#JusticeforSandraBland #UsOrElse

No better way to bring in 15 years of #TrapMuzik !!! Thanks @draislv for having me. Trap Muzik Anniversary merch available now!!! Link in Bio
Congrats to my Patna @2chainz & His Beautiful wife on their union. This beautiful family is just as Royal as any Royal Wedding you stop your life to pay attention to. Salute King on finding your Queen & solidifying your Kingdom. 🍾👑🙏🏽✊🏽
😂😂😂and now a word from the P$C’s 3 stooges (My Real Brothers 4Life)... Look at @c_rodthomas and @douggrandhustle looking like future fat boys!!! We all really just stepped out on faith and our belief of how “DOPE” our Dopeboy lifestyle was 😂😂😂 and @kthustle was fresh out the feds trying legit life out for the first time in like EVER!!! All we saw was an opportunity to make it out da Trap...and we never folded,never turned on each other, never folded,& NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!! And look at US now...Without y’all (and the rest of the guys) this shit wouldn’t have been possible. Can’t forget @rubiconatl @mshannahkang @macboneyfool @kuntryking #FreeCap #RIPBigPhil
Whenever asked “But why Trap Muzik?”
Welp looks like @dj_toomp & @JasonGeter knew da play all along!!! But 15 years later tho!?!? Ain’t It a blessing!!! However #15yearsofTrapMuzik Wouldn’t have been possible without the significant contributions of all the others that came after us and carried the torch to get it to where it is today... I Salute you all.... We ain’t always gon get along,we ain’t all gotta like each other(and we don’t) But what we all have in common is... We survived detrimental conditions in an environment that was meant to destroy us & took our experiences,turned them into songs that changed our families lives & inspired others to change theirs. That’s something nobody can take from ANY OF US!!! Tag your favorite Trap Muzik artist and celebrate by blasting that sh*t as loud as you can stand!!! #TrapMuzik4Life
Happy Gday to Trap Muzik & his twin brother Grand Hustle!!! 15 yrs ago today we made history... TOGETHER!!! Thank you to all who were involved and all who have supported from day1!!! #15yearsofTrapMuzik
This sh*t is despicable!!! This is the kinda sh*t that deters kids from coming to school. I’d like to take care of her school lunch for the year. I mean I know life ain’t fair and the world we live in is no less than fuc*ed up... but I hate to hear this type of thing happening to our children. Petty ass peon ass,poor excuse for a grown person. 🤬😡😠😤
Happy Gday Slime!!! Enjoy da Day Lil bro...Proud of your growth & ya evolution . Gon be celebrating all week wit Double Cups & Bubble Kush blasting Slime Language!!! @thuggerthugger1 #BankRollMafia4Life
Who you think going home next??? Find out at 10pm Don’t miss TONIGHT’s episode of @grandhustlebet on @bet !!! #GrandHustleBET
Legendary Night of Hilarity.
Rose Bar tonight We Celebrating 15yrs of this shit!!!! #TrapMuzik4Life #15Yrs 2003-18....
Lil sis goin UP!!!! @TokyoJetz drops tonight only on Spinrilla. #90sBaby Go Find It NOW!!!!
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