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I haven't been everywhere, but i will take you there 📌 🗺 4️⃣7️⃣countries so far #travellertrips 📍Budapest 🇭🇺 🔛 Paris 🇫🇷 🔜 Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

🇫🇷 They said when Paris catches cold Europe gets sick... a place that holds one of the most iconic monument in the planet....La Tour Eiffel!! The giraffe of the towers!!! Some say an overrated place, but it’s not!! it’s a piece of industrial arts, a place that everyone has to see at least once in their life...there are many spots in the city where you can see the tower one of the best views could be from the river Seine especially at night when it lights up in glitters, the lights twinkle for about five minutes on the top of every hour, you can even enjoy the view from the top of the tower, beware it is a very busy attraction at all the time, day and night, if you want to enjoy your visit I suggest you book ahead online. Once there you can either climb up the stairs or wait for an elevator I would, recommend the stairs to enjoy the full experience and the magnificent view of Paris I’m not worried whether the Eiffel Tower is in your “to visit list” or not, I know it is!!! It’s just a matter of when ....Enjoy 🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇨🇭 This time I took with me my little nephew, to prepare him for a future influencer role...Now let me ask a question and may be give the answer to it … Have you ever wished for a place, where you can be free of all stresses and thoughts? Well then Lake Lucerne is your right destination to be! One of the most famous locations in Switzerland, and cleanest lakes in the world. It’s a huge gorgeous lake with a backdrop of Swiss Alps, fantastic! So stunning! So scenic! A joy to sit by its side and just take in the glorious views. And it does not end here … If you are just going for the view, a 4.5 hours Cruise on the lake is wonderful and a must do, and it will be your best highlight. Ships are beautifully maintained, and the views all around the lake are simply awesome, you will get the chance to see all the lovely homes along its bank, and its more beautiful at each turn, with many small towns and villages available to explore, just surreal, like this one we are witnessing now, this setting is spectacular, and presents a highly picturesque opportunity. A must do half day trip... Of course I won’t need to tell you that it will be really cold and you need to be geared up for that This place will defiantly make you wanna come back! And you won’t be able to resist that…it’s a must to have in your to do list if you visit Switzerland .....🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇨🇭 Blausee where once, one lost love cost a person their life, but maybe opened someone else’s heart up to a new one! The lake Blausee is one of the hidden gems of Switzerland! I was very captivated by its beauty, and the colors of the water are mesmerizing. The specific time when I was there, I would say it was a turquoise blue lake! However a person very dear to me said, that it actually depends on the sun, as it rises during the day the lake’s color appears to be more prominent as it changes its colors and reflections, and that could provide a great opportunity for some stunning images, so if you have the time, spend a few hours at the lake, try and take photographs from different points at different times of the day. Back to the lost love in this lake! If you take a good look into my capture (right side in the middle) you will see a small bridge that looks out on to the lake. Look out for a statue of a women in the water, this has been positioned there to symbolize the legend of a young women that committed suicide in the lake after losing her love..the legend goes that she used to visit the lake every day and cry into the water from the bridge and her tears are what gave the lake it’s turquoise color. Wouldn’t this legend make you go and visit this breath-taking place? A question only you, can answer.....🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇺🇸 Sedona, Sometimes you can't put words to beauty, the red soil and rocks in this area are breathtaking. First thing that might come to your mind at least came to mine, was cowboys and western movies 🤠 Getting to this place was one of the best drives I ever done in my life, a stretch that takes you along the Sedona’s majestic landscapes, this has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of road in America. The Red Rock Scenic Byway began just south of Sedona and takes you thru the Village of Oak Creek where you have the chance to stop and eat, then ends near the exit 298 to Interstate 17. Be sure to stop at the Red Rock Ranger Station Visitor Center on your way in for maps and lots of great information on what to see and do. Drive there before sunset when the lighting is more than wonderful to clearly see the formation of all the rocks around. And, if you're driving, watch the's curvy, speed limit is 25, and the roundabouts might drive you a bit crazy but then how do we enjoy this eye popping scenery if we don’t drive slowly Sedona should be on everyone’s bucket list, truly a sight to behold....🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇺🇸 Hello from the bottom of the earth in North America, Badwater basin, One stop amongst 4 in Death Valley, 855m below the sea level, something that I have never experienced. The walk on salt flats was unique, and the cracks sound while stepping on the salt was so satisfying and I could not resist the jump 🙃 I planned my visit in a way to reach this place around dusk, because it’s extremely warm during the day, even at this point of time it was 35 degrees Celsius. To reach this place, there is a boardwalk that takes you onto the salt flats, the walk is about 20 minutes from the parking area, It is worth it to truly see and appreciate this scenery view. The whole thing looked very surreal and white, amazing experience!! The Death Valley National Park is huge. If you plan to drive through the National Park, it is advisable to fill up the gas tank, and have the necessary water you need This is a unique location and a must-go visit, do not miss it while visiting California…🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇬🇷 Just a 2 very enjoyable hours ferry ride, that took me to travel from Athens to Andros! An island that is host to some amazing nature and landscapes and beautiful beaches with a scenic views. A nice choice for a trip nearby Athens and very comfortable to drive, not many tourists, excellent to explore and have adventures. Not to mention its one of the most wonderful places to hike, routes are a good length and moderately challenging, locals have created a map showing well marked trails across the whole island, a fantastic initiative which deserves wide support. The springs, trees, stone bridges, stone boundary walls and stone paths are of great beauty. However there is a hidden gem in the island, which is the lighthouse (Faro tourlitis ), as shown on my capture, this was one of my best dangerous adventure I ever had!! To get there you have to be really careful and a little bit fit 😬🏊‍♂️, I started with a 2 hours hike from Mentites springs, taking the path 1/1b to Chora, once i reached the Chora beach, from this spot you are on your own!! i climbed up a small bridge ( Careful this bridge has no safety measures ) then climbed down the big rock to reach other side of the beach, after I had to swim like 15 min to get to the lighthouse, going was easy, the current was in my favor. Once you are in the light house, you can climb up the stairs, and have you best view of the Island. On my way back the current was not in my favor, so I struggled a lot, knowing I had done that 2 hours hike and so on, and that’s the reason why the locals don’t recommend swimming to the light house, so be aware of the wind and the current before engaging in this little adventure! And better to have someone with you, in case of emergency 🚨 Otherwise it’s a story to tell and a moment to capture!! Andros will always remain in my heart. A stunning island highly recommend for your summer holidays…🤝 In case you are wondering, this kind of capture can be done with a #gopro and a #dome 👉 #travellertrips
🇬🇷 ...This is from where Europe started…The Acropolis, perhaps the most iconic image of Western Civilization and the beating heart of Athens, a true wonder of the ancient world, you will be brought 1000 years back through the history. After viewing plenty archaeological sites in Greece, I must say this is the great one for its size, location and history, It has more than one structures. However, there are lots of people and of course it is a popular one, to avoid lining up for tickets, you have to go at least half hour before it opens at 8:00 am. Try to go on a cooler day and make sure you have lots of water, wear your best walking shoes, you will be walking on uneven foot-polished marble, Bring a hat 🧢 and wear sunscreen. It’s an incredible scenery and there’s plenty to see, so start at the highest point and work your way down. And maybe most importantly, study up before you go, I myself did a small mistake, I have visited the Acropolis then I went to the museum, I would highly recommend you to do the opposite, so that you can really appreciate the experience, i know we all hate homework, but this one is worth it!!! To see the whole place properly would take about 2-3 hours, and don’t forget The Acropolis dominates the Athens skyline, so you can have a panoramic view of the whole Athens It certainly a must see, so don’t miss it when you are visiting Athens…🤝 👉
🇸🇮 Slovenia a land of fairytales and natural beauty. Situated between the Alps and the Mediterranean, in the heart of Europe, Slovenia offers a vast diversity of nature. With that said today we stand in the middle of Vintgar Gorge, a stunning place, very easy walk with amazing view from the beginning to the end, It reminded me El Caminito del ray in Andalucia (Spain), only difference this one might be a bit easier for everybody to walk along with occasional bridges. In this very spot you can find towards the end of a 1.6km walk, a splendid beautiful waterfall! Other thing have notice also, is that the Slovenian people certainly do know how to appreciate nature (lots of Slovenian people do this walk as well as tourists). There is a small entrance fee (5eur) with free parking, but it does get crowded, so get there early to enjoy clean captures and avoid crowds. This is definitely a hidden gem, so don’t miss it …🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇳🇴 Summer is officially here and we are kicking it off from Oslo, a city that has become a capital of contemporary architecture, recent years have seen the addition of modern landmarks by world class Architects and Artists, like this magnificent piece of art you see in middle of the harbor the “She lies”, a puzzling beautiful sculptor made of stainless steel and glass, it moves under the influence of the wind and the sea. It is worth to see it in different times of the day as it reflects the light very nicely. Yet nobody knows the real meaning of the name or even what it represents, It keeps you wondering the meaning of this piece of art, and I think that’s the purpose of art, however I asked some local around, and they all had different opinions, which could be summarized in these main meanings, Some say it represents an iceberg, some others say a sinking ship!! Some even merged both interpretation into a ship that is sinking after hitting an iceberg. It is however true, As you view it from different locations, the impression changes!! But the one interpretation that struck me more, is that it represents an iceberg that ended up here due to the global warming impact to raise our awareness and grab our attention about the true danger of global warming!! I personally find this interpretation more appealing. But why call it “She lies”….. What’s more, “She lies” its location is privileged with modern house of Opera, which I will be covering on my next post. Im just still trying to figure out, how do I take the best capture of it…. Whatever it is, She lies is a symbol of Oslo and it catches your attention. Our opinion may alter as we take it from a different angles. Perhaps a point of debate as to which works best, is it a sinking ship or an iceberg … It certainly captures the photographers interest! Don’t miss it when you are visiting Oslo…🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Edinburgh, the inspiring, buzzing, historical and old fashioned city. Also called the Athens of the north. Today we are standing infront of one of the citiy’s landmarks, a pretty cool looking monument that was supposed to resemble the Greek Parthenon, alas left unfinished. However this spot, which is Nearly 20 mins from the city center, a fair climb but the views of the city and beyond make it well worth it, it provides a nearly 360 degree view around, from the Pentland Hills to the south, Firth of Forth and Fife to the north, North Berwick Law to the east, and Edinburgh Castle and the city centre to the west, highly recommend visiting Calton Hill and seeing this monument up close ❗️Obviously the location means it's a bit of a tourist magnet, so the best time to visit tends to be weekdays early mornings 🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 My UK tour started from here, London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom …. You can't fail to be excited by its amazing landmarks, is home to some of the best attraction in the world, having said that, today we are looking at Tower Bridge, a true engineering masterpiece. Built in the Victorian age, the history that has sailed under this bridge is a staggering beauty! If you have a chance to be here, you must go up the bridge, they have a cool glass floor section which allows you to look down at the traffic passing over the bridge directly below you, you may also see how the engines run and you learn all about the bridge. It’s worth every part of the $10-15 it costs to go up. During my stay in London, I have crossed this bridge like 5 times, you never get tired of doing that, Make sure you go on both sides of the bridge and snap some photos from different viewpoints. The walkways are amazing to see and give some good views of the city of London, day and night both are both worth to see, a fascinating story. A thoroughly enjoyable time! Note: Do not confuse this bridge with London Bridge, it’s a different one 🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇫🇮 Here is something, that most of us might only experience, when watching a movie or documentary, husky sledging!! An amazing adventure in Ivalo. Many tourists visit this place every year for winter sports, but if you’re interested in wild animal parks, and curious to see how it is set up, this could be wonderful place to visit and see arctic animals. In this park for example, the owner took us on a personal tour, telling us the stories of all animals, i saw beautiful arctic foxes mostly rescued from fur farms, raccoon dogs, goats, and boars, then you get to meet over 30 huskies, which were great, and extremely affordable for husky sledging. Nothing bad here about animal treatment, as huskies are generally working dogs in Finland, not wild, or pets, as we have them, and better to have and own them, rather than leaving them run and fight for their survival in the wild. This was one of the top highlights for me visiting Finland, suitable for young children and adults, and recommended if you need something different from skiing, a must for your trip if you visit Ivalo!!🤝 👉 #travellertrips . . . . . . . . . . . . #ivalo
🇷🇴 Brasov, a hidden charm in the heart of Transylvania, the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania!! A magical place to visit in the winter, colorful and lively. From this spot, there is a long walking street flourished with chic cafes and shops, restaurants, and it leads to The Council Square, where history meets life, the square features a lot of medieval buildings in different architectural styles, dated in the 17th century or even older, where you can also find Brasov's major attractions like, Black Church, City Hall and the touristic area. It was so clean and romantic ♥️ , the buildings are very pretty and the view towards the mountain is really lovely in the sunshine. A must for your trip in Brasov. You must sit down and eat a local Kurtos and enjoy a small coffee from the German Bakery, and watch the Pigeons fly everywhere, and world go by. Simply wonderful! 🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇸🇰 Quite stunningly beautiful place in winter and it is always full of snow, looking like in winter fairytale. With spectacular views of the peaks of the Tatras. Offers excellent opportunities for walking and excursions to the surrounding countryside, as well as mountain hikes. The scenery in the area is spectacular, you get a fantastic view of Tatras from here over the whole mountain range. There are also very good restaurants which are serving delicious food and also traditional Slovak meals. Also is an excellent place where also people who are unable to do more demanding hiking can relax and walk around Beautiful experience for everyone who loves nature, and must do if you visit Slovakia in the winter!! It is one of my favorite places when I need to relax 👌🤝 #travellertrips
🇲🇦 One thing might impresses you the most in Marakesh, is the Moroccan artisans. The fountain you see in the poster is one of the aspects of Moroccan decorative art, called the garden fountain ZELLIGE, a 100% handcrafted, made from clay, these small terra cotta tilework covered with enamel, made from different sizes and colors, including green, blue, red, yellow, black, tan and brown, that mostly founds in, riads, hotels and hammams, even some houses..It draws traditional geometric patterns, thus contributing to the magic of shapes, patterns and colors of the Moroccan design. Morocco's Artisanat can also includes more than seventy art and crafts and known by the diversity of tools and materials: leather, wood, copper, stone, iron..You will be sure tempted to buy an item when in Marrakesh. Just remember the golden rule, divide the original price by 2 + a Smile 😊 , that's your final bargain!! And dont follow a stranger!! 🤝 👉 #travellertrips
🇲🇦 And from this place starts my journey to Marrakesh, ❣️the red city ❣️ with its impressive Red baked-mud architect. A city of moments, like this very one I captured inside the Mamounia palace Hotel in the heart of Marrakesh, decorated in Moroccan style with colorful mosaic tiled floors and walls, probably one of the most beautifully decorated corner in the world. From the moment you set foot here, you get the Moroccan feel, and you are aware of being transported to a fairytale place, It is like stepping back in time!! Beside, this iconic place has a perfect location, only a short walk from Marrakesh city center and JemaaEl Fna the gate way to the old city (which I will cover on my next post) I can't say enough about this Palace, everything was perfection at its best. And if you want to feel like a King/Queen, you must stay or if you can not afford the cost, at least have a daily pass to its SPA and massage, thoroughly enjoyable and definitely worth it!!🤝 Stay tuned for my next Marrakesh post!! 👉#travellertrips
🇸🇪 If there is a city that you would call cute, is defiantly Malmö🤗! It carries a lot of atmosphere. Most of its architectures gives you the feeling of being somewhere in a small town, back in time. I honestly enjoyed my time there despite the wind chill, which made it a bit colder (the Nordic chilly climate 🌬) I choose this very spot and approach for my capture, because it reflects how modern the city has become. And also has a lot to see in a few Square meters. Sculptures, architecture, lighthouse, water 🌊 ....A cozy Place to hang out, and wander through Malmo, Close to the city center, train and restaurants, where you can find everything from home to international cuisine Malmö is a wonderful city and, thoroughly enjoyable and definitely worth a visit, go for it! 👌 🤝 👉#travellertrips
🇧🇬 If you visit Sofia for more than 2 days, going the Rila Lakes would make a really great day trip away from the city. The Rila Mountains in Southwestern Bulgaria are just beautiful, is home of the 7 Rila lakes and mount Musala (the highest point of elevation in Bulgaria 2 925 m.), so high you think you will never make it up!! That question which occurs once in a while (can we touch the clouds 🤗) To see all seven lakes, it took me about 5 hours by walking slowly, I would say it is a moderate hike, not for beginners though. The hike was just refreshing and you can see beautiful lakes with various shapes and weather in a short time. Make sure you have a waterproof coat as some parts are cooler, food, carry plenty of water (and rubbish bag). One sad thing is that, there is no trash bins, so be kind also if you see rubbish collect it for the sake of that beautiful nature up there!! walking shoes or boots are an absolute must as you will be hiking up and down quite steep, rocky inclines. If you don’t want to do the full hike, you can take the chairlift, saves you about 1500m and it cost around 18 Lv return ticket, you should keep track though of time to return until 4 not miss the last lift My sincere advice, don’t give up and go all the way to the peak, the view is stunning and you can't miss it. It’s a must see, if you visit Bulgaria / Sofia 👌👌 👉 #travellertripse
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