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I was truly gutted when @primitivegymnasium didn’t take the win yday, I was absolutely certain we had it, was a brilliant prep and we both learnt a lot about his body and what is capable. Few weeks off and then we are going again, this is pro level classic physique I am certain of that #trainedbyjp #showthem
The amazing @margueritavonral , Vegas next weekend for the wbff pro event! Feminine muscle 👌 #trainedbyjp #showthem
This is my ideal of bodybuilding , density front to back , just slabs of muscle hanging off @jasonhugehuh . Sadly my 300 pounds didn’t look as pretty as his, but man pics like this remind me why I have put a decade into competing , to seek out a look that I’m edging closer to :) . Don’t quit!! Just takes time #trainedbyjp #showthem
So I post every session I do in my log , every thing I eat , any supps I use , Any drugs I take. This is today’s push session . My training is low volume per body part , the sets listed are going all the way there, but atm while cruising , my recovery capabilities are impaired so I don’t attempt reps I can’t complete Without a spot. My volume doesn’t particularly increase from here once I kick back up my drugs , but I do increase intensity techniques with rest pauses And extending sets with drop sets in the appropriate places. My exercise order is always to maximise loading of that particular move. So you will see today is v much a delt Dominant day but I still keep training frequency high by adding some chest focus work and then the cross over of the narrow grip presses. #trainedbyjp #showthem
Come home from legs, and the babies have pulled out the @monsterfactory1 bag, and destroyed the teddy from @evalutioncoaching , but how can you tell them off. Frank is 5 years old , Ava is 12 weeks ... how long until she out muscles him? I give it 6 months #trainedbyjp #showthem #puppygains #massing #growtime
4th year working with @coachjmchale , as each year passes the goal has been the same, take overall bodyweight up, improve accuracy and execution on all exercises while getting stronger , keeping health intact with regular blood work and running the lowest possible doses of AAS to get the desired outcome. Consistency is the absolute key. I have slots for monthly coaching again now. #trainedbyjp #showthem
Second year working with @margueritavonral , we pushed up in offseason after taking the wbff pro card last year, to gain that new tissue , now on the way down it’s looking amazing ! #trainedbyjp #showthem
Tons of new additions added to @ironathletegym gym! Ran by my gd friend @kuba_cielen , head over to Sheffield to check it out! Surround yourself with champions !! #trainedbyjp
We are getting there , wbff pro @sophiebrewster_ , bang on track to really bring a serious look. Now to get the rest off and come in super sharp #trainedbyjp #showthem
Mid way thought The best prep we have had yet working with @preppedbytofton , and we have done a LOT together now. Last year took top 3 at both nabba and pca finals . This year coming for wins! Watch this space #trainedbyjp #showthem
I have a an amazing group of guys that I have had the pleasure of assisting for a few years , who have really bought into the process of perfecting your execution all the while getting very fucking strong . This is how that process can manifest look wise @young_4040 #trainedbyjp
Start to fin process of one of my favourite preps this year with @nickinoodle1 , we took the win at bodypower and then just missed out on an ifbb pro card at the amateur Olympia , taking 2nd . I can’t wait for the next time out :) #trainedbyjp #showthem
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