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Wine & #cheese , please! Both of these are products of France—and both are featured in the March edition of #TJsFearlessFlyer … La Ferme Julien Rosé* is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault grapes from Côtes du Ventoux in the Rhône #wine region. It’s lively, balanced, and dry with red fruits on the nose and palate, along with hints of fresh flowers and citrus. Chill and serve with charcuterie, grilled meats, or our semi-firm #Comté —aged a minimum of 180 days to produce a nutty, slightly fruity flavor. ~ * Available at #traderjoes where wine is sold
“Buffalo Style” is a red-peppery, vinegary kind of heat. And when you apply it to creamy #hummus , you get this delicious dip… Organic #chickpeas (with #organic tahini, EVOO, garlic powder, lemon juice, and sea salt) mix with organic jalapeños, cayenne powder & chili flakes to create smooth, savory #spiciness . It totally works on everything from #traderjoes Pretzel Slims & Pita Chips to our Celery Hearts & #ChickenWings . — | Organic | 8 oz. tub | 50 cal & 1.5g fat per 2 Tbsp |
📷: Caramelized Saba Bananas & Ice Cream (#tjsrecipe link in bio) ~ These Saba Bananas*—aka Mini #Plantains —are grown, lightly steamed, and packaged for #traderjoes in the Philippines. Compared to a typical #banana , they are shorter & squatter, starchier, and less sweet. Enjoy them semi-frozen dipped in chocolate—or defrost them completely, pan-fry, and season to serve with our Cuban Style Black Beans. — *Just one ingredient—nothing added
Autumn-planted #daffodils begin blooming in late winter/early spring… That’s now! For the next 4 to 5 weeks, it’ll be hard to miss the bright & beautiful, 10-stem bunches of Yellow Daffodils at your local #traderjoes . Grab 1, 2… 10 bunches, take them home, trim the stems, put them in clean water, and place them all around—wherever your space calls for some brightening! ~ #daffodilseason
This #traderjoes #Savon de France has been in our stores since 2002… but we gave it a makeover: No more plastic—just a simple wrap in printed kraft paper. Otherwise, it’s still the same, large (more than twice the weight of most regular bars), luxuriously lathering, gently #exfoliating (with colloidal oatmeal), sweet-smelling #soap you know & love! — | Almond Ginger scent | Never tested on animals |
📷: Pressure Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage #tjsrecipe link in bio — We’ve upgraded our annual #CornedBeef offering from the leaner flat-round cut to this #Brisket , promising a more tender & juicy #StPatricksDay meal. It’s Uncured* and brined with a classic #picklingspice (mustard seed, coriander, bay leaf, red chili pepper, and dill seed) to ensure warm, savory flavor—whether you boil it low & slow, or give it the quick(er) pressure cooker treatment. ~ *No nitrates or nitrites, except those naturally found in sea salt & celery powder
#TraderJoes Small Lot Coffee program brings you limited offerings of beans from premier growing regions around the world… places like Yanaloma, located in the Franz Tamayo province of western Bolivia. At 5,000 ft., growers benefit from a tropical microclimate in a valley where two rivers converge to feed shade-grown #coffee plants. The clean fruitiness of these 100% #Arabica beans is highlighted by their #lightroast , which also brings out caramel & vanilla notes—all presented with mild acidity. — | #Organic | 12 oz. whole beans | **Limited** |
📷: 1-Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Pie Bites; 2-Pumpkin Pie Milkshake; 3-Maple Spiced Whipped Cream (#tjsrecipe links in bio) ~ Traditional #PumpkinPie season is October through December—but tradition never stood in our way before... In honor of rapidly approaching #PiDay (3.14), we’re offering #traderjoes Pumpkin Pies for an amazing $1.99* each—while they last! Our 9-inch, 27-ounce #Pie is made with real #pumpkin pureé spiced with cinnamon, ginger & cloves—all nestled in a tender, fluted crust. Just slice & serve, or get creative with the ideas now featured on traderjoes dot com. ~ * Pi (3.14) - PIE’ (115)/100 = 1.99
What was once out is now, in… We’re not talking about the latest fashion trend—it’s what’s trending in our freezers: #traderjoes Outside-In Stuffed #Gnocchi . These potato & flour #dumplings have tomato sauce & mozzarella *inside* them instead of on top—a reality that is certain to turn the universe of frozen #Italianfood upside-down. Sauté in a pan and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of Parmesan—no sauce required! — | 16 oz. bag | Product of Italy | In our freezers |
#Chai simply means “tea” in Hindi. Thus, “chai tea” is a bit redundant—which is why we call this #traderjoes tea “Spiced Chai.” Like authentic Masala Chai, it’s a blend of black #Assam tea with warm & lively spices, including: cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom & nutmeg—plus the star anise and black pepper that some modern blends miss. Steep a tea bag (there are 20 in the box) and add milk & sugar* to enjoy the traditional way. ~ * Or whipped cream to enjoy the fun way
📷: Vegetable and Soba Noodle Stir Fry Kit with added shrimp ~ This #traderjoes #StirFry Kit contains Nagano #Soba Noodles (made from #buckwheat flour & wheat flour), Vegetables (broccoli florets, Bok Choy, savoy cabbage, snow peas, green onion), and Soy Ginger Sauce—all the ingredients for a quick (10 minutes), #plantbased , Japanese-style #noodle dish… — | 80 cal & 1.5g fat per cup | In our refrigerators |
📷: Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup #tjsrecipe link in bio—3 ingredients and 10 minutes to make! ~ Winter conundrum: You need homemade #chickensoup to nurse you back over-the-weather, but you are too run-down to leave the couch long enough to make it yourself... Have you tried #traderjoes Kettle Cooked Chicken #Soup ? Each small batch begins with rich stock made from #antibioticfree chicken, fresh vegetables, and #organic herbs & spices. It’s finished with chunks of #chicken , carrots, celery & onions (and more herbs) to yield 32 oz. of kettle-cooked comfort. — | Heat & serve | 16 oz. protein/8 oz. | Not frozen |
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