Tyra Banks

Perfect Is Boring is my new crazy, fun easy-to-read book πŸ’›. Get it πŸ“š at the link πŸ‘‡πŸ½!

I C You
Sometimes you just gotta stop, play with your hair, and take in the moment. πŸ’› #agtsTYle
America’s Got Tyra! #agtsTYle - That Dress: @labourjoisie @stylepr That Ring: @ivanbittonstylehouse That Face: @valentefrazierartistry That Hair: @misscopeland310 That Style: @jstylela πŸ“·: @geewonder
BOSS(es) #AGTFinale
Wardrobe malfunction! Nothin’ we can’t handle though! πŸ’› #AGTFinale #agtsTYle
The 80s called. ☎️ I answered. πŸ’› - That Dress: @ravissaint @nowprla Β  That Style: @jystylela That Hair: @valentefrazierartistry That Face: @misscopeland310 #agtsTYle
Welcome to #TyrasRunSLAY ! πŸ’›
What draws you to a photo? My love of πŸ’› yellow πŸ’› in photos grabs my eye. @_ifrahhh pulled me in with that stunning over the shoulder look, jealousy-inducing arched brows, and the blinding vulnerability in her eyes. Truth is, there’s so much beauty in vulnerability.
Lady Liberty in life-size behind my #LifeSize2 co-star! Look at that big, bold, genuine, and fiercely intoxicating smile on @franciaraisa ! Makes me miss those NYC streets.
β€ͺI hope you shine bright, and far, wherever you are! 🌟 πŸ’›β€¬ β€ͺ - That Dress: @usamaishtayofficial @thearchshow ‬ β€ͺThat Ring: @annesiserton @cldstyle ‬ β€ͺThat Style: @jstylela ‬ β€ͺThat Hair: @misscopeland310 ‬ β€ͺThat Face: @valentefrazierartistry ‬ β€ͺ#agtsTYle ‬
Curls and kisses for you! πŸ’‹ πŸ’› #agtsTYle
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