We are uncannycomicquest.com We love movies We love comics We host an awesome podcast (link below) Captain Marvel trailer review below:

[follow @uncannycomicquest ] Tie-in to Black Panther?!🤔 what do you guys think?
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] Would have liked this trailer more? I like that it uses music from this time period. It suits it perfect
What’s your first impressions? I’m DEFINITELY more hyped.
[follow @marvelanddc_heroes ] I hope this meme never gets old 😂
Is Captain Marvel overhyped or deserving of all the praise? Comment below👇🏻 • Credit: @marvelanddc_heroes
[follow @superheroaxis ] I NEED to know this! Will we ever find out?!
[follow @igndotcom ] I’m thinking JetMoto and Road Rash! What about you guys?! Comment below
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] TRAILER EXPLAINED! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! • Last panel artwork by: @bosslogic
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] From what we got yesterday, could you see Captain Marvel leading the Avengers moving forward?
NEW PODCAST EPISODE! The Captain Marvel trailer dropped yesterday so we HAD to record an episode about it. Click the link in my bio to listen on iTunes or click on the buttons on our homepage to listen on our website, Spotify and MORE! • Tell us what YOU thought of the trailer in the comments below!👇🏻
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] The old lady didn’t pay her fare 😂 don’t pay your fare, get knocked the f*** out by Captain Marvel lol
[follow @uncannycomicquest ] Are you guys as excited as I am about young Nick Fury?
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