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What a day of varsity matches!! Absolutely brilliant! 🙌🏻🏸 results were: Men’s 1st 4-4 draw; Men’s 2nd’s 5-3 loss; Men’s 3rds 7-1 win; Women’s 1sts 8-0 win and Women’s 2nd’s 6-2 win!! What a win and effort from every player taking part, you should be proud! 💙 @unilincolnsu #wearelincoln
Games are well underway here at Deans Sports Centre! 🙌🏻🏸 @unilincolnsu #wearelincoln
We went to play zone for our sober social last Tuesday! Lot of fun and great turnaround too😊 We don’t just do night out’s to have fun, come along to our next one and join in! 😁#wearelincoln #playzone
Our very own Bradley Okopskyj has been nominated for the Tabs Captain of the year!!! 🏆🏸 very easy to vote, just copy the link below into your search bar and select Lincoln University and vote for Brad!! 🙌🏻🏸 #UkrainianMonster #wearelincoln
Amazing effort from our Men’s 1sts, 2nds and Women’s 1sts with their matches today against Conventry, De Montfort and Loughborough! Fantastic turnout and great scores with a win, draw and loss! 🏸💙 fab effort from you ALL #wearelincoln
Fantastic day yesterday with our Men’s 1sts, Women’s 1sts and Women’s 2nd’s matches against Leicester and Northampton! 🏸 Fabulous scores with a win, draw and a loss but what an incredible effort from EVERY single player 💙 #wearelincoln
Thanks to our @ashawayuk badminton sponsors we now have a brand new shuttle dispenser! 🏸 let’s get training underway with a great season ahead! 😁 #wearelincoln
Big thank you to our sponsors this year! @ashawayuk !! 🏸🏸
Smashing day for our teams on Wednesday, with both our men’s teams playing and women’s 1sts! 🏸💙 great results with incredible support from our audiences too! All our members should be proud! #wearelincoln
Brilliant day yesterday with our Men’s 1sts, Women’s 1sts and Women’s 2nds matches! WIN in the cup match against Birmingham for the boys! Such an achievement! 💙🏸 #wearelincoln
We’ve re-gripped a lot of our rackets all ready for you to use at social badminton! Credit to Liam for taking the time! #wearelincoln 😊
Congratulations to all of our teams today playing against Oxford, Cambridgeshire, Birmingham and Anglia Ruskin! Great scores and exceptional support from the people that came to watch! Onto the next one! #wearelincoln 💙🏸
Fantastic effort from our Men’s 2nds match against Aston University a couple of days ago! 🏸 great support from our audience too! In addition 2 walkovers for our other games! #wearelincoln 💙
Our society is holding a fundraiser on 15th November and we’re hosting a carnival!! 🎡🎠 bring your friends and flatmates it’s going to be a whirl of a night! Link is below to the event and Share this around and come along!! The more the merrier! 🏸💙🎠🎡 #wearelincoln
Fantastic day with brilliant scores all around for our teams! A win and a draw! 🏸 brilliant effort from everyone and strong performance!! 💙 onto the next one! #wearelincoln
THIRD WEEK RUNNING!! Well done to the team that won walkabout quiz for us again! Incredible and such a great effort! 🎉🎉 #wearelincoln
Well done to our women’s 1st against Nottingham Trent and men’s 2nd team against Anglia Ruskin on their matches today! An incredible effort from every individual! 🏸💙 an unfortunate loss for the 1sts with 6-2 but a 6-2 win also for the boys! #wearelincoln
Well done to our women’s 2nds today with their game today! Massive effort from everyone and great support too! 🏸 7-1 loss but what a show! Incredible work from all of them! #wearelincoln
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