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I honestly think I could’ve decorated a 17ft Douglas Fir in less time than it took me to make this 4” Christmas tree! In my head, I was going to create the most elegant, tall, thin Christmas tree entremet, but it all went a little downhill when I started piping around the outside and it turned into an ugly fat tree ha! The flavours though - ahhhh myyy gawddd. Unbelievable. Vanilla mascarpone cream, hazelnut praline, hazelnut streusel, dark chocolate creme pat on top of a sable biscuit. It was literally heaven. I think I’m going to re-do it another day, but just not as an ugly xmas tree, I need to give it the elegant design it deserves! Flavours good, design...meh. I’ll write up the recipe anyways and put it on the website tomorrow! Maybe you guys can come up with a more elegant way to display it!
Giveaway time!! If you’ve been watching my insta stories you’ll know I’ve been raving about my new @debuyerusa perforated tart rings. Well how would ya like to win some?! @debuyerusa emailed me and offered to send 3 winners $225 worth of equipment including LOADS of different perforated tart rings yassss!! Nothing fancy to win - just comment below why you want the tart rings and we’ll pick 3 winners in 7 days! (I’ll stop counting entries at 6pm on Dec 10th) We’ll ship it worldwide so its open to everyone! These little ‘finger’ tarts are filled with salted caramel and chocolate ganache tart with my own ‘TB’ signature chocolate disc 🔥 Recipe link is in my profile!
I have no words 😭😭 It’s not often you get to meet one of your biggest inspirations - thank you for taking the time to chat to me @jamieoliver - it was an honour!
Look at that perfect pastry shell, my baker life is complete 😭 Honestly for years I’ve been trying to get pastry shells that look as good as all the chefs on IG (😅) and I’ve finally found out it’s all in the tart ring! I used this @debuyerusa perforated tart ring and perforated mat and they were a game changer - no baking beans, no blind baking, no shrinkage, just perfection! I’m going to do a whole IG story session soon showing you the recipe and technique so you can do it too. Anyways, this is a sweet pastry case with lemon cream, dark chocolate drizzle and a chocolate macaron!
The sunniest little lemon mousse! Lemon mousse, with a strawberry compote, lemon joconde sponge, lemon glaze on a sable biscuit with meringue kisses! I had some serious issues first time around, I bloomed my gelatin then melted it for the mousse and still ended up with a few lumps of gelatin so I had to throw it all away 😭 I saved it the second time around but if anyone can teach me how on earth to use gelatin properly I’d raaaaallly appreciate it 😅
I think I went a litttttle overboard with this chocolate tart 🤓 I started piping a few dollops with a star tip and then I just couldn’t help myself and covered the whole thing! The chocolate filling has no sugar so it’s quite dark - I added a bit of sweetness by topping it with an orange mascarpone cream and some milk chocolate cremeux!
If you saw my IG stories at the weekend - how wonky was this cake before I decorated it?! The layers were soooo uneven! But with my new cake toy aka my acrylic discs, I covered it all up and got the straightest edges evaaaa! I decided to fill the cake with chocolate creme pat (which I’ve never done before) and then used the isomalt to make a clear sail on top! A little tip..just gently blow torch your isomalt once it’s set and it will help to turn it from looking a bit cloudy to totally clear like glass!
Alllll the gold! I was thinking of painting both shells gold but then it was just too much bling 😂 White macaron shells with chocolate creme pat, whipped mascarpone cream and a tempered chocolate disc!
Trying to pipe this and film at the same tine was so hard 😭 It needed all the concentration in the world but I was holding my breath trying to keep it as centred as possible for the camera 😂 Sable Breton biscuit with a white chocolate parfait and dark chocolate cremeux ruffles! It was so fiddly I definitely need more practice trying to pipe it!
Just wait for that pour 🤤 Tempered white chocolate sphere over vanilla layer cake, edible soil, chocolate creme patissiere, all melted away with a chocolate sauce! I ended up smashing about 3 of these so I had to keep remaking them 😭 The little case for the ball is a fillable Christmas ornament!
Left vs Right! Well this pie has a I was thinking, I’ll do a little left vs right - started with the left side, no problemoooo. Little crimp on the side and then this cow print style lid. Done. Slice it in half, left side finished. Then for the right side I thought I’d go for an extravagant lattice so a sliced all these tiny strands and the started to weave for a good 20m. I ended up tearing the weave and it all fell to piece so in my frustration (😂) I picked the strands up and just tossed them on the pie. They ended up looking like a little pile of tagliatelle and I was like OH I LIKE THAT so I went with that 😂 you could say is was being creative or just really lazy! THEN I went to bake it, and turned my oven to grill by mistake, and burnt the edges to a crisp and melted the tagliatelle strands into a clump of dough. I was being pretty optimistic thinking they might hold their shape 😂 So there we go, one eventful and very burnt pie - pick your fave side!! I like the tagliatelle even though it will never bake well 🙃
If you’ve seen my insta stories today you’ll know I was pretty close to tears about the edges I got on this cake - it was emotional to say the least! I decorated the cake with acrylic discs for the first time today and the sides were just SO SMOOTH! I messed up the top but I’ll fix that next time 😂 I topped it with an Isomalt sail which was well...tall. I just want to be @donttellcharles everyday of my cake life
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