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Endo/IC/Fibro/CFS. Detroit born. Bead Artist. Cat enthusiast. Spoonie Warrior. Wolverine #goblue Foodie. Non-Selfie taker ubiquitycreations@gmail.com

Another question to the audience! I did get some questions that I answered in my stories 😁 thanks for the questions. Now here's the next one: what made you follow me? Question is in my story! #ubiquityasks
So I'm doing a question box thingy, so drop your questions! Anything from things about me, my life, my business, go for it. Question box is in my stories. #ubiquityasks
Our greatest power is our vote. Too bad voter suppression was RAMPANT all across metro Detroit as always. If you live here, you know what I'm talking about. P.S. excuse my thumb, it's jacked up bc of stress.
Photo dump part 2: Yup, this is my actual body! No face yet though bc I look like 😫😱 in my opinion lol but, that bridges into this pic... Before I went on vacation, I decided I wanted to wear things that made me feel happy, free, not hiding or held back. I have worn almost nothing but shorts this summer, and I began to explore crop tops. Over the past few years, chronic illness has wrecked havoc on my body. I started to hide my body and face from ppl bc I kept being told -- either directly to me or to family members -- that I look sick, that I was getting fat, that I look pale, what happened to me...the comments made me more than happy to suffer indoors... hiding under my bed covers and behind closed doors. I even decided to show off my surgery scars (see those little scars? Those are from my 2 pelvic laparoscopies. One is hidden under the band). This year I decided to start to try and embrace my body and the trials and changes it's gone through. To actually show off my surgery scars. To actually wear clothes that I feel cute, free, flirty, and comfortable in all at once. I'm still a long way from truly loving my body. I still deal with feeling down about how much chronic illness has changed it... but I'm making the first steps. #ubiquitypostdump #chronicillnessawareness #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #endobelly #icbelly #pelviclaparoscopy #excisionsurgery #endometriosisawareness #endometriosis #endo #endo #endosisters #endosis #endosista #interstitialcystitis #fibromyalgia #fibro #spoonie #spoonies #spooniesis #spooniesister #spooniestrong #selfacceptance
Part 1 of my post dump: Remember when I was throwing back bubble tea during my trip weeks ago? Well my hubby surprised me and bought me these 2 stuffed cuties at the festival. Fun fact about me: Sailor Moon is my ish. The original one from the 90s. Always has been, always will be. I distinctly remember when it came to north America in 1992 as a freaking toddler lolol I was like skip learning how to tie my shoes, I'm tryna watch this and see how I can be a sailor scout 😆😆😆 nobody could tell me I wasn't one either! Lol #ubiquitypostdump #sailormoon #sailormoonfan #sailormoon90s #sailormoonmerchandise #imanoldfan #likewhenitfirstcameout #ogsailormoonfan #lunaandartemis #sailorscout
I have to confess, I have tons of pics that I intended to post, but I didn't. I think the answer lies somewhere between a fear of being vulnerable, worry that nobody would really care that much, and doubting myself. This Instagram journey has been very personal to me, but it has also shown me that connections can be made with people everywhere... and that has been amazing. I am saying all this as a way to push myself to just go ahead and put the posts out there. I fully intend for my platform to be largely based on vulnerability and the strength that is found within it. To me, it's much bigger than me just making pretty things.
The best way to describe how I've been feeling is 😑 Not being able to create, plus getting a SERIOUS case of creative block (is that what it's called...?) + intense dips in my health had me feeling blah. I felt exhausted and frazzled bc the pain had been so severe that I couldn't sleep, which lead to me feeling depressed and detached. I love interacting with my peeps on here (I tend to always have one-on-one' s with ppl), but with everything going on, the sheer thought of just tapping the Instagram button gave me anxiety. I didn't really want to talk to anyone, and I just became cognizant of it today. Things have improved. I was able to get some restorative sleep, get through the worst of my creative funk and have some great quality time with my hubby. I still feel kinda blah but it's better. Hope everyone has been well. #spoonie #spoonies #spooniesis #spooniewarrior #selfcare #spoonieentrepreneur
Authentic Pho FOR THE WIN! Made by my sis-in-law @poetic1_4life she worked herself to make us tons of it... and we still managed to kill it in 2-3 days lolol when I got sick, she gave me a nice big, hot bowl of it, and it helped me to feel SO much better. She even added mint to it. And shout out to the GOAT-- mango bubble tea in the corner! ...and no I don't have a problem lolol #pho #bubbletea #boba #bobatea #bobalove #bobalover
Told y'all I had 2 more! 😭😭😭😭😭 #bubbletea #boba #bobatea #bobalove #obsessed
The festival procession is lit. Please excuse my strange voice at the end lol but I had to embarrass my nephew a little bit! He's the only one I have. I spared everybody else though lolol P.S. these monks are lit too! Y'all see those tattoos??? Even the elderly monk had a whole chest tattoo! And one jumped on the back of a cart with his phone bc he wanted to chill 🤣🤣 #templefestival #lao #laos #laosfood #laosfestival #desmoines #iowa #buddhisttemple
Me and hubby are on our first road trip together ❤ 700ish miles later and 1 monster flare later, I get to finally be at the Laos festival with my fam. This bubble tea right here was THEE best I ever had! Big plus that it was very soothing to my stomach and body. Gonna probably get honeydew and watermelon bubbles tea later lolol #roadtrip #iowa #longdrive #bubbletea #mangobubbletea #lao #laos #festival #boba #bobatea #bobalove #bobalover
Side note...my good friend @_lunarcat_ posted a pic of herself she made with #liveportraitmaker so I rushed and made one of myself! I mean, it's close...ish lolol wish they had more hair options for us type 4 hair ppl (braids, twists, curls, etc). I definitely would wear this hairstyle though. She looks all healthy and pretty and ethereal, which me or my selfies TYPICALLY don't look like lol 😂😭 Other than that, this is pretty much me... kinda lol #ubiquitycreations #liveportraitmakerapp
Being a #spoonie , one of the most important things - if not the most important thing - is what is put into the body. I've had a more piqued interest in Chinese medicine and how it can heal and strengthen the body and its systems, and I'm hoping to delve deeper into it with these Chinese medicine teas. @linanatlife @zplanewellness #zpwdao
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