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Here is the burning question: how can a cylinder of wax bring so much #joy ? When it’s a seasonal Scented #Candle from #traderjoes , much of it comes down to the scents involved... Our coconut/soy-wax, #Cedar Balsam Candle is forest-forward with the aromas of cedar & balsam wood, while our soy-wax #Gingerbread Candle has ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg on the nose—with sweet caramel highlights. Additional joy may be derived from these facts: each one is hand-poured in a lidded tin, and burns clean for 20+ hours. — | Paraben free | Lead-free cotton wick | Limited |
There are lots of people in your life who deserve gifts—and we’ve got sweet #treats galore in pretty packages... Visit your neighborhood #traderjoes and you’ll be amazed how much holiday shopping you can knock out with a trip down our #candy aisle! #putabowonit — 📷: Bark Quartet [top center] is a new offering this year. Other pictured treats are also available—but limited & going fast!
This Rolloni is not a bunch of baloney. It’s #Prosciutto imported from Italy, and Spicy #Salami —tightly wrapped by hand around slices of low-moisture #Mozzarella . Beyond the crave-able flavor, what really sets these party-ready, #traderjoes deli-snacks apart is the fact that the each piece is 50% meat (instead of being mostly cheese), with both cuts being antibiotic free, with no additional hormones, and no nitrates or nitrites added (except those naturally occurring in celery powder & sea salt). #letthegoodtimesrolloni — | 18 pieces (9 each) | Uncured meats | Dec only |
This 14 oz. package is your shortcut to scrumptious #Gingerbread Molasses Cookies! Inside, the scored slab (made with the usual #cookiedough suspects, plus ground ginger, cloves, and cinnamon) is easily divided into a dozen pieces that you can roll in granulated sugar (or not), and drop on a ungreased #baking sheet for 12-16 minutes in a 350°F conventional oven. Seasonably available. — 📷: If that’s just too simple, you can make these Enchanted #Cookie Bars with a little extra effort and some additional #traderjoes ingredients. (#tjsrecipe link in bio)
Rub-a-dub-dub, three Scrubs in a tub! (Make that: in three, 3.4 oz., flip-top tubes.) Combined with nourishing oils (safflower seed, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and #jojoba ), each #traderjoes #ExfoliatingScrub in this giftable set has a distinct profile… Green Tea Scrub will buff your body and soothe your spirit with white sugar & calming green tea extract. Citrus Scrub will polish your exterior and brighten your day with Himalayan pink salt & a citrusy scent. Brown Sugar Scrub will slough your skin and warm your senses with actual molasses. Sweet! — #smoothexfoliator
These are Crispy Vegetable Pouches.* … *To clarify, it’s not “Crispy Vegetables.” That would be weird. In fact, it’s the neat little handmade #wonton Pouches that are Crispy (once you’ve heated them in a 400°F conventional oven for 12-15 minutes). Also, they are not “Vegetable Pouches” (i.e. pouches made out of #vegetables .) To put it more accurately, the #vegetarian mixture of jicama, taro, cabbage, carrots, onions, Shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and chives is found *inside* the Pouches (which are made out of pastry dough, as previously mentioned). Got it? — | About 12 pieces | Bite-sized | In our freezers | #traderjoes
This is a #snacktime study in the art of contrast… a Mix of colors, textures, and tastes that includes (on the savory side): salted Corn #Chips with Flax Seeds, cheesy Cheddar Rockets, and tangy Chili-Lemon Corn Sticks—countered by a trio of honeyed treats: #HoneyRoasted Peanuts & Sesame Sticks, with sweet/sharp Honey Mustard #Pretzel pieces. And, it’s all blended in small batches to ensure balance in every handful. Serve in a martini glass with a flight of #traderjoes beers, or keep the 12 oz. lidded tub anywhere within reach for those last-minute #munchies . — *Available only during the holiday season
Dijon mustard + yellow mustard + Blue cheese = 1 captivating condiment! With pronounced mustard bite & pungent cheese flavor, #traderjoes #BlueCheeseMustard * adds scintillating savor to so many foods: Put it on a pretzel. Spread some on pastrami. Fix a salad dressing. Ignite your deviled eggs… — *This product is available only for a limited time
Seasonal sipping calls for the Nog, and #traderjoes has a regular, or a “Light” version (90% less fat & 40% fewer calories) to supply all your #EggNog needs. Both contain yolks, sugar, Nutmeg—and Grade A, homogenized, pasteurized #milk that comes from cows never given rBST hormones. Both are creamy, smooth, and delicious—with or without the nip of #rum . — 📷: If you’d rather *eat* your nog, try making this Egg Nog #Cake with Rum Buttercream Frosting. (#tjsrecipe link in bio)
The only thing better than a sweet #snack is a sweet AND *salty* snack. And, the only thing better than a sweet & salty snack, is a sweet, salty, and CRUNCHY snack. You get all 3 traits in this seasonal treat. Thread these Pretzels with string to make a #caroling necklace—for snacking as you serenade the neighbors. Or, just eat them right out of the 10 oz. zipper pouch bag as you sit on your #couch . — 📷: You can even amp up your homemade holiday bark by combining them with #traderjoes Pound Plus Milk Chocolate Bar, and Mini Marshmallows. (#tjsrecipe link in bio)
When the flurries start falling outside, best to remain inside with #traderjoes Snowflake Pastry… Tasty dough (flour, milk, sugar, butter, eggs, etc.) is filled with almond paste & cocoa and hand-formed into the shape of a large Snowflake (11 in. across), then sprinkled with powdery sugar—but unlike skyborne snowflakes, you won’t see these accumulating on our shelves. Best to shovel some into your cart on the double! — #Joestorm2018
Not to toot our own horn-ucopia, but we have the best Customers. And for that, we are thankful. #HappyThanksgiving to all! — #Traderjoes stores will be CLOSED tomorrow so our Crew can spend time with friends & family.
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