, we love visiting at least one museum or archeological site to learn more about the history of the place where we are. - Did you know that you can understand more about the culture of the country you are visiting if you learn about its history? You might be surprised to find out that, often enough, even if some people don’t share the same culture, they can be more sympathetic and empathetic if they learn about each other’s historic backgrounds. - #usualtravellers , #listori , #throwback , #greece , #crete , #beautifuldestinations , #travelcouple , #postcardsfromtheworld , #europe ,#travelgram , #instatravel , #instatravel
Perched on a dramatic clifftop, the capital of the #GrandDuchy looks like a charming city that came out of a fairy tale. In the Old City, a rock was turned into a legendary fortress which was in fact one of the most powerful in Europe in the 16th century. Despite extensive destruction during WWII, #Luxembourg has recovered impressively since. The fortress and the old city have been listed as World Heritage by #UNESCO since 1994, and you should definitely check them out! The high standards of living, the glorious landscapes, and the location of this serene country attract people from all over the world; no wonder why 49% of the population are foreigners! - Did you know? Robert Schuman, one of the fathers of #Europe was born in Luxembourg. Besides Brussels and Strasbourg, Luxembourg also hosts the most important European institutions. #usualtravellers , #listori , #travelcouple , #livingeurope , #living_europe , #kings_villages , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelgram , #instatravel , #beautifuldestinations , #darlingescapes , #eurotrip
Situated in central #Switzerland , right on #LakeLucerne and surrounded by legendary mountains, #Lucerne offers an unrivalled and very impressive panorama. Its town squares and churches were so stunning that Queen Victoria, Wagner, Goethe and Mark Twain fell completely in love with it! The covered medieval bridge, one of the town’s most famous landmarks, is considered to be one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. But tradition is not the only thing Lucerne has to offer. The town is also famous for its innovative design and for hosting a several cultural events throughout the year, making it a must visit! - Make Lucerne your starting point for visiting the surrounding mountains, such as #MountPilatus and savour every view of the uncanny scenery. - Did you know? It is said that an angel showed the first settlers where to build a chapel here, and it still has amazing grace to this day. #usualtravellers , #listori , #travelcouple , #livingeurope , #living_europe , #kings_villages , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelgram , #instatravel , #beautifuldestinations , #darlingescapes , #the_daily_traveller
This deeply historic city in #NewJersey is one of the oldest vacation resort destinations in the #USA . Due to its 600 something gorgeous #Victorian buildings, the entire #CapeMay is designated a #NationalHistoricLandmark . With a population of around 3500, this Jersey Shore site is ideal for weekend getaways not just in the summer, but year-round. Does sunset over the water sound good? Yes please! - Did you know? Pirates who traveled up the shore used to regularly drop anchor here. Legend has it that pirate Captain William Kidd left a treasure buried somewhere in Cape May, NJ. - #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #travelgram , #instatravel , #beautifuldestinations , #darlingescapes
#NewYork is always a good idea. Don’t you think? - Did you know? #TimesSquare draws 50 million visitors per year, and that is more than any other attraction in the #USA . - #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #traveldiary , #travelgram , #instatravel , #beautifuldestinations , #newyorkisalwaysagoodidea
Does this castle seem familiar to you in any way? This is the one that inspired Walt #Disney ’s castle for #SleepingBeauty . #Neuschwanstein seems like it came out of a fairytale as you approach it from afar, in the midst of mountains and the forest. The #castle was commissioned in 1868 by King Ludwig II of #Bavaria as a retreat. He envisioned it to be in honour of the German mythology, inspired by the works of Richard Wagner. If you wish to visit the castle, book your tickets well in advance as there are extremely long queues for last-minute tickets and they do not guarantee an entry. - Did you know? The castle was never finished and despite the extensive borrowed funds he spent to build it, the King only resided 170 days there. - #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #wanderlust , #traveldiary , #travelgram , #instatravel , #living_europe , #livingeurope , #beautifuldestinations , #germany
When in #Lucerne , check out one of the most beautiful places in central #Switzerland , home of various legends. 2,132 meters up, #Pilatus towers the surrounding region, offering amazing views of Lucerne and a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks. - Reach #MountPilatus by the steepest railway in the world with an ascent of 48% (!). For the faint-hearted (that’s us, by the way!), there is also the aerial tramway and the panoramic gondolas. Don’t miss it and be advised: it is literally breathtaking! - Did you know? According to one legend, the mountain was supposedly a dragon rock that fell from the sky. Another legend says that Pontius Pilatus, the Roman governor, might be buried in Lake Pilatus. #usualtravellers , #listori , #travelcouple , #livingeurope , #living_europe , #mytinyatlas , #beautifuldestinations , #viewfromthetop , #the_daily_traveller , #dragon , #dragonmountain
Welcome to #StTropez ! This once fishing village is now a sizzling hot vacation spot for the rich and famous. Visit the #VieuxPort (Old Port) to admire the millionaire yachts arriving here. Stroll the cobblestone streets of #LaPonche (Old Town), have lunch at one of the wonderful restaurants there or a drink like the famous people do at the #FrenchRiviera hot spot. Visit the #CitadelofStTropez for a panoramic view of the village and then head down to the beach to catch some sun. To arrive here, catch a ferry from Nice or Cannes and avoid the traffic that can be overwhelming, especially in the summertime. Did you know? The village of St Tropez was made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s, with the film ‘Et Dieu Créa La Femme’ (And God Created Woman). - - #usualtravellers , #listori , #travelcouple , #France , #livingeurope , #living_europe , #mytinyatlas , #beautifuldestinations , #viewfromthetop
🎶The hills are alive with the sound of music🎶 - That famous lyric does resonate in the scenery, the history and music backdrop of this beautiful baroque city in #Austria . Best known for the #SoundOfMusic and for being #Mozart ’s birthplace, #Salzburg has a lot to offer. Climb up the cliff-top fortress for a formidable view of the city’s majestic domes and spires. Enjoy a stroll at the #Mirabell palace garden where you can literally stop and smell the roses. If you’re lucky, you might catch the local Philharmonie playing in the park. The Salzburg Cathedral, and the houses where Mozart was born and raised are also worth visiting. Oh and don’t forget #Getreidegasse , a #UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Did you know? ‘Salzburg’ literally means ‘salt fortress’. - #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #wanderlust , #traveldiary , #travelgram , #instatravel , #living_europe , #livingeurope , #beautifuldestinations
#CinqueTerre was on our #travelbucketlist for so long! I remember seeing pictures of the charming colourful villages and dreaming about visiting them someday… and we did it!! This was actually one of our first trips we took together as a couple, and it will always have a special place in our hearts. Also, it’s hard to pick favorites with the five villages, but I think #Riomaggiore is somewhat more special to us. Maybe because it was the first of the villages we visited, and first impressions are powerful. Yes, it is just as beautiful as it seems and it has that Mediterranean, Italian Riviera and Dolce Vita vibe that is so irresistible! - - - What’s on your travel bucket list? Let us know in the comments below! #usualtravellers , #travel , #listori , #postcardsfromtheworld , #lovetotravel , #travelcouple , #italy , #liguria , #wanderlust , #traveldiaries , #travelgram , #instatravel , #living_europe
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