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The CUBE 2.0! It’s taken me a little while to get a new post up because we’ve had some…what could you call it…creative struggles this week! If you’ve been watching my stories we started the week with ‘The Ashtray’ which I think I got over 500 DM’s saying it was the worst dessert I’d ever made 😂 (no offence taken, I loved the feedback) followed by the Cube 1.0 which was a total disaster. Anyways, we made it through, and came up with this! A caramel orange mousse cube with praline and chocolate cremeux on a ‘splash’ biscuit with a white chocolate velvet decoration. I’m not sure how I feel about the ‘splash’ biscuit though, what do you think? I was just so bored of creating the same old shaped biscuits and I wanted to switch it up. The caramel mousse though was UH-mazing, I don’t think I’ll ever try another recipe again. Always love to hear what you think - full recipe is in the link in my bio too!
I’ve drawn about a million iterations of this after failing last week with my eclair shape 💔 But it finally worked today! Vanilla mousse, lemon coconut curd, lemon cream, hazelnut shortbread crunch, velvet spray, dream cream and cubes of fresh mango! The lemon curd/cream combo is soooo good. It has that kind of lemon tang that makes your face go 🥴 but balanced with the vanilla it’s dreamy. I don’t think it really packs enough coconut so maybe a little desiccated coconut around the edge next time or some coconut curls...Anyways - link to the full recipe in my bio!
Sometimes you have to bite your creative tongue and when your niece asks for a dolly in her give it to her 😂 Happy 3rd Birthday Coco ❤️ Thank you guys for all the help on my stories!! I was panicking this morning making this and got some serious assistance from you answering all of my questions! And yes..the 3 is upside down but she can’t read so we’re all good 😅
AD | Just wait for the cut at the end, I think the ooze is my best yet! Valentine’s is ALL about chocolate right, so I’m excited to bring you this Big Choc Macaroon Lava Tart recipe in collaboration with @Mrscrimbles ! This is a chocolate macaroon base, with salted caramel, chocolate lava filling, topped with chocolate cremeux and a chocolate love heart disc! The recipe is honestly so good, the Big Choc Macaroons delish and the molten lava centre is just 🤤The whole thing is also gluten-free too! I’ve got a bunch of recipes coming out over the year with Mrs C and an event in London so stay tuned. If you pop down the gluten free aisle in your supermarket you should be able to find the Big Choc Macaroons and all of the other Mrs C goodies! Click the link in my bio for the full recipe! #MrsCrimbles #GlutenFree #ActsOfCakeyness #Ad
The velvet dream is back! After some questionable efforts on the last ‘velveting’ I got it right this time! Although the texture was perfect...once I sprayed it I popped the discs back in the freezer and they got little icicles all over 😭 anyone know how to prevent that?! Anyways, you’ve got a sable biscuit, orange mascarpone disc, chocolate velvet mousse, passionfruit creme pat, macerated strawberries and a pipette of strawberry purée! Absolutely no need for the pipette...but you know I like to be extra 😂 Link in my bio to the full recipe!
Left vs Right 🧐 Which side would you choose?! If you saw my insta stories I got a little lazy with this cake...after decorating the front I just left the back completely blank because the drips were such a pain to paint (I did a pretty shocking job on them 😂) If you zoom in you’ll see I just stopped painting then halfway through! This is my FAVE chocolate chip cake with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream 🤤 Adding chocolate chips to the cake batter is a game changer - little semi melted chunks of joy. I’ve written up the full recipe - click the link in my bio to check it out!
I’m a lemon lover - anything lemon - I’m all up on it 🍋 So for this lemon tart I went all out - vanilla mascarpone mousse topped with a lemon mousse, French lemon cream, lemon macarons, dream cream and fresh fruit. All it’s missing is some gold leaf!! There’s quite a few bits going on but oh my goodness, this was so good. Like SO good. I might have to get my dad to rate it 😂 Link in my bio to the full recipe!
If you haven’t been following the velvet dreams drama on my insta stories over the last 3 days…wow. We’ve been through a real emotional rollercoaster to say the least 😂 I’ve been trying to get this velvet effect to work all week and finally did it today (after covering my entire house in dust sheets) but after all the effort…I didn’t quite nail it and I didn’t get any decent footage to show you in the video either! Anyways, I learned a lot and I’ll get better next time 😉 This is a popcorn infused mousse covered in a chocolate glaze with a white chocolate ‘velvet’ ganache and caramel drip hazelnuts! The mousse sounds a little weird but I wanted something a little less sweet to go with the sweetness of chocolate glaze and white chocolate and it actually worked really well. Hugeee shoutout to @philkhoury who was on the phone to me, texting me, calling me and giving me all his advice on how to make the glaze and the velvet effect. I’ve never been the best at making glazes but his recipe was absolute MONEY! So thin, not too sweet and just made the whole dessert look profesh!
Chocolate coffee tart with coffee caviar! If you’ve been following along on my stories I originally wanted to create 3 hidden holes in this tart with a few different flavours going on but my attempt was a total disaster so we just went for one in the end 😂 This is a chocolate cremeux disc with a hidden nest of coffee caviar, topped with a spiral of coffee ganache! The coffee caviar is soooo fun to make and adds a funky little texture to the tart, it was...interesting! Full recipe is up on my website, click the link in my bio!
My Michelin star father rated this Frangipane Tart a 7.5/10 which basically means 10/10 to us normal people 😂 Ok before I tried this recipe I was like…frangipane tart..meh don’t like it. But oh myyyy - this recipe is SO good. And it literally takes all of 5m to make the filling, it couldn’t be easier. Perfectly buttery pastry, strawberry jam, frangipane, fresh fruit, flaked almonds, all topped with a lemon sable biscuit and raspberry gel! Now to be honest, I’m leaving the gel out of the recipe as I don’t think it was right - it looked good but just didn’t bring much to the table! Anyways the full recipe is in my bio just click the link, it is one of my fave’s now! The little sable lid idea was totally not mine though - credit to Bart - @bdegans - his original idea is unreal along with all his other pastries. Music is Matsunoki - Do It. If you make it send me a pic ❤️
Because every dessert deserves a white chocolate crown 👑 I didn’t use pastry (for once in my life 😂) and made a fancy puffed rice base mixed with hazelnut streusel, topped with a vanilla mousse dome, strawberry cream and freeze dried strawberries! I have to admit though I cheated a little 😭 I couldn’t get my strawberry mousse a nice vibrant pink so I added some gel food colour. I had to do it for the gram though 🤣
The drill is back! 🔨 I can’t believe this actually worked - I put the mousse in the drill fully expecting it to a) fly off to the other side of the room or b) go so fast that I completely mess up the piping but it didn’t 🙌🏼 The dessert is a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla mousse and a sable biscuit wall. Then I created a tube of rich chocolate mousse with a praline centre wrapped in a lace of dream cream! Full recipe is up on my website - click the link in my bio!
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