Rebecca Ustrell

Illustrator, Sensual Explorer, Curator, Creator of Curious Publishing

Progress, small but definite.
Thank you @epoch_art for your awesome submissions for the Curious Magazine Release Party “Millennial Pink Show”. Seriously blown away. The hardest part about my job is not being able to buy all of the amazing pieces that I come across. #rebeccaustrell #curiousmagazine #curiouspublishing
Throw back to 2016 Yosemite. A content woman ready to settle down, and although she seemed at peace, the placidity would soon be shattered. ... Like a mosaic, she reassembles herself, and adorns her living alter with the beauty she creates. #ifeelvulnerableinagoodway
Back by popular demand. Come draw with me! RSVP for 9/29 3-5:30PM @apothecabeautybar Tickets in Eventbrite:
@theartsarea at @ontarioartlofts Art Walk today 6-9! See you soon!
Join me tomorrow!
Me making a list of all the people who wronged me....KIDDING. ☺️
I promise I’m not this mean. #curiousmagazine #rebeccaustrell #curiouspublishing
Who let Super Mario in my room? #curiousmagazine #photoshoot #sisterlove
Oh the diamonds you will find 🖤
Show your yoni some love today. 🌸💫💕🍡#yoni #sexpositive #selfcare #selflove #vulva
Weird 🐱 Life for life.
Another preview of #curiousmagazine for the forst issue “Millennial Pink” releasing on Sept. 22 at the release party at@graber_olive_house !
Completely worth the side trip to @amocamuseum last night. What a beautiful show! bravo
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