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A sneak preview to the new workout log aspect being built into the site, you can log all your session, but also we will have sessions available for you to follow that @cai57 and myself will write - you can then just fill in your lifts!! This will be included in the normal app fee! Track every session, every lift and ensure you are making progress :) #trainedbyjp #showthem @webfitnesspro
Some more heavy pressing in one of the best gyms I have ever been in, and one of the friendliest environments, with amazing owners and staff, made me feel at home so fast, which makes my training so much more fun @flexntone . I have been very lucky the last few years to train out of incredible facilities , ripped gym harlow, Strength asylum in stoke, Mjs and Extreme in Gloucestershire , and now front line and flex and tone in Manchester . Put these all on your list as must visit gyms in the uk :) #trainedbyjp #showthem
I posted this one up in August, that’s my decade of work. 158-258 . I had a v clear vision of what I wanted when I started to compete 10 years ago size wise. Slowly getting closer to it. #trainedbyjp #showthem
@kuba_cielen , doing the do! My absolute mission is to help those around me reach the most absurd levels of muscle mass. Once you know how, and you can execute, the end product is just a matter of time #trainedbyjp #showthem
More progress again today, 8 plates and 3/4 a side x 5 on my rdl. Super happy atm with how everything is moving along :) , back round to barbell rdl next, see if can top the 7 plate pull 😈#showthem #trainedbyjp
Blood work via @youthrevisitedpharmacy , home visit phlebotomists! The service is absolutely incredible ! Get your bloods done and myself or @cai57 can help you to ensure your making smart decisions, and not compromising your health , but still reaching your goals ! #trainedbyjp #showthem I had the blood panel put together by @deanstm :)
Thank you for everyone who came yday to the seminar on strategies for stage success. Thank you @reso24ben for having myself and Corinne , we had an amazing day! @ultra_flex_rotherham is our next location in February . @cai57 and I spent 3 hours post seminar yday critiquing our notes, reflecting on our content, to come in better again! Can’t wait to see you there , to share our passion with you all ! Nothing excites us more than to discuss this stuff, which you will of experienced yday :) #showthem #trainedbyjp #coachedbyCorinne please contact the relevant gym , for your tickets. Feb - @ultra_flex_rotherham , March - @mjsgym , April - @dedicatedfitnessgymxl , July - @maximumstrengthscotland , August - Flex gym Belfast @flexgymni
2019 - follow the youngest British Pro bodybuilder @kuba_cielen make steps to his pro debut. Training out of @ultra_flex_rotherham , one of the best set ups in the U.K. can follow his log in regards to every aspect of training , diet and supps on the trained by Jp site. Incredible work by @kinematicvisuals #trainedbyjp #showthem @cai57
I was asked about where I learnt to pose , was I self taught .... luckily , year 1 for me, I was 18/19 , and had SO many amazing people help me. Thank you all so much, thanks to you , I fell in love with something that has given me purpose in my life, now just imagine those people didn’t do that, imagine they ostracised me , and made me insecure - I would never of felt this passion I do now. So , when you see those people who need that support, be that person to give it to them, as you never know the impact it will make ❤️ #showthem #trainedbyjp
Alllll the faces haha! The latest push session @cai57 and myself hit at @flfperformancecentre . Corinne is now into her grow phase , after stabilising her weight and having a supps clear out post show, we have 8 weeks to step her forward in muscle those extra couple pounds , before another clear out again, after which prep for Toronto pro starts. It looks 8 weeks grow, 6 week clear out, 8 week prep. If we can ( we will) beat the look from Romania in both size and condition by just a pound or so in both ways, I think she can creep into those top spots, follow her prep and her season on the site! We will be doing both Toronto and then onto Nebraska the week after . Im SO fucking excited to watch her hard work unfold into this season. I think it won’t take us long before she climbs enough to be Olympia bound :) #trainedbyjp #showthem as always unreal work from @felicityfilms_
I must of had extra pre wo that day, can always tell when have had an extra scoop as I then think I’m much funnier than I am haha 🙈😂 , anyways we don’t just move heavy stuff ( with perfect form) we also take the piss out of each other a lot and in turn, drive each other to push harder and harder . Love these two boys @hollingshead89 and @mark.j105 . The full video will be up soon from @rebeccaandrewsfilms #trainedbyjp #showthem #makeMarkGOfirst
As we inch closer to the launch of Trained by JP nutrition , @cai57 And myself are so damn excited to see it all coming to life. MPS max , is our amino acid + hydrowhey formula , we are using Kyowa quality essential amino acids , which when combined with a complete protein, create the most efficient impact on muscle protein synthesis , to promote optimal recovery from your sessions ( hence MPS max ) featuring also : HICA + patented carnipure and wellmune. Don’t settle for cheap quality raws, be absolutely assured that what you are putting in your body is in line with your goals ! That is why we have formulated to such a high spec . Prepare, Sustain and MPS max will be ready soon, from our distributors @supplement_needs and @nisupplements #trainedbyjp #showthem
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