˗ˏˋ nina ˎˊ˗

editing what i love @ninatriesart ✎ DONT REPOST MY EDITS PLS

me vs actually making the edits i want to make
here’s my backup @toolateforlogics in case instagram decides to be a lil bitch
@ instagram i’m a real person who just makes video edits so pls never delete my account thx
do y’all really wanna fight or ?? | ac: me
“i don’t want to kiss anyone. except her.” | ac: me
they don’t know about us | ac: me
gays are just more powerful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ | ac: @kuteaudios | cc: @swanthieft
i love my soft animal protecting wizard boyfriend 🌱 | ac: mine
seán mclovin | ac: mine
happiest of birthdays to this doofus!! 💘 | ac: me
invented halloween ( sorry this sucks ass ) | ac: mine
(spoilers i guess??) bad luck | ac: me
🤡 | ac: mine
bloodbath | ac: me
s1 ed 💗💕💖💘💞💝💓 | ac: mine
the trailer is already heartbreakingly beautiful. can’t wait to bawl my eyes out in the movie theater. | ac: @voideptic (edited)
i love their friendship so much | ac: @kuteaudios
dbh spoilers!! | i always accomplish my mission | ac: mine
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